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Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Puja’s father is aghast to hear this. govardhan tries to calm him down and make him realise. she stands apalled. Puja tells her father that she knows she has hurt him badly, but this is the situation and whats happened, she cant change and now she shall do what he tells her, and wont marry sameer if he so wishes, and would abort the child too. all are apalled to hear this. sameer tries to talk, but govardhan shuts him up. he tells her father that the children have made a mistake, but its in their hands now, to either forgive or punish them, or invite the new c hild in this world with joy. they all smile. her father says that her happiness lies in sameer, and his lies in hers. he then apologises to govardhan about it, but he asks to let bygones bye so, and

think ahead. ila suggests marriage and govardhan says that after ten days, a good date is there. her father thinks that its a little too early, as he had lots of dreams for her marriage, but complies. he also suggests an engagement ceremony before that. they all comply. sweets are fed to each other, while sameer and puja smile through tears. govardhan introduces him to all in the family. he also talks about palak’s birthday function, and invirtes him too. he heartily accepts. both the fathers hug each other. niranjan requests jovially not to bring the bodyguards with him, or else the children would be scared. everybody guffaws while he complies not to bring.

The next morning, govardhan sits listening to music, when ila comes and abruptly stops it. he asks whats the matter. she says that he hears this song in all moods. he says that there is something to this song, a dream, a hope. they discuss about the happy day today, and how Ramakant turned over a new leaf, from how he barged in earlier. he says that ramakant bowed to the daughter, still being the Don, but the children dont understand it. she says that they have to behave as parents, whether the children like it or not. they are amused at sameer’s new relation, while wondering if his children would also become dons. she talks about palak’s birthday celebrations, and tells him that its a nice idea, as its the first time, she would celebrate with them. he says that it would be a nice family function, with the addition of ramakant too.

The brothers and wives discuss the preparations for the party, for palak’s birthday party. gayatri takes over food along with ila. sameer asks what can he do. rita gives him the list of invitees to be called. rahul places a call and goes out. rita eyes him tensedly. gayatri asks whats she thinking. she talks about how good it is to have a family to take care of everything. gayatri says that parimal cant understand it ever.

Outside, niranjan and parimal discuss his new business venture. parimal points out the uncertainities and risks, while niranjan says that he needs to give his passion another chance. parimal says that he is tensed that all his brothers arent settled still. niranjan says that life is uneasy if dreams arent pursued and fulfilled. parimal says that he too gets frustrated and angry at unfulfilled dreams, but he is able to sleep at night, because he isnt to be blamed, but someone else, for non fulfillment of his dreams. govardhan comes and thanks parimal, for coming here, while he clarifies that he didnt make any step twards him, adn just stated facts, and only his voice, not he himself reached out to him. govardhan says that his voice reached out to him for the first time, when he was born, and he heard his first voice, and that voice was priceless to him then, and today too, its imprinted in his memory. he asks parimal not to undermine his voice. parimal ar gues that he conveninently decides to forget what he has to. niranjan asks him not to pick up on old stuff. parimal says that he well understood niranjan’s taunts on dreams. govardhan asks whats the matter and what were they talking. niranjan clarifies, but parimal asks him to become govardhan’s right hand as he feeds him. govardhan asks why vent out his anger on him. parimal asks what should he do then, get angry at him. he says that he shall never apologise, but atleast feel sorry for him once, and says that its enough and he cant stand this charade of love any longer. he walks off, while they both stand tensedly. ila asks him to wait for tea, but he walks off. he goes back inside asks gayatri to come along. she says that there are lost of arrangements to do yet. all are tensed. parimal asks her to come along, as they arent coming for the party. gayatri comes and asks whats the matter. rahul tries to talk, but parimal says that this family can never be his and draws her out from there. ila comes and eyes them tensedly. rita says that she wouldnt celebrate without them. rahul says that parimal and gayatri arent picking up the call. sameer offers to go to their home. ila says that wouldnt solve the problem. niranjan is asked by rita what did he say that caused parimal to rebuke like that. ila says that they keep progressing and coming back to square one, as far as being a family is concerned. Rahul tells everyone that invitations have gone out, and cancelling at the last minute wouldnt look good. Ila vents out asking everyone to cancel, as she isnt fated to have any happiness. she storms inside her room, while all call out to her. they are all tensed. rita rushes after her.

In the room, rita tries to calm ila down and assure her that things would work out, and asks her not to lose hope. ila asks what to do now,a s she is tired of joining them together, but they keep falling apart. rita says that they shall keep doing their part. ila asks if they can party without parimal. rita denies, and then adds that the men have problems, but if the women hold hands, then the men shall unite too. ila asks how would it happen, as parimal is enraged. rita says that he shall understand. rita says that she has an idea.

Scene 2:
Location: Parimal’s residence
Parimal sits tensedly with gayatri, as rita and ila come to talk to him. he blames himself only for having gone too. she asks if he wants to call off the relations with everyone there. Parimal says that he shall not go there at all, not today at any cost. he reprimands gayatri that he had warned he didnt want going there on an everyday basis, as they have never gotten along, and it shall only create problems. he tells ila that just because they have distanced doesnt mean the problems have stopped. ila asks him to think about palak, and asks if he wouldnt come to bless her atleast. rita asks if niranjan insulted him, and apologises. parimal says that they neednt apologise as they arent at fault, and that the children are like his, and his lessings are always with them. ila asks if it means he wouldnt come. he denies. she says that govardhan is such a bad guy, she wouldnt go to him too, and asks rita to send her stuff, as she would stay here only. rita too starts with her drama, that niranjan isnt good too, and she shall come to live here too. gayatri smirks, while parimal is tensed. he says that he isnt agreeing because of their drama, but he doesnt want palak to question him the same way he questions his father. gayatri is happy that they shall go. rita and ila are releived and amused. the screen freezes on parimal’s tensed face.

Precap: Rahul tells niranjan that he saw today at the restaurant, little known and that too with a girl, and his friend wasnt anyhwere to be found. niranjan makes an excuse that he came and then just went out urgently for a call. rahul says that he cant make out if he is lying or saying the truth, and if he is lying, then he wouldnt sit down queitly. niranjan eyes him tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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