Santoshi Maa 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi praying to Santoshi Maa. She says I know you will end all the dark forces, bless me to save Dhairya and family. Kaka asks Santoshi to come to his room by excuse of giving tea, we need solid proof to show Dhairya. She asks how to get proof, Dhairya is still in Kamini and Trishna’s control. He says we will talk in room and goes.

Guddu and Sharmili say we will keep fasts for Santoshi Maa. Guddu swears to fulfill the fasts. They take elder’s blessing. Sharmili says everyone trusts you, complete fasts well. He nods. Santoshi takes tea for Kaka. He says I did not think of anything. Santoshi says we have to think of something, else Kamini and Trishna will ruin your house.

Dhairya says I have to leave for meeting, take care of your mom. Trishna says don’t

worry, you go. Kamini says I m fine. He asks Trishna to call her if she needs help. Trishna thanks him. He says I will tell Pushpa to make non spicy food for mom. He goes.

Santoshi finds a way and says why did I not think this before, we can get Dhairya out of Kamini’s powers by Divya thread. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi shows divya thread powers, if she gives that to Dhairya, it will be disaster, I have to keep Santoshi away, my devotee can do this easily. She sends some light in Kamini.

Kamini says Trishna, take Dhairya and go from here, don’t come back till Santoshi and Dhairya’s divorce does not happen, my Sadhna got incomplete because of Santoshi, I want her everything to get ruined. Santoshi says I have to tie divya thread to Dhairya. Trishna asks how to take Dhairya out with me. Kamini says you don’t have to tell him, you just think. Trishna says right, thanks to pendant. Santoshi says once we make Dhairya wear the thread, there will be no need for explanation. Kaka says how to make him wear the thread. Kamini says make Dhairya away from Santoshi, I will keep an eye on Kaka. Kaka says I will keep thread in Dhairya’s room. Santoshi says go when Dhairya and Trishna leave for office.

Sharmili and Guddu go Santoshi Maa’s aarti. Everyone do the aarti after them. Santoshi Maa smiles. Kaka says I should do my work. He coughs. Kamini sees Kaka. He goes to Dhairya’s room. Kamini thinks what is he doing here, he has hidden something. Kaka keeps thread under pillow and goes.

Kamini goes and checks. She sees the divya thread. She thinks to throw it. Devi Paulmi says don’t touch that thread…… She thinks to stop Kamini. She sends light to stop Kamini. She fails to stop Kamini. Devi Paulmi thinks my powers are not working in front of Divya powers. Kamini picks the thread and screams getting a shock. Kaka and Santoshi hear her and rush to see. Devi Paulmi says what did she do, she got powers and she ruined it in a moment.

Gaumata says Kamini made herself powerless by her foolishness. Daksha tells Guddu what they used to do when Seshnath became Lord. She says if we bury Seshnath at night and make a grave, our house will become temple again. Seshnath hears this and hides. Guddu says leave it, have contentment. Seshnath thinks what happened to Guddu today. Daksha asks Guddu to think of money. Seshnath thinks not to take them light. He asks them what are they saying. He beats them with a broomstick for making such bad plan.

Kaka and Santoshi find Kamini unconscious. Santoshi asks what happened to her. He says don’t know. She sees the divya thread fallen near her. She says I think this happened because of her divya thread. He says I also feel this divya thread broke her evil powers. Santoshi says then we should tie this to her hand as well. She ties the thread to Kamini’s hand. Dhairya comes there and sees Kamini. He asks what happened. Kaka says don’t know, I heard her scream and saw her fallen here, I m scared, did she get heart attack. Santoshi asks again?

Kaka says we should call doctor. Trishna comes and gets shocked. She thinks what happened to her, she got real attack. She asks Kamini to open eyes. She sprinkles water on Kamini. Dhairya calls doctor. He says I will get Kamini to hospital. He asks maid to get Kamini. They go. Kaka says divya thread showed its magic, we should tie this to Dhairya’s neck, so that you can get your rights again. Santoshi thanks Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Devi Paulmi thinks to do something.

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