SanVeer: If It’s Destined or Planned? (Short Story) Part:4

Link for Part-3: Part 3

If it’s destined or planned-
Malhotra’s house:
Veer after registering his wedding news become speechless due to shock and was staring his mother surprisingly
Savitri: I know I should’ve told you but like always you would’ve protested that’s why I kept it secret from you
Veer: maah it’s not about telling me or not telling me. It’s about marriage which I don’t want at least for now

Savitri: Acha not now then when?
Veer: (avoiding her gaze) I don’t know
Savitri: Veer I don’t want to listen anything. She’s such a nice girl and you’ll marry her for sure else don’t ever talk to me

Veer: maah you can’t blackmail me like this
Savitri: I’ll, because I’m your maah (keeping hand on his shoulder) beta she’s perfect girl for you and I’m sure she’ll finish the silence of this home
Veer: (sighs) fine, as you wish

Savitri: I’ve set your meeting with her at XYZ restaurant so be there at 5
Veer: (widening his eyes) waah! You’ve set our meeting too
Savitri: yes and now sleep bohat kaam kar liya
Saying so she stood up to leave once after wishing her son good night
Veer’s POV: (lying on his bed) what is this new problem yaar. I don’t want to marry anyone (sighs) once after marriage my whole life will change, koi cheez meri nahe rahe ge not even this room (looking at the ceiling) she’ll keep blabbering and I’ll keep listening like an obedient husband (sitting up with a jerk) no.. no I don’t want this kind of life, tomorrow I’ll meet her and will settle everything

He looked on with determination.
Mishra’s house:
Sanchi was pacing in her room from left to right while anger was clearly visible on her face
Sanchi’s POV: now who on earth has come to marry Sanchi Mishra, as far as I know I’ve settled each and every boy’s scores (frustratingly) God yeh kia naya siyaapa hai. Only for maah I’ll meet you Mr. Who-ever-you-are, but after tomorrow you’ll regret to meet me
In her deep thoughts she passed a mischievous smirk.

Sanchi in little hurry was about to step out but then called out her mother
Sanchi: (standing on door way) maah I’m going
Jaya: (coming towards her) Arey but have your breakfast first
Sanchi: nahe maah I’ll eat something from outside as I’m already late
Jaya: ok but don’t forget to be..
Sanchi: (while walking out) yeah yeah maah I remember don’t worry I’ll be there at 5
Jaya shook her head speechlessly on her daughter.

Royal Taste Restaurant:
Sanchi came inside with maximum speed as she know she’s late as always, but before she could step further her feets got freezed due to shock
Sanchi: (gulping in fear) sir you here? I mean…
Veer: (looking at his wrist watch) if I’m not wrong then you’re late Miss, have you seen the time?
Sanchi: I know sir but I was stuck in something important

Veer: can I know what’s that important thing which is more important then your first day after collaborating with us
Sanchi: (lowering her eyes) sir I can’t tell you that
Veer: you don’t need to because I know it already (giving a mischievous smile) Miss. Helping lady
Sanchi stared him with confusion.

Veer in his car was stuck in traffic blockage due to same girl who was helping those children in crossing the road, but this time he wasn’t unaware of that girl as he knows she is Sanchi
Driver: sir should I go and check, what’s going on?
Veer: no, wait for awhile

Driver nodded understandably while after few minutes, traffic went on smoothly. As Veer’s car was passing his eyes fall on Sanchi who was busy in putting on the helmet. He unknowingly passed a smile but then composes himself as soon as he realized his state.
Flashback ends-

Sanchi: sir from tomorrow I’ll be on time, at least I’ll try because today I’ll write a letter to concerned authorities for making some kind of pedestrian crossing or something to solve this problem
Veer: (giving impressive expressions) that’s not my issue though but I’ll also try to solve this problem for the sake of children and for you (looking at her) so that you may come on time because I don’t like unpunctual people
Sanchi: (mumbling under her breath) who’s even asking your likes and dislikes?
Veer: did you say something?

Sanchi: yes I was saying thank you sir so (raising her brows) should I go to Ajay for discussing about the orders and all?
He nodded in order to permit her, she was about to turn but then again looked at him
Sanchi: sir you again proved me wrong, (smile with innocence) I thought you’re arrogant but you aren’t as you’re the one who’s solving this problem so from today I’ve decided that I’ll not call you khadoos
Veer sharply gazed her whereas Sanchi realized that she spoke something wrong so before he could react she vanished from there like Aladdin. Veer rolled his eyes at her antics.
After completing her work and assigning responsibilities to employees she headed towards the restaurant where her mother had held meeting with her so-called-future-husband. Veer was already there as he was extra ordinary punctual and then his mother was also reminding him again and again by calling him once after an hour

XYZ Restaurant-
Sanchi entered inside with a rush and walked towards a table but to her shock the table which was booked for her was having someone else and the biggest shock for her was, that someone else was her boss Mr. Veer Malhotra, both looked at each other with surprise and irritation altogether
Sanchi: sir this is my table so…
She paused trying to make him realize that it’s not his place
Veer: it’s actually booked with my name so you may go somewhere else

Sanchi: why I should go. It’s my place so you should go from here
Both stared each other sternly
Veer’s POV: if she’s the one with whom maah has fixed my alliance, no no, it’s some kind of misunderstanding for sure

He, brushing away his thoughts decided to move
Veer: fine, ap ko ap ka table mubarak
Sanchi: thank you sir (questioningly) by the way sir what are you doing here? (giving naughty smile) waiting for your girlfriend right? Hayee kia maza ata hoga dating shating mai
Veer giving her serious look try to move but was again stopped by her
Sanchi: tell naa sir, won’t you make her to meet me?
Veer: (taking a deep breath) it’s nothing like that, I’m not here to meet any girl friend
Sanchi: oh then what are you doing here?

Veer: why are you asking me? (giving stress on “you”) you should be least bothered about it
Sanchi: I was asking just-like-that
She after thinking few seconds again stopped him when he was on his way to other table
Sanchi: sir if I’m not wrong then you’re always there where I’ve to go or where I’m present (taking a pause) correct me if I’m wrong

Veer: what are you trying to say? Say it clearly?
Sanchi: yeh k ap ka dil agaya hai mujh par that’s why you’re finding ways to meet me. Aren’t you?
Veer got dumbstruck after listening her, still control his annoyance through taking a deep breath
Veer: (showing a plastic smile) you’re not that much fortunate that I’ll fall for you
Sanchi: excuse me (keeping her hands on her waist) You aren’t fortunate enough to have me in your life, don’t ever forget that
Veer: are you mad? Seriously you need a psychiatrist. Like why on Earth I’ll fall for a crazy-mad-idiot fellow?

Sanchi: (getting miff due to his words) did you call me crazy, mad and idiot?
Veer: (smiles widely) can’t you listen at once?
Sanchi: you know what you’re a serious case, and you need a psychiatrist
Veer: (clenching his fist) it’s totally useless to waste my time on listening your pathetic views
Sanchi: fine then why are you standing here (extending her arm) just go
Veer: don’t order me, okay as I’m your boss
Sanchi: Mr. we’re outside right now so no boss-employee relation
Veer gets miffed with her, both eyed each other with frustration
Sanchi: I can’t tolerate you more, so better I should leave

Saying so, she dashed off leaving Veer behind, who was still remembering her words i.e “tumhara dil agaya hai mujh pey”. He abruptly jerked his head and went out.

Precap: Veer along with his mother entered inside Mishra’s home to finalize the wedding dates while Sanchi is half hearted getting ready for greeting her future mother-in-law and husband.
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