SanVeer: If It’s Destined or Planned? (Short Story) Part:7 *LAST*

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If it’s destined or planned-
Part:7 (Last)
SanVeer room:
Veer after taking shower, walked out of washroom whistling a random tune when Sanchi turned to look and him and almost yelled in shock
Sanchi: (closing her eyes tightly) what the hell is this Veer
Veer: (casually) what?
But then he bite his tongue in embarrassment as soon as he realized that he has actually came out without shirt, only a towel was wrapped around his waist. He mumbled “shit”, and ran towards washroom once after grabbing his clothes. After some minutes he came out letting a sigh of relief but then, chuckled seeing Sanchi who was still in her same position with closed eyes
Veer: you can open your eyes, I’m presentable now
Sanchi: (gritting her teeth) what the hell was that? Who comes out of washroom without shirt?
Veer: yeah actually I totally forgot that you’re also in this room
Sanchi: how can you forget that?
Veer: Acha naa bus! In fact you should be happy that you got chance to see my six pack abs, you know girls die to watch this side of mine
Saying so he winked at her while she was looking at him annoyingly
Sanchi: who are those girls? Tell me their names… I’ll take them to psychiatrist because as far as I’ve seen you’ve no six..pack..abs

Veer: woah! you’ve noticed me with so much concentration
Sanchi: (frustratingly) urghh! It’s useless to talk with you, you know what you’re impossible….
And she was continuously busy in her blabbering unaware of Veer who was staring at her with a broad smile leaning his head on wardrobe, within some minutes she realized his gaze and felt little awkward
Sanchi: (raising her brows) staring is bad habit Mr. Veer Malhotra
Veer: (cleared his throat while straightening his back) no…I wasn’t staring (taking a pause) actually I was wandering that who took out my clothes, because I hadn’t put them (pointing on bed) here
Sanchi: woh maah had told me to do all your work so that’s why…
She became silent as she was falling short of words to clear her position
Veer: oh how sweet of your mother
Sanchi: sweet of maah? And what about me?
Veer: well I can’t comment on you
Sanchi: even I don’t need that
Saying so she was about to move out of the room when Veer grabbed her wrist softly. Sanchi felt a current through his sudden touch
Veer: where are you going?
Sanchi: (gulping a bit) to bring tea for you
Veer: (pulling her little close) I only like green tea so bring that for me
Sanchi: I don’t know how to make it
Veer: so go and learn from Sheila
Sanchi: (questioningly) Sheila? Who’s she?

Veer: (biting his inner cheek to suppress his laugh) my ex-girlfriend
Sanchi: (clenching her jaws tightly) your girlfriend… Why do you think I’ll go to that useless girl for learning the recipe of your stupid green tea
Veer: because you’re my wife and you should know how to make it and then it’s not so difficult
Sanchi: leave my hand right now
Veer: (pulling her little more to him with a mischievous smirk) no I won’t
Sanchi, tried to free her wrist from his grip but Veer wasn’t in the mood to let her go, she eyed him angrily which widened the smile of him
Veer: (whispered leaning close to her) Sheila isn’t my ex- girlfriend, she’s our maid
Saying this, he left her hand with an amusing smile
Sanchi: I…I knew it already
Veer: good to know that you’re quite possessive about me
She eyed him speechlessly, pushing him a little then dashed off the room shouting, “I won’t learn anything from that Sheila, you’ll have to tolerate tea”. Veer laughed loudly on her antics

SanVeer room:
Veer and Sanchi were laying on their respective side of bed, when she turned on the lamp making Veer little frown
Sanchi: Veer what’re you doing?
Veer: (sighs) playing football… can’t you see?
Sanchi: (laughs) playing football without ball
Veer: Sanchi please it’s the worst time to joke
Sanchi: I’m not feeling sleepy
Veer: but, I’m… because I’m really tired
Sanchi: tired? But why? You were at home whole day
Veer: (opened up his eyes to look at ceiling) spending day with someone like you is really tiring Sanchi
Sanchi: what do you mean by someone like me?
Veer: (frowning his brows) nothing…let me sleep
Sanchi: no you won’t sleep… entertain me
Veer: entertain? Why? Am I joker?
Sanchi: (chuckles) how can I expect something entertaining from such a boring person
Veer: your words can’t push me
Sanchi: (taking a little pause) let’s play a game, we both will ask questions from each other and no one can lie…done?

Veer: like if I’ll say no, you won’t play this wierd game
Sanchi: actually yes, I’ll still play
Veer: (rolled on her side resting his head on palm and elbow on pillow) ok then shoot your questions
Sanchi: (smiles widely) so first question is…tell me the name of your girlfriends, remember no lies
Veer: how many times should I tell you that I had no girlfriend
Sanchi: (looking at him suspiciously) don’t know why…still I’ve doubt
Veer: now I don’t have medicine of your doubt…but seriously I had no interest in girls, I just don’t like them at all
Sanchi: so that means you don’t like me too? I’m your wife and….
She, once realizing her words closed her eyes in regret whereas Veer was staring him raising his brows
Veer: well…to clear your query I’ve no problem with my wife
Sanchi: (composing herself) it’s your turn now
Veer: ummm! Okay…so tell me if you had any internal head injury when you were child?
Sanchi: no, I don’t remember any such injury
Veer: really? Then why are you half crack?
Sanchi: (giving him a glare) and you know what you’re full crack.. idiot jerk, spoiled my mood
Veer laughed loudly while Sanchi turned off the lamp covering herself with duvet.
Veer: what about our game?
Sanchi: it’s over… sleep
Veer shaking his head in disbelief again closed his eyes mumbling “crazy girl”.

SanVeer room:
Veer was busy in working on his laptop and Sanchi was unknowingly busy in staring him drowned in deep thoughts, she was confused with her feelings, in some corner of her heart she loved him but wasn’t ready to accept. Veer noticed her gaze and gave “what” sign to her but she was too busy in fighting with her feelings that she didn’t even realize his questioning sign
Veer: (without removing his eyes from laptop) someone had told me that staring is bad manner
Sanchi’s eyes got widened and she quickly moved her gaze at front
Sanchi: I…I wasn’t staring at you..I was thinking about….
Veer: thinking about me… Right?
Sanchi: no… actually….
Before she could complete her sentence, their attention got diverted to terrace as it had started raining heavily.
Sanchi: (jumping in excitement) oh my God…it’s raining
Veer looked at her behavior confusedly, but before he could react she ran towards terrace like a kid, Veer too followed her and gets mesmerized to find her dancing and enjoying the rain like an innocent soul
Sanchi: (extending her hands in air to feel water drops) come on, Veer… let’s enjoy this moment
Veer initially resisted but then marched towards her and held her wrist softly while eyeing her lovingly
Sanchi: (getting freezed on his act) what’re you doing Veer?
Veer: (keeping his hand on her waist) dancing with wife in this lovely weather isn’t wrong…I guess
Sanchi unknowingly nodded, resting her hand on his shoulder
“Tu hi yeh mujh ko bta dey chahun mai yaah naa….
Apne tou dil ka bta dey chahun mai yaah naa….played”

Veer skipped his heart beat seeing Sanchi so close to him, both were completely drenched in emotions. They danced gracefully with each other, forgetting everything
“Itna bta dun tujh ko, chahat pey apni mujh ko yun tou nahe ikhtiyar….
Phir bhe yeh socha dil na ab jo laga hun milne pochun tujhe aik baar…. played”

Veer leaned close to her face, their hearts were racing a marathon, while she felt ghoosebumbs all over her body. Finally when, Sanchi couldn’t handle herself more, she ran from there lightly pushing him with a warm smile, Veer slid his fingers in his wet hairs looking at sky.

In Washroom:
Sanchi was standing before mirror rubbing her wet hair through towel when she started blushing reconciling past few minutes
Sanchi: (to herself) I’m in love with Veer, I love him
Saying this she excitedly shouted but then composed herself. After awhile both went on bed to sleep without uttering a single word, there was a complete meaningful silence as both were feeling little shy to start conversation.
Veer after getting ready for office, was about to leave when his eyes fall on Sanchi who was drowned in deep thoughts
Veer: Sanchi I’m leaving, you may go at work with driver
Sanchi: (walking towards him) yeah I’ll manage that….but I wanted to tell you something
Veer: later… Sanchi I’ve an important meeting so I should leave
Sanchi: (with a stern look) your meeting is important than me?
Veer: don’t be a kid Sanchi, grow up…I said it’s important that… important
He left saying those words rudely leaving Sanchi behind who was really hurt by his tone. Her eyes were filled with tears which she were controlling hardly.
Whole day passed away, but not so smoothly for Sanchi as his rude words were revolving in her mind.

Sanchi after coming out of washroom wearing loose t-shirt and night trouser laid down on bed and cried badly.
Sanchi’s POV: it’s been full day and he didn’t bother to call me, I just realized that he is the man, who made me feel special. He is the one, who gave me the feeling of love. I love him! but what just he did (she after thinking something removed her tears) now I’m overreacting. He didn’t do anything wrong, he said na.. he has some important meeting. Cheer up Sanchi. I’ll tell him about my feelings tomorrow, don’t be sad
She then got up with a smile after wiping her face and thought to call him by herself about knowing his whereabouts but before she could do so, her mobile buzzed…an unknown smile appeared on her lips seeing caller ID
Sanchi: (shouts picking up the call) Veer… where the hell are you? You know it’s 11:30…
She became silent for a second on listening someone else’s voice
Sanchi: who’s this? Where’s Veer?
….: Ma’am I’m Gujrati… I was walking on the road when a car passed by me in high speed, and in a wink of an eye the car crashed to the tree in front of me. I rushed to the the driver side and found a man bleeding. I took his phone and dialed the first number. Madam, the man is unconscious please come soon
Sanchi got hell shocked. But she somehow controlled her tears asking the exact area where they’re currently… The man told him the address and hanged up the call. Sanchi wrapped herself with shawl, grabbed her car keys and headed towards the told way. Within some minutes she reached the place and screamed vigorously “Veer, Is anyone here?” She eyed everywhere around, but didn’t find Veer’s car. No one was there. She tried Veer’s number and got stunned on knowing that his number is switched off now. Her eyes then fall on an old house near. She went near asking if anyone’s here. She went inside. It was quite dark in the house. She again asked same question worriedly. Someone tapped on her shoulder from back. She turned shouting in horror “Aaaaaa!! Bhoooooot! Bhooooot!” (Bhoot as in Ghost)
Sanchi closed her eyes tightly but soon she opened up her eyes on hearing someone’s laughter. She saw the ghost removing his head eventually, the ghost’s mask. She walked near him and got upset on seeing Veer. Veer laughed out loudly

Veer: (laughingly) bhooot.. bhooot.. just look at your face Sanchi
She stared him and finally broke her silence pushing him back
Sanchi: How dare you haan? Do you have any idea how much I got worried…someone called me from your number saying your car has met with an accident.
She sat on the floor, and tears she were holding all this while, burst out.
Sanchi: if something had happened to you?
She once lifting her head stood up with a jerk while looking all around and called out Veer’s name. But on finding no one around. She wandered, as if she was dreaming? but how was it possible? he was right here. She again looked around and then moved to the light coming out from a door. She opened the door, and stepped in to the backyard of the house. She got amazed as soon as she entered inside, on seeing a table for two under a beautifully decorated shed. As she was about to shout. Someone from the back came and stopped her by putting hand on her mouth. Sanchi’s eyes got bigger suddenly
Veer: you’re always ready to roar naa (removing his hand) don’t shout..ok?
Sanchi nodded surprisingly. Veer checked his wrist watch whereas Sanchi got angry, and she started confronting him
Veer: What is it haan? Why are you checking your watch? what’s the matter? If your so-called-important-meeting is done?
Veer stopped her pinning her to the wall
Veer: Shhhh! Just two seconds
He cheerfully switched on the button from the light board shouting HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! He hugged her but Sanchi was in a deep shock of happiness so she stayed numb
Veer: (freeing her from his grip) my first Valentine’s day with my dearest Valentine
Sanchi: (coming to her senses) me and Valentine? when? where? what is happening here?
Veer smiled and turned her to backyard. She saw the whole area lighten, decorated with red & white balloons and a stunning cut out of Sanchi holding a text bubble carrying ‘Valentine’s Day’. Sanchi adored the whole ambiance. She looked back at Veer and hugged him tightly. Veer smiled widely removing tears from her eyes
Veer: today is our special day so you should smile only not cry.
Sanchi: you remembered this day?
Veer: how can I forget it? After all it was our first Valentine’s day
Sanchi: but…

Veer: (keeping his finger on her lips) no more questions…first we will cut the special cake
Saying this Veer forwarded his hand while Sanchi kept her palm on his hand. He took her to the table and showed the customize cake with SanVeer’s beautiful wedding picture on it. Sanchi was about to say something, but Veer signed her to cut the cake first. Sanchi did cake cutting. She gave a bite to Veer and Veer too made her eat. Veer, then went out from the shed
Veer: Sanchi if you liked the surprise?
Sanchi also came out, just started to rain. Sanchi rushed into the shed and asked Veer to come but Veer was busy in staring her lovingly. Sanchi again called out his. But Veer ignoring her words kneeled down and with his arms open wide in the rain, he confessed his feelings…
All other sound got mute to Sanchi. She was on ninth cloud hearing those words, but was unable to say anything by the sudden shock of a huge happiness.
Veer: I don’t know when did this happen and how. I only know that after meeting you I can’t imagine anything in my life. You were annoying but still you were always in my head…in my thoughts…..I LOVE YOU SANCHI! I repeat, I love you Sanchi! Not today but I realized, that day when our wedding dates were finalized… first time I felt something different…some trigger or alarm.. right here.. (pointing on his heart) here in my heart.. but I didn’t understand that day..that, it was Love but gradually my feelings get clear to me. I know we’re already married but I want to make our PLANNED ARRANGE MARRIAGE to DESTINED LOVE MARRIAGE…will you give me that authority?
He eyed her lovingly. Sanchi ran towards him and clutched him tightly.
Sanchi: I love you.. I really really love you Veer
“Bolna mahi bolna played”
There were hugs and tears as they united with two bodies but one soul. After some really touchy minutes, they came inside the house.
Sanchi: by the way, what was the need of this whole drama (arrogantly) you made me spent my best moments of life in these night trousers
Veer: (pulling her close) so you’re back to your patakha avatar (pulling her cheeks) trousers are not that bad
He leaned closer to Sanchi but she freed herself and went from there
Sanchi: oh hello! Don’t get so happy okay. I’m still angry with you.
She sat on the sofa with an annoying gesture. Veer smiled and jumped on to the sofa folding his arm around her neck.
Veer: So, madam.. what’s bothering you?
Sanchi: tell me why you behaved so rudely at morning? If your meeting is more important than me?
Veer: calm down girl…have patience. Actually I purposely acted harsh with you, just to add a little spice
Sanchi: and who was that unknown-mysterious- caller?

Veer: (laughed loudly) that was some random guy passing the road, I just requested him to act a little
Sanchi: yeah right… acting! What if I got heart attack?
Veer: (with little anger) hey don’t say like that… (for changing the topic) and before you ask me about this house, I’ll tell you . This is my friend’s house, he doesn’t live here.. so I just thought to do some quick arrangements and it seems the perfect destination
Sanchi smiled hugging him tightly, he too held her back
Veer: (innocently) don’t you think, I deserve more than this hug
Sanchi: (quizzically) what?
Veer: (making a sad face) don’t I deserve a tiny-miny-thank-you kiss as a return gift
Sanchi blushed and was about to stand up but Veer held her wrist pulling her to him and leaned close to her face closing his and Sanchi’s eyes.
Screen gets blurred.
Thank you for reading!
Hello everyone. So that was it, end of the story… Hopefully you liked the way it end. Thank you very much for the support and love you’ve shown throughout. I really enjoyed writing this light story. Do share your views about the story. Sorry if there’s any typos or grammatical error as it’s not proof reading!
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!
This is Maha Aijaz signing off:*

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