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Santoshi Maa 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi saying sindoor is sign of marriage. Daksha sends Santoshi to room. Sanketh gets shocked and his mum cries. Narad and Gaumata ask Santoshi Maa about Santoshi and Dhairya’s marriage. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi’s decision is right, she can’t do any work going against her values, for her sindoor is belief, not color. Gaumata says sorry, but by these values, Santoshi will face many problems. Santoshi Maa asks her to understand sindoor’s importance, it is symbol of women power of Devi Parvati and Devi Sati, Santoshi respected that, Devi Parvati helps everyone who respect sindoor, Devi Sati gave her life for her husband. Narad says true. Santoshi Maa says sindoor is very important, Santoshi understands that, sindoor has power that woman can fight with Yamraj too, lets

see how far Santoshi’s belief takes her.

Devi Paulmi comes and greets Devi Santoshi. She says this belief will take Santoshi towards darkness, Dhairya who has always hurt her and does not believe you, Santoshi became his life partner, what is this result, I m worried for Santoshi, what will happen now, its useless to expect a good future with a bad person, I can see you failure clearly, even if you don’t accept this. She goes. Narad tells Mata that Devi Paulmi said one thing true that Santoshi’s future will be tough. Santoshi Maa says time has its own leela, its not right to find its meaning, I trust Santoshi’s belief.

Santoshi recalls Sanketh’s words. She holds her sindoor and cries. Sanketh’s mum consoles her. Seshnath smiles. Santoshi cries holding Santoshi Maa’s pic and says I know none can change fate, but what about Sanketh’s fate, what is his mistake. She cries and says give me strength to accept my fate, bless me.

Sanketh comes there and sits. He asks Santoshi why did you do this. She asks what did I do, I can understand what you are going through, I was also bonding with you, I know your pain is not less than my pain. Madhuri and Daksha argue. Madhuri asks why is she taking Santoshi’s responsibility now. Daksha says I have thought of future, this is our benefit, Dhairya filled sindoor in Santoshi’s maang, he forgot that we became his relatives now, remember that day when Madhu slapped us, we will take revenge. Madhuri gets angry recalling that. Daksha says we will show what small people can do big work. They smile.

Santoshi tells Sanketh that this does not matter now, forget me. He gets shocked. She says because I have someone else’s sindoor in my maang. He says if I have no problem, why are you bringing sindoor in between, we will make new start. She says Dhairya filled sindoor in my maang, its truth, my values are big than relation, I can’t change this truth, I m sure Santoshi Maa will show me the way, forgive me, will you support me in my decision, we both are Santoshi Maa’s bhakt and can understand each other, without your support, I can’t manage myself. She cries.

Madhuri says if Santoshi agrees, then our plan will fail. Daksha says don’t worry, I will not let Santoshi change her decision. Sanketh comes out of the room. Everyone look on. His mum asks him Santoshi’s reply. He says we will leave, I m worried for Santoshi, not people, I don’t want to ruin her life by marrying her against her wish, Santoshi and I have decided not to marry. They all smile. Santoshi looks on and cries.

Dhairya comes home and recalls Santoshi. Madhu asks him from where is he coming. He says I want to be alone and holds door. He goes to his room and Madhu sees read handmarks on door. She checks it.

Narad sees butterflies around. Devi Paulmi comes there. He greets her. She says I think you came to become part of my happiness, I thought you know about my victory, you can give me best wishes, I will not tell Devi Santoshi. He says yes, but I understand victory and failure. She says its good, contentment brightens life and jealousy darkens life, see my lok, so much brightness, this shows I have won and Devi Santoshi lost. He says sorry, I just know happiness and sorrow do not stay for long time, Brahmadev knows fate, so to celebrate by predicting future is not right. He leaves. She says I don’t know future, but I know myself, Santoshi will regret on her decision, I will not let any moment of happiness come in her life.

Daksha brings Santoshi’s doli to Madhu’s house. Pratap asks whose doli is this. Madhuri says your bahu’s. Pratap and family get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Santoshi should have married sanketh

  2. Why do women need to endure long suffering circumstances in Indian serials to prove that good prevails or that God exists! God does give his faithfuls reasons to be happy everyday!

  3. Is how she just expect Sanketh to accept it. These women know how to trip man enno. The man reach to his wedding and his fiance “marry” another man in front of him, and she asking him for support. Yes sindoor is a sign of marriage, but doesn’t it also depend on who is putting that sindoor on your head? And without wedding rituals even. This show just make me wonder how women live free in India….somebody forcefully adorn sindoor on a woman and that means she is married!??!?!? Utter shit! Another show on Zee just lost me!!!!!

    1. Seriously i agree with you…


  5. Yup it’s not like this and it’s a 3-hour ritual to declare sum1 husband and wife in india. They r showing anythng they want and it’s hillarious!

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