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Santoshi Maa 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Seshnath talking to Daksha and Madhuri. He gets Dhairya’s call and goes out to talk. Madhuri stops Daksha. Dhairya says Santoshi is troubling a lot. I will give you any amount if you help me, come home and take advance of one lakh. Seshnath gets glad and says but what shall I do. Dhairya says you have to make Santoshi out of my house. Seshnath says I m coming tomorrow, think this work is done. Madhuri tells Daksha that Seshnath would have shared the amount if you shared princess’ money with him. Seshnath says there is no plan, I lost the job there, they need me and calling me. Daksha says I understand, don’t try to fool me, why did Dhairya call you, tell me. He says I swear on you, I m saying truth, he called me for job. Madhuri smiles. Daksha thinks they can’t call him

for job, there is something else.

Madhu gives a dress and jewelry to Santoshi. She asks Santoshi to wear it. She says Riya is smart girl, if you want to win husband’s heart, you have to be better than Riya. Santoshi checks the western dress and says I can’t do this, I can’t get my husband’s dress by becoming someone else. Madhu says man sees woman’s beauty first, heart comes next, Riya trapped Dhairya by her beauty, you have to do this to save your sindoor. Riya hears them. Madhu asks Santoshi to come with her. Riya gets angry and leaves.

Devi Paulmi dances on Sridevi’s song. Riya goes to her. She says Madhu is making Santoshi stand against me, you tell me how shall I leave Dhairya, will you help me. Devi Paulmi says sure, I can get friendly with Madhu, but send Santoshi out of this house, I don’t like people showing calm nature and winning world. Riya smiles.

Madhu asks Santoshi to wear the clothes she gave her. She tells Santoshi that husband’s love is imp, Dhairya’s love is your right, if he does not give right, then you have to snatch it. Devi Paulmi asks Madhu to say how to snatch husband. Madhu asks Santoshi to wear the dress, and not change without showing her. She asks Devi Paulmi not to interfere in her house matters, I respect guests till they stay in their limits. Devi Paulmi says don’t think I m insulting you, I can help you, I know you are head of family, you worry for them, they should also worry for you. Madhu says I don’t like Riya, she is not suitable for Dhairya.

Devi Paulmi says then get someone you like, think how will you make Riya leave, I know she won’t go easily, Dhairya loves her a lot, I will help you, you maybe thinking why will I help you, I don’t know anything here, I want to get friendly with you. Madhu shakes hands with her. Devi Paulmi says if I had my powers, I would have filled poison in Madhu’s heart. Madhu thinks now my way will get easy as I got Santoshi and Paulmi to support me.

Riya asks Pushpa to get juice for her. Pushpa asks Santoshi to make juice for Riya. Santoshi says what will happen wearing these clothes. She makes juice and gives to Riya. Riya thanks her. She says I know Madhu wants you to change your look, I really came to explain him, when I met Dhairya, I got to know how much he loves me, even I love him, I think you should leave from this house, no one will let me and Dhairya unite if you are here, love can’t be developed in someone’s heart by force. Santoshi goes. Vidya asks Santoshi to wear these clothes.

Santoshi recalls Riya’s words. Madhu says Santoshi is not agreeing to you. Vidya says I know Santoshi, she will agree to me, its not wrong to change yourself a bit to get your rights. Madhu asks Santoshi to wear any dress, I got many clothes. Vidya asks Santoshi to go and change. Santoshi goes.

Vidya tells Dhairya that its tough to get a nice girl like Santoshi these days. He says I love Riya, I don’t like Santoshi. Vidya says Santoshi is your wife. Santoshi comes wearing that dress. Madhu and Vidya smile seeing her. Dhairya looks at Santoshi. Vidya compliments Santoshi. Dhairya calls Santoshi a joker, and makes fun of her.

He insults Santoshi and says I just love Riya, end all hopes and clean my car, go. Santoshi cries and runs to her room. Dhairya asks Riya to get ready fast. She says I m tensed about Santoshi. He says I spoke to her uncle, he is coming to meet, we will plan something. Santoshi cleans the car. Dhairya and Riya wait. He asks her to come out and do all this maid works. Dhairya kisses Riya’s hand. Santoshi looks on and gets sad.

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