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Santoshi Maa 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi presenting some fruits to Brahmadev. He asks her to keep it, he will have it later. She says I want you to have it now itself. He accepts it. A bee goes to find the book, and says it will have good and bad deeds written, their last time is decided by this book. Madhu waits for Kranti Maa and calls her. She says that man did not come till now. Devi Paulmi asks Brahmadev how did he like this fruit, I m thankful. Brahmadev says you are my grand daughter, I forgive you, but it was imp for you to bear punishment for your deeds, I can’t do Adharm. She says yes. Bee sees the book and thinks to ruin Santoshi, by eating that paper.

Madhu sees the man and tells Kranti Maa that he has come. The man says Kranti Maa has sent me. She shows Santoshi’s pic and says I don’t

want this girl in my life, think what you want to do. She pays money and goes. Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that Madhu is willing to kill Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says its not new, Madhu always does such planning and fails. Gaumata says I m worried.

Kaka gets vegetables from market. Madhu thinks why did Kaka go today, that killer would be waiting for Santoshi. Santoshi comes and asks Kaka why did he get vegs, I was going. She takes the bags and asks Kaka to meet Kaki. The killer calls Madhu and says Santoshi did not come, I just saw an old man, send her out, I can’t sit here all day, I have to end work and leave. She says I will do something. Santoshi works in kitchen. Madhu asks her to go and get coriander, I want to have chutney today. Santoshi says Kaka got it, he does not forget anything. Madhu says I wanted mint chutney. Santoshi says mint is not there. Madhu says go to market and get it, hurry up. Santoshi says fine, I will keep these vegs and go. Madhu thinks you are guest for some time now.

Kaki asks Pushpa why can’t she do her work. Santoshi asks what happened. Kaka tells about Pushpa not listening. Santoshi says I have solution, and sends Pusgpa to get mint for Madhu, she will do Kaki’s work. Kaka says its small work, you can’t do it. Santoshi asks what is the work, tell me. Kaki says my bathroom tap is not working, I will tell Pushpa. Santoshi says I will do and goes. Kaki says since Santoshi came as our bahu, we got a daughter.

Madhuri scolds Sharmili for keeping her unwashed clothes. Sharmili asks Guddu to do her work. Madhuri gets angry. Sharmili thinks I will get them work. She says how will my dad get jewelry then. Seshnath says let me think Madhuri, its easy work, Guddu will wash clothes, every husband should help his wife. Sharmili goes. Seshnath tells Madhuri that inspector will free their jewelry, and asks Guddu to wash the clothes. Bee turns the papers and checks for Santoshi’s name. He says Brahmadev’s food can get anytime, I have to find that page soon. Brahmadev tells Devi Paulmi that he recalled some work, I have to go to my workplace, I will come back and have this fruit. She thinks the bee would not finish work so soon, I have to stop him. She says you can’t go, I will think you did not forgive me, have these fruits right now, please. He smiles and eats the fruits.

Bee does not get the page and says but I have to do my work, as its Devi Paulmi’s work. Killer calls Madhu and asks why did she not send Santoshi, I can’t wait here. She says I don’t know, go from here, do work later. He says I won’t leave without doing my work, my name will get bad, I will come there and kill her. She thinks why did he not get Santoshi. She sees Santoshi at home, and Pushpa getting mint from market. Madhu gets angry on Santoshi.

Santoshi says I have sent Pushpa to get mint, and went to do Kaki’s work. Madhu goes. Kaka asks Santoshi not to get scared, you have to support Dhairya, else he will fall weak, go to him, he was looking worried in morning. She goes to Dhairya and asks about his work. He asks her to get photocopy of documents, I will go to bank. She asks him to have food first. He says I won’t die if I don’t have food. She stops him. Tose naina…..plays………… they have an eyelock. She says don’t say anything, I wish Lord takes my life before anything happens to you. He says this can’t happen, as you are my life now, I was a bad man, I have did wrong with you, I troubled you, but not now, I can promise I won’t let anything happen to you. She smiles.

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    1. aye , the woman take care of him when he was sick…only time he saw her for what she was….obviously guilt of his intial treatment of her will be with him…it is human nature. I doubt it’s “love” yet, but guilt makes people repent lolol

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