SanVeer: If It’s Destined or Planned? (Short Story) Part:3

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If it’s planned or destined?
Veer’s eyes fall on Sanchi’s dupatta which had almost caught fire. He without giving any reaction stepped forward pulling her dupatta from shoulder, Sanchi was shocked on his act but then understood his intension. He, once after extinguishing fire handed over it to her
Sanchi: thank you (while putting it over her shoulder) for saving my life. If you wouldn’t have been here then kasam sey hum…
Veer: (interrupting her in mid) instead of giving all attention to your blabbering, you should concentrate on yourself.
Sanchi: Excuse me! What do you mean by that?
Veer: meaning is simple, ab if you don’t have brain that’s not my issue
Sanchi: listen Mr. Arrogant (biting her tounge after realizing that she’s talking to her senior) I mean sir, I always try to be careful but maybe problems love me a lot that’s why comes near me in different ways
Veer: (putting on his shades) whatever, now pay attention on your work
He, after glancing her one last time walked off in order to check other competitors while Sanchi mumbled “Akroo kaheen ka”.

Mishra’s house:
Sanchi’s mother was instructing all the servants to do their work properly, as the guest will be at home any time
Sunil: relax Jaya, everything is set. Stop taking tension
Jaya: yes but I want everything to be perfect (looking at a servant) if food is ready or not
Servant replied in affirmation on which Jaya let a sigh of relief
Sunil: have you thought about Sanchi’s reaction, she’ll be too annoyed from us
Jaya: I know but if I would’ve told her before then she must’ve created a scene here so it’s better to stay quiet
Sunil: but we’ll tell her once this allaince will be fixed
Jaya: obviously, we’ll
One of a servant, then came to inform them the arrival of that special guest. Both after receiving the information moved towards the main gate in order to welcome them. Jaya looked at Sunil as there was only one lady who was coming towards them. They greeted her as soon as she approached them
Jaya: please come inside Mrs. Malhotra
Yes she was the one, whose son is like a akroo banda for Sanchi
Savitri: (settling down on sofa) you must be thinking that why I’ve come alone. Am I right?
Sunil: yes, actually we thought your son will come with you
Savitri: he is actually busy that’s why couldn’t come
Jaya: it’s ok we can understand, waisey bhe we’ve seen your son’s picture. He’s really good
Savitri: thank you but where’s Sanchi, Mr. Kapoor has talked a lot about him. Now I want to see her live
Jaya looked at her husband tensely but then showed a smile to hide that tension
Jaya: she’s not at home. Woh today is some kind of competition in which she has participated that’s why just busy in it
Savitri nodded understandably while the conversation went on smoothly.

Food Festival-
Veer, after tasting the items of all competitors, walked towards the stage to announce the winning team whereas Sanchi was getting restless, her heart beats were increasing as if her matriculation results are going to announce
Veer: (clearing his throat) first of all thank you so much for participating in this competition. I’m really happy to see amazing talents here. Though each and every team has great tastes in their hands but still winner is going to be only one. I’m really pleased to announce that Miss. Sanchi Mishra and her mates has won the competition and will work with Malhotra’s companies
Sanchi after listening her name didn’t know how to react, she was beyond happy but still thought to confirm from her partners
Sanchi: yaar Pragya even we’ve really won
Both (Pragya and Isha) cheerfully shouted “yes”. Trio hugged each other with extreme happiness
Veer: Miss. Sanchi please come on stage to take these contract papers
Sanchi then getting free from that hug moved towards the stage, she while ascending the stair was about to stumble but composed herself whereas Veer shook his head impossibly
Veer: (handing her those papers) Ajay will tell you further procedure
Sanchi slightly nodded while he, left the place. Sanchi then realized that she didn’t even thank him once so she followed him like a child
Sanchi: sir I want to say something
Veer: (turning his head to her raising his brows) yes, now what you want to say?
Sanchi: thank you for selecting me
Veer: no need as I haven’t done any favor on you, I had selected you on merit
Sanchi: I know sir, but still I’ve said a lot to you till now so I thought you’ll not select me, but I was wrong. Today you proved me that I was thinking really wrong about you, seriously I’m feeling very bad
Veer: (sighs) what were you thinking about me?
Sanchi: yehi k you’re arrogant, khadoos and…
She closed her eyes in regret on realizing what she said
Veer: (with a smile) that’s why I say to speak less and think more
Sanchi: sorry woh..
Veer without saying anything walked off whereas Sanchi made wierd face
Sanchi: (mumbling under her breath) sachi mai akroo tou hai but who cares (cheerfully) he made me win that’s it for me

Mishra’s house:
Savitri: this allaince is fixed from my side. I’m really very grateful to make your daughter as my daughter in law
Jaya: that’s so sweet of you
Savitri: but what’s your opinion about this allaince, deykhye if you want to check something about me and my son then feel free because I can understand it’s the matter of your daughter’s life
Sunil: no there’s nothing like that. My friend has told everything about you and Veer so we’re satisfied
Savitri: then should I consider yes from your side
Jaya: (handing her the plate of sweets with a smile) absolutely yes
All congratulated each other and started discussing about wedding preparations and rest of the other stuff. After awhile Savitri greeted Sanchi’s parents to take a leave, but before she could step out, she collided with Sanchi
Sanchi: oh God! I’m really sorry aunty. Don’t know why I just keep colliding with everyone. Sorry again
Savitri: it’s ok beta. But if I’m not wrong then you’re Sanchi. Aren’t you?
Sanchi: (confusedly) yes but..
Jaya: Sanchi take her blessings beta
Sanchi nodded and bend on her knees to take blessings but Savitri stopped her by holding shoulders
Savitri: jeeti raho (looking at Jaya) your daughter is really pretty
Jaya smiled while Sanchi was extremely confused on what’s just going on. Once after Savitri left, Sanchi started shooting questions one after another
Sanchi: maah who was she? If we know her? I haven’t saw her before. Maah tell naa
Jaya: Arey only if you would stop then we’ll speak naa
Sanchi: ok fine I’m silent now tell me
Jaya: (looking at her husband) your father will tell you
Sunil: why I? You’ve decided everything so only you’ll tell
Sanchi: fine first you finish this passing passing game then only tell me
Jaya: actually beta..
Sanchi: wait. I’ve something more important to tell you which I forgot to tell due to that new aunty
Jaya: (eyeing her) behave Sanchi. Call her aunty, what’s that new aunty?
Sanchi: Acha naa sorry now guess what’s that good news
Sunil: easy to guess (hugging his daughter) you’ve won the competition
Sanchi: correct.. (with a fake angry face) but how you always guess correctly
Sunil: because I know my daughter very much and I’m very happy for you
Sanchi: even I’m very happy
Jaya: mai bhe bohat khush hun but Sanchi now pay attention here as I’ve more important thing to inform
Sanchi: haan bolo maah also tell me about aunty
Jaya: we’ve fixed your allaince, she’ll be your mother in law, whom you were eager to know
Sanchi: (shockingly) maah you’re joking. Right? Please this joke is really bad so…
Jaya: this isn’t joke Sanchi, we’ve really fixed your allaince as the boy and his mother is very good and will keep you happy
Sunil: yes beta, very rare people are like them. You’re fortunate to have them as your new family
Sanchi: yeah ok but you know I’m not ready to marry but still you guys decided everything without even letting me know
Jaya: till when you’ll decide. Tell me the exact time limit then only I’ll wait
Sanchi bowed her head in getting short of words
Jaya: no answer. Right? That’s why you’ll do what I’ll find right for you I can’t let you play with your life
Saying so she walked off leaving sad Sanchi behind
Sunil: (keeping hand on her shoulder) beta meet him once maybe you’ll like him. I know you haven’t seen that boy so you must be doubtful
Sanchi: no dad, I’m not doubtful. I trust you both more than myself
Sunil: then meet him at XYZ place at 5. Your mother has decided your meeting with him
Sanchi: (surrending her hands in air) my mother is great
Sunil: she’s.. no two opinions in that.
Both did Hi-Fi while laughing.
Malhotra’s home-
Veer was doing work in his laptop when his mother came in with a glass of milk
Savitri: always busy in work (giving him glass) keep that laptop aside and drink it like a good boy
Veer: (making face while taking it) maah you know I don’t like milk but still you force me to drink this poison
Savitri: Veer behave, just think about those people who want to drink this milk but can’t because…
Veer: because they can’t afford it, I know maah. How many times you’ll say
Savitri eyed him which forced him to drink it in one go
Veer: (keeping glass at side table) wesey maah I also wanted to know something
Savitri: (questioningly) know what?
Veer: maah if we meet someone more than two times then if it’s coincidence or something else?
Savitri: (confusedly) tu aur tere sawal (taking a pause) I think if you meet someone more than two times at different places then there’s some special purpose hidden. But why are you asking?
Veer: nothing maah, I was asking just-like-that
Savitri: khair chorr yeh sab and listen me carefully (taking a deep breath) I’ve fixed your allaince with a beautiful girl
Veer after registering this brand new information looked on with a stunned face.
Screen freezes!

Precap: Veer was waiting for the girl in a restaurant and gets shocked to see Sanchi in front of him, both looked at each other with irritation.

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Hey everyone! Finally I’m here with this new part. Really sorry friends for getting late but I was extremely busy. Also I’ll try to complete this story within some parts as I don’t want you to wait for this useless story *winks*. Don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.
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