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SanVi Forever
Hello friends !
This is my first fan fiction. Actually I love all the ff I read here especially about Manan and PaNi. But one ff I could not see here was of BFF my fav .. I miss SanVi a lot. And so I thought to write this ff. Please forgive me and forget this if you find it silly.

The present : Sanjana Roy works in a firm and is shocked to see his man back in her life none other than Prithvi who left her long back !
The past : This will be my inputs and it will mostly revolve around the college days.
Sanjana (Sanju), Elakahi (Ela) and Vinita(Vini) are Best Friends Forever. But the equations do change after boys enter between their friendship.
Prithvi Sanyal, Abhimanyu Thakkar and Rithik enter their life. Will love be overpowered by friendship or the vice versa.

I don’t know if you like this story as it will show past and present. But please do tell me if you want this and I will be overwhelmed by your comments be it flattering or criticizing.

Precap : Sanjana is excited about her first day of her new job. But at the Legislative Office she is shocked to see Prithvi her past waiting in her present.

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  1. Awesome intro Ahana, plzz continue dear, love you loads

  2. hey ahana dear actually i wanted to tell you that i too am writing an ff on sanvi , and same like past and present hopefully our stories are not same , but dear really good intro and i too am a big fan of sanvi , will be waiting to know your story ,
    sorry if i hurt you dear

  3. Awwh I didn’t know abt any other ff of BFF. I ll just catch up ur story and see it if its the same. Cud u tell me what’s the story

    1. hey ahana i can’t disclose the plot dear but my stories name is best friends forever (love betaryal but hope ) and dear between where are your posts , dear please upload first page , eagerly waitng to read a new story on sanvi

  4. I always go all tears when i see fans of BFF like u guyz!! I’ve never seen much fans of BFF ever but it doesn’t matter to me or you guyz who are die hard lovers of BFF!! For us, BFF is a masterpiece! And ahana thanks a lot dear for penning this down!! So.. SanVi were separated.. My poor sanvi.. Love them shoo much!! Prithvi’s back!! Hurrah!! I hope parth would’ve returned to bff back then! πŸ™ but thanks to you that he’s back dear πŸ™‚
    one more thing coz of which i feel ecstatic is you added abhi here!!! Oh lord! I cant thank you much dear!!! This is freakin’ awesome!! Its gonna be another version of our MukBhi πŸ˜‰ only muku’s name’s changed to ela πŸ™‚ . Im so lovin it!! And who’s ritik?
    Varun’s not there? πŸ™ I mean not the character.. Yuvi’s not there kya? πŸ™
    And who’s playin the character ritik?
    Sorry dear for asking so many questions at once! Just got flown! πŸ˜›
    And its so good to know that your a MaNan/PaNiholic too!
    Update soon dear..

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