Santoshi Maa 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi praying to Mata as this is her test of truth and her devotion. She starts picking the pearls and says Santoshi Maa’s name. Santoshi Mata blesses her. Gaumata asks Mata what will happen now, did Santoshi did mistake to take this task. Mata says Santoshi’s devotion is strong and people will believe her some day. Devi Paulmi smiles. Pushpa says Santoshi will be out of home by taking Santoshi Maa’s name. Devi Paulmi says this sight is giving me happiness. Santoshi sees a pearl far. Madhu smiles and thinks how till Santoshi pick this last pearl from under the table. Santoshi goes to get the pearl while chanting Mata’s name.

She takes the pearl by her foot, while balancing the plate and bowl. Devi Paulmi sends some light and this shakes up the plate and bowl.

Santoshi puts the last pearl also, and balances the bowl. Everyone look on. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa for help. The last pearl does not go inside bowl. Dhairya thinks Santoshi is gone now. Devi Paulmi says now prepare to get 50 beatings. She throws some bad lights again. Santoshi Mata sends a lotus. Everyone laugh seeing Santoshi. Kaka worries. The lotus protects the bowl from the bad light. The pearl gets inside bowl and it gets balanced. Kaka says Santoshi you have showed your devotion strength once again, thanks Mata for saving her. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa how did she help Santoshi today. Santoshi Mata says its my duty to help devotee when I m called to help, Santoshi took my name before picking all pearls. Gaumata says true words and greets. Devi Paulmi fumes and says I won’t be calm.

Santoshi gets up and comes to Dhairya. She gives the plate and bowl of pearls to Dhairya. Kaka asks Dhairya what did you get doing this. Madhu asks Dhairya to leave this. Santoshi asks now do you believe Santoshi Maa, I had to prove this, this is my truth, devotion and blessings of Mata. Madhu scolds her. She says you met Kranti Maa that day, that’s why this happened. Dhairya, Nupur also agree. Madhu asks Santoshi to understand this, and says this is Dhairya’s victory. Kaka asks Santoshi not to care for this.

Pushpa attends call and asks Santoshi to talk to her uncle. She says your family sends you to work and keep calling. Seshnath cries and tells Santoshi that I got ruined. Santoshi asks why are you crying. Seshnath says I lost my job. She asks how. He says my boss did not show any pity, I send Guddu to get 2-3 days leave and I got fired, how will I run home now. He asks her to get a job for him there. She says fine, I will talk. He laughs silently and says take time, but tell me soon. She says Santoshi Maa will make things fine and ends call. She thinks whom to say.

Nupur likes the green tea. Even Madhu likes it. Nupur asks about more contacts which Pratap was giving her. Madhu says yes, but…Ujwal spoiled Pratap’s mood by asking about share. Nupur says leave Ujwal, you know him. Dhairya comes and asks for Madhu’s credit cards. Madhu says its in my purse, take it. Dhairya takes two cards. Nupur asks what do you need to buy. Dhairya says I have to do shopping for Riya, her taste is expensive. Madhu says great, you should keep friends happy, you have full permission to do limitless shopping. Dhairya thanks her and goes. Nupur says don’t you think you gave much freedom to Dhairya. Madhu says its his age, whats wrong in this.

Its morning, Madhu gets message of shopping done worth 25000rs. Riya likes a dress and says its worth 25000rs. Dhairya says you are my Gf, its fine, we will buy. She says no, Madhu will think I m using your money. He says no, you don’t know Madhu, she can spend even 25 lakhs for me. Dhairya pays money by card. Madhu gets another message of 40000rs spent. Pratap looks on. Dhairya does more shopping. Madhu gets annoyed seeing another message of 50000rs spent and switches phone off. Pratap laughs and says why to get angry now, Dhairya is spending lot. She says I m not worried that Dhairya is spending, I m worried that he is spending on Riya, I know her, she is using Dhairya. He says come on, is Dhairya any kid. She asks why do you think Dhairya is wrong. He says fine your son is right, that girl is wrong. He asks her to leave Dhairya free. She says no one is important for Dhairya more than me. He says fine, relax. She thinks Riya is clever, I can see it, which Pratap and Dhairya can’t, I have to find some solution.

Dhairya asks Santoshi why did she drench his clothes. She refuses. He says shut up and pushes her. She holds the flowers. Devi Paulmi makes Santoshi fall down. Santoshi gets treated in hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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