Sanyukt 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tanu is shocked to know that Sam’s brother and Rahul are both same. She thinks she may be wrong and will call back Ila and find out. Divya asks Rita if she is not doing nightie ad, she will do it then. Rita tells Ila that since she will not approve her, let Divya do it. Ila and Gayatri look each other’s face. Divya smirks that grandma will not approve and mummy will not do ad, so let her do it. Ila stops her and tells Rita that if she permits her, whole family will go against her, but she promised that she will go against world to help her, she can do the ad. Rita gets happy. Ila prays Divya will get better ad than this. Divya hugs Ila and Rita and leaves. Sam waiting outside asks her what happened. Divya says his mom permitted his bhabhi for ad, anyways she believes in woman power and does not mind. Sam asks if he can drop her somewhere. She says yes and sits on bike behind him. Hetal reaches there. Sam introduces her as his friend. Divya says what kind of name hates is. Hetal says it is Hetal and she is Sam’s girlfriend. Divya laughs that Sam does not like commitment at all and leaves. Sam taunts Hetal that she accepted he is her boyfriend and accepted her full name. He says they can continue for 6 years, then another 6 years, then again 6 years and continue whole life. They both get on bike and leave.

Tanu calls Ila and says she lost her son’s number. Ila gives number again. Tanu asks what is her son’s name. Ila says her son took promise not to tell his identity, so she should find out when she befriends him. Tanu thinks she can take his brother’s name from him.

Sam and Hetal enjoy on a beach. Tanu calls Sam, and he rejects call repeatedly. Tanu reminisces he must be with Hetal on beach. Hetal tells yesterday the lady came was her sister and she was telling fake rehab story. Sam thinks he should not have given Tanu’s rehab papers and showed it to Hetal. Hetal asks when he knows his sister from before, why did they both act as strangers.

Precap: Hetal enters cafeteria and asks waiter if it is Sam’s brother’s cafeteria. He says yes. She asks where is he. Waiter says he is in his cabin. Hetal opens cabin door and is shocked to see Rahul.

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