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Santoshi Maa 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaki checking Santoshi and worrying. She asks Kaka to call doctor fast. Kaka calls doctor and asks him to come home fast. He calls Dhairya and says Santoshi fainted, come home fast. Dhairya gets shocked. Kaka says we should take her to room. Seshnath, Daksha and Madhuri come home. Sharmili stops them. She gets glad and says I will get tea for you. Madhuri apologizes. Sharmili forgives them and asks them to sit.

Doctor checks Santoshi and says congrats, you are going to become Dada and Dadi, Santoshi is pregnant. Kaka and Kaki get glad. Santoshi smiles. Kaki hugs doctor and says you have us big good news. Kaka and Kaki bless Santoshi. Santoshi thanks Maa.

Gaumata says this is a thing of happiness. Devi Paulmi says I got another chance to trouble Santoshi. I will

get more fun now. She laughs. Kaki says i will take care of Santoshi well. Sharmili asks Dadi what to do that Guddu comes back to me. Dadi says I will call Santoshi and ask. She gets Kaki’s call. Kaki says Santoshi is pregnant, congrats. Dadi gets glad. Sharmili also gets happy. Dadi congratulates kaki.

Dhairya comes home and asks what happened to Santoshi, is she fine, what did doctor say, why are you all smiling. Kaka says we will go. He asks Kaki to say. Kaki asks Santoshi to give this news to Dhairya. Dhairya says tell me. She says ask Santoshi and goes with Kaka. He says what happened. Dhairya asks Santoshi to say. She says you have to do what I say and not get angry. He says fine, tell me what happened. She sings lullaby. He says I left much work in office and you are singing this. She says you will need to learn this lullaby to sign for the child. He asks are you serious. She says you are going to become father. He gets glad and says I m so happy, I m going to become Papa. He hugs her. Kaka and Kaki come. Dhairya tells them and hugs. Santoshi prays that happiness comes home by the child.

Madhu and Ankur are in temple, and hungry. People give them prasad. Ankur says we are not beggars. Madhu says stop it Ankur and thanks lady. She says our state is not worse than beggars, have the laddoo, its tasty. Dhairya asks servant to fix baby posters everywhere in room. Bubbly comes and congratulates Santoshi. She asks Santoshi to have sweets. She feeds sweets to Santoshi and Dhairya. She says I would have stayed here with Santoshi to take care. Dhairya says no need, I decided to hire nurse to take care of Santoshi. Santoshi says that’s not needed. He says I will be here, just going office for work, someone should be here. She says Kaka and Kaki are also there, no need of nurse. He gets a call and asks Bubbly to come for meeting. He goes. Bubbly asks Santoshi to take care.

Ujwal tells Dhairya that Pratap can challenge you if he wants, I m lawyer and your brothers, don’t worry, I have a solution, I have Pratap’s signed stamp, you can use it and can write anything. Dhairya gets glad. Ujwal says I m your well wisher. Dhairya thinks to keep Ujwal here, he is of use. Dadi hugs Santoshi and says we waited for this since long. She talks to Santoshi and shows the laddoos she got for her. Santoshi gets glad and says we used to go to neighborhood to have laddoos. Dadi tells her to eat laddoos and have milk. Sharmili asks Santoshi not to work a lot.

Santoshi finds Sharmili sad. Kaki and Dadi talk. Santoshi asks Sharmili to share the matter. Sharmili tells about Guddu and Sweety. Kaki says how can he stay with someone else, by leaving wife. Santoshi says we can’t change this, you pray to Santoshi Maa. I always prayed and my problems got away, keep 16 week fasts, Maa will listen to you, Guddu will come back soon. Santoshi Maa smiles.

Devi Paulmi says she is making my devotee as Santoshi Maa’s devotee, she has to bear price for this. Sharmili says we are waiting for the child, think good things and take care. Santoshi asks Dadi to come soon and take care. She hugs Dadi. Sharmili and Dadi leave. Santoshi Maa says I hope Dhairya’s life changes after baby comes, he should become like before. Two nurses come and ask for Santoshi. Santoshi asks who are you. They say Dhairya has sent us to take care of Santoshi. Santoshi says thanks, but no need. They ask how can you say this. Santoshi says I m Santoshi, my husband is not agreeing that I m pregnant, not ill, I can take care of myself. They ask about fare as they came till here. Santoshi asks them to talk to Dhairya. They leave. Santoshi says Dhairya is worrying as if I really got ill.

Dadi tells Daksha and Madhuri that she knows their love. Sharmili says I m keeping 16 week fast, this is puja items list. Daksha says I will get all items. Dadi says they have become much good after coming home. Dhairya comes home and says Santoshi, why did you send two nurses back. Kaka and Kaki come. Kaki asks Dhairya why is he talking like this. Kaka says what wrong did Santoshi do, if we are here, then, we don’t need anyone, your mum raised three kids alone. Dhairya says times have changed, this is my baby, I will decide what to do, not you. They get shocked.

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  1. indera sanichara

    Come on Bhagwan show Dhairya the right path don’t let Devi Pualmi win again.

  2. Alister La Frenais

    How many Gods and Goddesses do the Indians believe in. The mind boggles? Anyhow, let me give my opinion on tonight’s episode. Firstly, that skinny woman called Santoshi should be given a dose of reality. She is only pregnant, yet all the fuss. I cannot imagine that India’s population of nearly 1.2 billion people came about with women that were pampered. The storylines are mediocre and is places just unbelievable.

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