Sanyukt 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rahul is back home, drunk and inebriated, and cursing and taunting govardhan for having given such a beautiful honour, and he wishes to celebrate. when ila and gayatri come, he asks them to go in, and send his father instead. ila reprimands him for drinking in the day only today. gayatri tries to calm him down, saying that the children would be back soon. ila asks her not to and handles him herself. she tells him where govardhan went. rahul continues taunting about how he has ruined his life, and he has no option but to douse his grief, in this alcohol. ila gets angry and says that then today she shall join in too, with her son. she asks him to come along so that they can drink together, and not just them, even gayatri shall sit and drink. she places the bottle

on the table, and asks gayatri to go and get 3 glasses, who is shocked. rahul gets tensed. ila asks her to get them and listen to her. sensing that she is serious, gayatri gets glasses back. rahul is too drunk and inebriated but still understand that ila made 3 glasses. she gives one to gayatri and asks her not to be scared as they shall celebrate together, since rahul wishes to celebrate. ila then asks rahul to join too. She takes him by the hand and makes him sit, and hands him a glass. then she takes her own glass too. gayatri is apalled. ila says that he drinks because he is sad and upset, and she is upset seeing him, and gayatri is upset seeing her, hence they all should drink together. she asks gayatri to cheers it all together. gayatri raises her glass nervously, and ila cheers it, while rahul watches aghast. he is shocked as they are about to take a sip. he rushes and takes the glasses and throws them on the table, and asks ila to stop it. she asks whats the matter. he is flustered and embarassed, wjhile ila looks him in the eye, and asks how he couldnt see them like this, and asks if he ever thought of them, as to how they must be feeling when he comes home drunk like that, and misbehaves. rahul doesnt respond and goes straight to his room. ila and gayatri are distraught. gayatri tries to compose ila, while she apologises to her. they both cry their hearts out.

In the night, niranjan tries to find out rita’s mood and when he finds that she is in a mood to sleep. he tries to impress her, but she continues to bring up the topic of the past and says that she shall not quiten down, till she is satisfied. he asks what can she do. she takes out the courier that they had received. Rita tells niranjan that this package contains maya’s number, and now she shall have to do something, that she doesnt wish to do, since he has shaken up their marriage and its identity even. niranjan asks her to stop doubting, and she has gone mad and is ruining everything. Rita fumes and tells niranjan that tomorrow she will meet maya, and if he is proven right, then she shall apologise, and forget everything, and never doubt him again, as she wishes to start a happy married life with him, but if not, then that instant, their marriage is over, and she shall take the childrne far away from the house, right tomorrow. she turns over and sleeps. he is tensed and aghast and wonders what to do. the screen freezes on his face, as he wonders what problem sameer has landed him in.

Precap: Sameer goes to the roof, on a suicidal mode, while they all try and calm him down, asking what happened. he says that he has killed his child, and now he should face the same punishment for this sin. they are aghast and apalled. sameer takes a fatal leap down the roof. ila stands stunned and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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