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Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Niranjan asks her to correct her mood, as he is getting late for meeting in the office. he begins to leave, when rita questions him as to why he talked to sameer, about their relation. he asks whats this new drama now. she asks him to make her understand. he says that he can make her understand, but right now he is getting late. she asks him to prove that he didnt say anything or mean anything to sameer, and they shall meet by evening, and sit and discuss. as rita walks out, niranjan gets furious. he walks to sameer and confronts him why he talked to rita. sameer says that he didnt. niranjan asks who did it then. sameer explains how rita had overheard, and is insinuating, and niranjan asks him to go and clarify now. sameer says that he himself is to blame, and

he shouldnt have talked like this, and asks him to go and clarify to rita, and asks him to leave. he asks how can he manipulate his wife. niranjan says that its just one lie, which is pretty harmless. sameer says that it would sort out for him, not for her, and that he wouldnt get involved in their personal matters, and he wont lie to rita. he asks niranjan to leave. Niranjan is told by sameer, that rita is very unlucky that she got a husband like him. he taunts that puja is very lucky to have gotten a boyfriend like him, and asks what he did with puja. sameer gets enraged, while he instigates him furthermore. he breaks things and starts screaming. sameer aswks him to shut up, while niranjan forces him to go to rita. sameer says that he wont lie at any cost. ila comes and asks whats the matter. niranjan blames sameer for having a fit. she asks him whats the matter. sameer says that his biggest mistake is that he came here to stay in this joint family. he decides to leave to find an alternate living arrangement rightaway. he leaves without listening to anyone’s plea. ila is tensed. govardhan and rahul try to stop him, but sameer walks out. ila asks them to stop. rahul asks her to let be, as this house sends people running out of it, pretty soon. he then asks them if they didsnt notice he is back soon. they ask whats the matter. she asks what happened. rahul says that everyone gave respect to him and his job. she and he thanks the lord. rahul asks them to first see what respect he got. they sit down together. rahul says that one of his colleagues gave a recording of the respect he got, and he wants them to see it too. they happily sit down. rahul says that often children give the credit of their success to their parents, and today he too shall give this credit to govardhan for this respect. he then touches his feet for whatever he did for him. they are nervous yet excited. rahul then plays the video on. its a recording of how his boss talks to rahul, about how he kept him on reference, but is totally unworthy. rakesh says that he is going through a bad phase, and asks him to continue with rahul. the boss says that he has no option right now. rakesh is tensed. he starts lamenting as to how alcohol has ruined rahul’s life totally, and how he is merely doing this for govardhan, and if he is fired, he would drink alcohol always, and his parents would be bothered unnecessarily. rahul is in tears as he watches this. rakesh leaves, the peon smirks at him. he eyes them while they are distraught, tears streaming down their cheeks. he puts off the video and leaves hastily, while they are tensed.

In his room, govardhan sits distraught, while ila comes and sits beside him, giving him meds. they are both teary eyed. she asks if he would give her something that she wants, and asks him to forget this dream that he has of a joint famly. he asks if she realises what she is saying. she says that she did every possible effort to make a family, and they keep trying, yet everything separates. she says that she can bear pain of loss of her son, but cant see him in pain like this anymore. she says that today nuclear family is the trend, and he should let go of his adamant dream. he gets tensed and asks her not to say so, or repeat it, as its a long cherished dream, which he shall definitely fulfill. he says that his childrne keep deserting him, but he keeps getting them back, on some pretext or the other, trying every possible psychological maneuvour, to get the sons back till his last breath. she asks him not to talk such. he says that he wants her promise then, that she would be by his side till his last breath, and even after he is gone, she would do everything within her means to keep this family intact, come whatever problem might, which she shall face unduanting, and continue to cherish the dream. she complies and promises him the same.

Later ila prepares food for govardhan, in the kitchen and then takes it to his room. she doesnt find him anywhere. she gets tensed. she meets gayatri and asks if she saw govardhan. Gayatri asks ila if she knows where govardhan went with luggage. she denies. gayatri says that she asked but he didnt respond, and looked extremely tensed, and asks whats the matter. ils is shocked to know this. she searches and doesnt find the car keys even, and not even his clothes. she rushes to call him up. MEanwhile, gayatri finds a letter. ila finds it is switched off. gayatri gives it to govardhan, which reads, and says that she needs to stop crying or be tensed, and read the letter with a cool mind. he says that he isnt running away from responsibilities, nor is deserting her, but is going to solve the root cause, for which their family has such strife. he says that he went to the ashram, as he had promised to better things between them, and due to his responsibilities, he couldnt fulfill them, but now is the time, to immerse himself in worship. he apologises that he didnt say her, as she would have denied then. he asks her not to come after him, and instead reminds her of the promise she made. she remembers, and gets tensed. he asks her to man up and become the head now, and he shall always be with her, and they can perform their duties individually, and soon they shall meet, and realise their dream of a joint family. she is distraught and thoroughly shaken up.

MEanwhile, gayatri asks her why did he take such a decision. ila says that its because of rahul, remembering what he did earlier. jyst then, they hear rahul’s insistent screams asking for govardhan to come down. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Rita tells niranjan that tomorrow she will meet maya, and if he is proven right, then she shall apologise, and forget everything, but if not, then that instant, their marriage is over, and she shall take the childrne far away from the house, right tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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