SanVeer: If It’s Destined or Planned? (Short Story) Part: 6

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If it’s destined or planned-

Both (Veer and Sanchi) walked towards the hall, where elders were sitting having light chit-chat, but their conversation interrupted once they realized their presence
Savitri: (smiles mischievously) Veer beta we thought you had gone to drink water but seems like you had just made an excuse
Veer: (clearing his throat) maah no, woh actually she was also in kitchen so…
He became silent while rubbing side of his forehead as he was falling short of words
Jaya: (standing beside Veer) don’t tease him Savitri jee… (moving her gaze to both) now that you both have seen each other so I hope there isn’t any problem

Veer tried to speak against the allaince but before he could do so, his mother stepped forward
Savitri: no he don’t have any problem (giving stress on “any”) he’s my obedient son you know before even seeing her…he had said yes (looking at Veer with a smile) right Veer?
Veer nodded with a curve, while Sanchi eyed him patting his arm without letting anyone notice
Veer: (thinking in his mind) what can I do now? God where have you trapped me… one side there’s maah and other side this girl
He took a deep breath in tension and gave “you do something, I’m helpless” kind of sign to her
Sanchi: maah woh actually…

Jaya: even Sanchi has no issue after all Veer and you’re such a nice people, she’s really happy (looking at Sanchi) you’re happy naa Sanchi
Sanchi couldn’t say no as her parent’s happiness was more strong than her reason of disapproval. She nodded unwillingly with a faint smile
Veer: (surprisingly thinking in his mind) waah! She said yes so easily and was forcing me to say no…thank God I saved myself from becoming a hitler and from mom’s scoldings
Sanchi looked at Veer helplessly and cursed her fate badly
Veer: (keeping hands in pocket) I want to talk with Sanchi in private only if you don’t have any problem

Sunil: of course beta, you both can surely talk (looking at his daughter) take her to terrace
Sanchi nodded in affirmation whereas Jaya and Savitri stared each other with bright smile.
Veer: (looking at her deeply) seems like you want to marry me
Sanchi: (gritting her teeth) don’t even think like that in your dreams
Veer: so why did you say yes?
Sanchi: you said first

Veer: I didn’t have any other choice
Sanchi: so do I’ve?
Veer: (sighing helplessly) we both have no other choice as our parents are determined to get us married
Sanchi: I know… that’s why I said yes unwillingly
Veer: (looking at sky) let’s make a deal

Sanchi: (confusedly) deal?
Veer: yes deal, I’ll marry you on one condition
Sanchi: (mumbling under her breath) now I had to listen her conditions…itne bure din agae mere
Veer: (smiles raising his brows) I’ve heard it
Sanchi: (furiously) tell me your condition?

Veer: you won’t change yourself a bit after our marriage
Sanchi looked at him with wide eyes as if she had seen something unexpected
Veer: stop staring like that, it’s embarrassing
Sanchi kept her palm on his forehead while Veer felt as if a current passed through his body due to her touch
Sanchi: you’re not having fever…so if you got any internal injury?
Veer: what?

Sanchi: you don’t have any problem with my non-stop-blabbering at all?
Veer: I use to get irritate a bit but I don’t want someone to change because of me
Sanchi stared him for awhile, as she was discovering something new inside him, a completely different Veer
Sanchi: (composing herself) but I do have problem with your arrogance, have you seen your face ever…you don’t even know how to smile whole hearted
Veer: hey…that’s not true

Sanchi: that’s 101% true…and if you want to marry me you’ve to change yourself a little bit (giving stress on “little bit”)
Veer: you’re so mean…I don’t want to change you but you want…
Sanchi: yes I want little changes… control your anger, start smiling whole heatedly and make yourself a little talkative
Veer: (looking at her with disbelief) this is more than one condition
Sanchi: (biting her tongue) oh yes…it’s ok you can select only one
Veer: (smiles) I’ve already started controlling my anger that’s why you don’t get scolded in office because of your stupid talks

Sanchi: hey…
Veer: let me complete first…so where was I… Yes I’ve started controlling my anger, about smiling from heart, I’ll surely give it a try… lastly becoming talkative, well I don’t think it’s essential because when you’re around no other person can speak
Sanchi listened his each word speechlessly, it was so difficult for her to believe that these words are actually quoting by Veer

Sanchi: are you the real Veer or am I dreaming? From when you become so understanding?
Veer: I was always understanding (taking a pause) don’t judge a book by it’s cover…we had just met four to five times that too be because of work and at office we’ve to be professionally strong that’s why…and then your dialogues can make anyone angry aur phir mai tou hun he short tempered
Sanchi: there’s one more thing I wanted to say
Veer: (sighing heavily) now what’s left?

Sanchi: Emmm after marriage (biting her lower lip) you’ll stay away from me, I mean to say (twisting her fingers nervously) closeness and…
Before she could complete her sentence properly Veer laughed loudly
Veer: you seriously need a medical checkup…now come on
Saying so he started walking without letting her chance to speak
Sanchi: (following him) see I’m not mental… And I’m serious, I’m marrying you only for mom and dad… (standing beside him) nothing more is there
Veer: (with deep voice) I’ve no doubt in that
Sanchi’s room:
Her POV: Just one month and I’ll include myself in wife’s category (looking at ceiling resting her back on the mattress) soon-to-be-Mrs. Sanchi Veer Malhotra (a curve appeared on her lips) sounds good…and now I don’t have to worry much as he’s ready to change his arrogant nature, but isn’t it so annoying…I had rejected so many allaince but couldn’t reject this one in spite of having so many issues… (sitting up with a jerk) do I really wanted to marry him or it’s just for my parent’s happiness?

Her POV ends.
This question almost created a confusion inside her, she giving it a thought for sometime shrugged herself and lay down again before turning off the lights.
Veer’s room:
His POV: crazy girl (smiles looking himself in dressing mirror) but she was true, my smile is equal to a plastic one….. smile from heart Veer (confusedly) but how can one smile in that way?
POV ends.

He rested his palm at left side closing his eyes, a wide curve appeared on his lips seeing a vision of Sanchi who was looking at him raising her brows..he abruptly shrugged himself, opened up his eyes and gets quizzed a strange yet different smile playing on his lips.
His POV: this is attached to her…I… do I like… (sighing heavily) yes I do that’s why marrying her else I would’ve said no easily like I did before….it means I…(sitting on bed taking a deep breath) stop thinking much Veer and let the things happen
POV ends.

He, then stood up and walked towards washroom.
SanVeer Room-

She was sitting on the center of bed, draped in designer maroon bridal lehanga with matching jewellery, her hair tied in a braid which was resting on her left shoulder… make-up, well it was looking elegant and decent on Sanchi’s face. She was having mixed emotions inside her, at one side she was nervous and on the other one she was feeling strange happiness. Her feelings went aside once she saw Veer standing in front of him, staring at her with a warm smile. He was mesmerized to see her dressed up as HIS bride, but then he noticed her nervousness and thinks for something
Veer: (clearing his throat) you’re looking beautiful Sanchi

Sanchi: (looking at him awkwardly) thank you
Veer: (sitting beside her) but I was thinking if it’s all magic of make-up or if it has to do something with your natural beauty?
Sanchi: (giving him a glare) I don’t apply much make-up
Veer: (chuckles) really? Well we’ll see once this make-up will remove
Sanchi: shut up

Veer: (leaning close to her mischievously) what did you say to your husband?
Sanchi: n… nothing (gulping a bit) nothing special
Veer: (with a grin) that’s good
Saying so he stood up to move towards cupboard but before he could step forward Sanchi stopped his way standing in front of him, crossing her arms on chest
Veer: (looking at her from top to bottom surprisingly) what… happened?
Sanchi: did you think I got scared from you
Veer: (suppressing his laugh) honestly…yes
Sanchi: then you’re wrong
Veer: really? (giving stress on really)

Though there wasn’t smirk on his face but his tone was reflecting his smirk
Sanchi: I just wanted to say that keep a distance from me…(furiously pointing her index finger) don’t you dare come close to me
Veer: and if I tried to come then?
Sanchi: then…. (thinking for awhile) you can’t even think what I’ll do
Veer: (stepping forward with a mischievous smirk) you did a mistake by challenging me as I seriously love challenges

She quizzically stared him gulping in fear while he was stepping towards her whereas she was stepping back, both were looking in each other’s eyes and within some seconds her back striked with cupboard which was indicating that there’s no more space behind her. Veer leaned close to her while she shut her eyes tightly due to their proximity, her heart was racing a marathon whereas Veer skipped his beat staring her so close to him
Veer: (whispering in her ears) move aside, I’ve to take out my clothes from wardrobe
She opened up her with a jerk and quickly moved a little giving him access for taking out clothes. Veer once taking them out marched towards washroom but stopped in mid and smiled naughtily
Veer: someone’s blushing a lot

Sanchi: you…
Before she could complete, he ran inside letting out a loud laugh
Sanchi: (mumbling under her breath) idiot jerk, (keeping her palm at heart) can you please stop pumping fast? It was like you’ll come out within some seconds

Sanchi after changing into a casual T-shirt and trouser, came out of washroom and gave a look to Veer who was laying on bed closing his eyes
Sanchi: I’ll sleep on bed and you’ll sleep on couch
Veer: (with the same closed eyes) did you say something?
Sanchi: yes…go and sleep on couch
Veer: I won’t… you go and sleep there
Sanchi: (gritting her teeth) which type of person you’re?
Veer: I’m like that only
Sanchi: idiot jerk

Veer: (smilingly) thank you
She stomping her feet on floor walked towards the couch and settled herself down on it but within some minutes she got up with a crying face
Sanchi: I can’t sleep here, it’s so uncomfortable
Veer: (open up his eyes to look at her) so come here and sleep…I don’t have any problem with you but you’ve
Sanchi: I can’t sleep with you
Veer: (biting his inner cheek with a smirk) why if you won’t control yourself sleeping with me?
Sanchi: (clenching her fist) shut up ok… I’ve full faith on myself but actually the thing is I.. don’t.. you

Veer: fine…then make yourself comfortable there
Saying so he again closed his eyes while Sanchi mumbled something under her breath mainly curses… And then an idea popped in her mind, she quickly grabbed all cushions from couch and jumped on the bed placing them between them, as if she was making a boarder
Veer: (sighs opening his eyes again) and now what’re you doing?
Sanchi: (giving a tight smile) making a line, neither you’ll cross it nor I’ll
After completing her work she laid down calmly closing her eyes to welcome the sleep
Veer: do you think these cushions will stop me?
Sanchi: I know karate

Veer: (laughing loudly)woah! I’m scared
Sanchi: (shaking her head in disbelief) I just asked you to control your anger but you….
Veer: but I’ve started talking nonsense.. haven’t I?
Sanchi: exactly

Veer: effect of association
Sanchi: (giving him a glare again closed her eyes) shut up and sleep
Veer: (sliding his fingers through hair with a smile and thought in his mind) I didn’t know it’ll be so fun to tease you
Sanchi then, turned off the lamp and both gradually drowned into deep sleep.
Sanchi: I’ll go first to take shower
Veer: no I’ll go first, else I’ll lock the door of washroom from outside
Both glared each other… it’s been half an hour and they were fighting with each other for going washroom, but still it hadn’t been decided by them that who’ll go first
Sanchi: (pointing towards a corner) oh my Gosh what’s that
Veer: (looking at the pointed place) what?

Before he could understand anything she ran towards washroom but he within a second grabbed her wrist which forced her to fall on his chest…both got dis balance due to sudden force and fall on bed… Veer eyed her lovingly locking her hair strands behind ear with a deep smile, both shared a cute-romantic eye lock.
“Tu he yeh mujh ko bta dey chahun mai yaah naa
Apne tou dil ka bata dey chahun mai yaah naa plays”.
Screen freezes on their cute posture!

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