SanVeer: If It’s Destined or Planned? (Short Story) Part: 5


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If it’s destined or planned-
Mishra’s house:
As soon as Sanchi entered inside, she felt two questioning gaze at her face
Sanchi: (sighing) please no question about that man because I haven’t met him
Jaya: but why? I told you to be there but you’re so stubborn
Sanchi: maah I went there, but he didn’t come.. now what’s my mistake in it
Jaya: but…
Sanchi: ask from his mom if you don’t believe in me
Saying so she marched towards her room making her parents little wierd
Jaya: now what happened to this girl
Malhotra’s house:
Veer was taking deep breaths crossing his arms on chest as his mother was pacing in front of him angrily after registering that he didn’t met with her
Savitri: Veer, you’re lieing, she must’ve come
Veer: maah why I would lie, I’ve waited for her approx half an hour but she’s such an unpunctual person.. didn’t show up
Savitri: there must be some problem I guess, that’s why she didn’t come.. I hope you haven’t said anything to her
Veer: maah I promise I didn’t even talk to her till now.. and by saying something to your so-called-daughter-in-law I don’t want to get scold from you
Savitri: (getting little convince) fine, I’m trusting you
Veer: thank you… so if your interrogation is done than can I leave from here
His mother nodded with a smile while Veer let a sigh of relief before walking towards his room
Sanchi’s room:
Sanchi came out of washroom after freshening up herself, she moved towards the dressing table and sat on it’s chair
Her POV: (while combing her hair) I can’t work with him anymore, he’s such an ill mannered guy, don’t even know how to talk with girls.. just keeps shouting, getting angry and above all he loves showing his stupid kind of attitude.. he thinks like I’ll be impress through his attitude but he’s wrong as I’m not that kind of girl
(huffing in anger) I’ll withdraw that contract tomorrow, I’m not at all interested working with him, (taking a deep breath sadly) though it was my dream to work with his company but not anymore after all he called me mad, idiot and stupid altogether
She twitching her nose tied her hair in high pony tail before going to bed.
Veer’s room:
Veer was wiping his wet face through towel when again her words echoed in his ears “tumhara dil agaya hai mujh par”… He abruptly jerked his head and stood before his dressing table
His POV: she’ll really make me insane one day, I’ve met so many girls till now… but she… she’s a unique creation of God, like seriously how can she say those words so straightly, Miss. Over smart (rubbing the corner of his forehead) but why her words are affecting me? Why do I think about her? Why I don’t get hell angry on her? (in a louder voice) Why I just think about that crazy girl? God damn it she’s no one to me… Your allaince is fixed by your mother… understood Veer
He keeping his unknown-wierd feelings aside looked at himself through mirror sternly
Sanchi’s room:
Her mother putting off the curtains, called out Sanchi who was still sleeping like a royal princess
Jaya: (softly shaking her) wake up Sanchi it’s already 9’o clock
Sanchi: (muttering with half open eyes) maah today I’ll not come in your words, I know it’s just 7’o clock
Jaya: beta this time I’m saying truth, just look at the wall clock
Sanchi yawningly moved her gaze to wall clock and widened her eyes once realizing that it’s really 9 and she’s actually late but this time not because of children instead she was late due to her sleep
Sanchi: maah why you didn’t wake me up on time (getting up from the bed quickly) you know today I’m dead only because of my own mother
Jaya: stop creating panic Sanchi, because you’re not going at work today
Sanchi: (surprisingly) why so? If today is some kind of strike because as far as I remember today isn’t any public holiday
Jaya: neither today is public holiday nor any kind of strike actually your to-be mother in law is coming with her son to fix the wedding dates
Sanchi: (rolling her eyes) why are you so desperate to make me bride? Maah please you just carry on.. I’m not interested
Jaya: you should be interested as it’s your wedding so no more arguments, get yourself ready like a good girl
Sanchi: but maah…
Jaya: (eyeing her) I said like a good girl
Her mother’s words stopped her to protest further and she unwillingly went inside washroom annoyingly.
Veer’s room:
Veer was talking with his secretary through his cellphone when his mother went inside, frowning her brows. Seeing his mother, he once wrapping up the conversation kept his mobile in his blazer’s pocket
Savitri: (taking out his cellphone from pocket) you’re not going office today
Veer: (surprisingly) but why? (looking at his mobile which was now in his mother’s grip) and why you’ve taken my cellphone?
Savitri: you’re not going office today because you’re coming with me at your future-in-law’s home and about your second question actually this device won’t let you live in peace that’s why it’ll remain with me
Veer: but why are you taking me with you? What I’ll do there?
Savitri: (smiles) you’ll get a chance to talk with your would-be-wife
Veer: (sighing unbelievably) like I’m keen to talk with her
Savitri: (sharply) I don’t know anything, cancel your appointments as you’re coming with me.. also you should thank God that I’m not angry at you as Jaya jee told me that she went there to meet you but found no one
Veer: but maah, I swear.. I…
Savitri: (raising his hand to stop her son) no more arguments, get ready like a good boy
Veer: (helplessly) I’m ready maah, but please can I’ve my phone back at least let me inform Ajay to handle everything by himself
Savitri: (handing him his precious device) take it, but return me back once after informing
Veer nodded vigorously like an obedient child while she left the room hiding her smile.
Sanchi’s room:
She was looking at herself through dressing mirror annoyingly, peach chiffon lehanga with light embroidery was draped around her, elegant jewellery with soft make-up was adoring her beauty. She was all ready to face her future pati dev.
Jaya: (entering inside room) Sanchi are you ready?
Sanchi coldly answered in affirmation
Jaya: (setting her dupatta on shoulder) my daughter is looking beautiful but still one thing is missing
Sanchi: (raising her brows) which thing?
Jaya: your smile, your wedding dates are finalizing Sanchi.. you should be happy
Sanchi: I’m happy maah.. but this dress is really annoying me, like it’s not my wedding but still I’m wearing a lehanga
Jaya: (taking a deep breath) Sanchi you’re looking pretty in it so just stop your drama (mumbles leaving the room) don’t know how her husband will deal with her childish behaviour
Saying so she completely moved out leaving Sanchi alone in her room, who was giving impressive look staring at herself.
After awhile, Savitri and her son, along with some maids who were holding thaal of sweets and fruits, entered inside the hall. Sanchi’s parents greeted them and settled themselves down on sofa.
Savitri: so he’s my son, Veer, you know he was more excited than me to come here and have a chit chat with you all
Veer gave are-you-serious kind of look to his mother, while she totally ignored his gaze.
Jaya: (looking at Veer) I know you must be keen to talk with Sanchi (moving her eyes to his mother) after all it’s modern generation
Veer narrowed his eyes without giving attention to name “Sanchi”
Veer: (clearing his throat) water… Can I’ve a glass of water
Jaya: I’ll bring for you
Veer: no it’s ok I’ll go by myself… Where is kitchen?
She instructed him the way to kitchen while he nodded understandably before leaving the place. He enters inside kitchen and asked a glass of water from a girl standing beside refrigerator, who was actually Sanchi but as she was facing her back to him therefore he didn’t see her face, Sanchi awkwardly looked on listening familiar voice but silently filled an empty glass with water, but it abruptly fell from her hand before she could hand over it to him
Both simultaneously: You? What’re you doing here?
Sanchi: wait, this is my home. What’re YOU doing here?
Veer: (confusedly) I… I’m…
Sanchi: (resting her hands on waist) I knew, you’ve some wierd intensions… and see I’m true and now I’m sure ap…
Veer: no stop right there… don’t you dare complete that sentence else I’ll go crazy reconciling those words again and again
Sanchi: (raising her brows) by making me silent would change the reality
Veer: (narrowing his eyes) shut up! Don’t think too much
Sanchi: (ignoring his comment) tell me why are you here?
Veer: I’m here to.. (taking pause) wait.. if you’ve any sister
Sanchi: (awkwardly) no but why?
Veer: (widening his eyes) oh my God that means my mom was talking about you, yesterday at restaurant you had come to meet me
Sanchi: (irritatingly) what? I’m not getting anything
Veer: (rolling his eyes) dumbo my mom has fixed my alliance with YOU, I’ve come with her to decide wedding dates
Sanchi: WHAT? You’re the one with whom my marriage is finalize
Veer: (giving a plastic smile) how intelligent you’re… obviously yes, that’s why I’m here
Sanchi: NO.. I can’t spend one minute with you and they’re going to tie us together for whole life… no.. no go and tell your mother that you can’t marry me
Veer: are you serious? Why don’t you go and tell all this to your parents?
Sanchi: because my maah will never listen to me, she’s determined to get me marry with you (mumbling under her breath) as she thinks you’re a perfectionist
Veer: and you think my mother will listen to me… she’s hell bent to make you as my wife
Sanchi: I don’t know anything, go and do something else I’ll think you’re dieing to marry me that’s why acting so normal
Veer: excuse me! Instead of marrying such a crazy girl it’s better to die as bachelor
Sanchi: really? Than go right now else you’ll have to tolerate me for your whole life… (in overly dramatic way) just imagine I’m with you in same room and…
Veer: stop this drama as I know you’re pushing me plus I’ll not say anything all alone you’ll also come with me… to support me
Sanchi unwillingly nodded gulping her fear like water and both headed towards the hall.

Precap: Leap of 1 month.

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