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Santoshi Maa 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi seeing the goon and running from there. Janardhan asks for Dadi. Daksha scolds him. Madhvi says she has counted money and had fun. She thinks where did Dadi go, its good if she does not come. Daksha says Dadi will not go from our life soon. Dadi comes home and sees the gate locked. She coughs. Madhvi and Daksha see her outside the gate. Dadi sits there. Daksha thinks what to do. Madhvi says she will die in cold. Janardhan comes and says Amma is there in cold, I will get her. Daksha asks him to be quiet and go to room.

Santoshi sees an old woman shivering in cold. She asks what happened. The old woman says family has made her leave home, she has nothing to cover. Santoshi says fine, take this blanket. She goes and feels cold. The old woman goes and is actually

Devi Paulmi. She thinks Santoshi will die while helping others and having contentment. Devi Kandhin says Maa this is injustice, Devi Paulmi has taken Santoshi’s blanket in such cold, you can’t help being bind by Brahmadev’s orders, who will help her. Narad also thinks the same. He thinks to do something himself.

Santoshi Mata says Santoshi’s good deeds will help her, those who do good with others, bad does not happen with her, Santoshi has many helpers. Narad goes to Devi Paulmi. She is glad and asks Narad to see Santoshi. Narad says what will happen if you take blanket, anyone will help. Paulmi says no, this night will be more troublesome. He asks what will you do. She says I will make this cold turn into a storm. She sends storm and smiles.

Santoshi sleeps and feels cold. Paulmi says Santoshi will die, what will Mata do now, as Santoshi is not calling her, what is this devotion. Santoshi does not get up. Paulmi sends many leaves on her. Narad thinks leaves have become blanket for Santoshi. Paulmi says this can’t happen, I will go there and see that Santoshi. Narad asks how much will you try to win over this girl, you have just come from earth, you can get insulted in Devlok, you have to make girl end devotion in Santoshi Mata, not to kill her. Paulmi says you are saying true. I have to take any other way to end devotion from this girl’s heart. Kandhin says Mata was right, Paulmi’s anger did good for Santoshi. Mata says person’s life is complete, when person balances Karma and Dharma. Its morning, Dadi is sleeping outside the gate. A man wakes her up and asks did she not get Santoshi. Dadi says no. The man says give me 1000rs, I will find her. She asks is he saying true. He says yes, I will find her. Dadi goes inside home and goes to take money from the pillow. She gets shocked seeing the money gone.

She calls everyone. Seshnath asks why is she shouting. Dadi asks them to give money and scolds all of them for the cheat. Daksha says we did not take your money. Dadi says I know Janardhan can’t do this work, you three have done this. Neighbors come. Dadi tells them that Seshnath have left Santoshi away and took compensation given by govt. The neighbors scold Seshnath. Seshnath tells Dadi that he left Santoshi at pool and she was not there. Dadi asks why is he lying now. Seshnath says I mean.. Dadi is lying.

The neighbors ask where is Santoshi, did they kill Santoshi, they are greedy. Seshnath says what can we do. The neighbors say they will call police, they would have killed Santoshi. Dadi cries and asks Seshnath what did he do. She asks them to call police. Seshnath says fine, call police, I m her uncle, will I kill her. Neighbor lady says if Santoshi did not come in 1 hour, then burn their house.

A man sees Santoshi beneath the leaves and recognizes her. She wakes up and says Kaka I forgot the way to home. He says don’t worry, I will take you home. The neighbors scold Seshnath and get angry to call police. Santoshi comes there with Kaka. Dadi smiles seeing her. Dadi hugs her and asks where was she. Seshnath does not let Santoshi talk and starts acting. He asks where did she go. He asks Madhvi to feed food to Santoshi. He tells neighbors that he did not leave Santoshi and signs Madhvi. Madhvi and Daksha start acting. The lady says we all everything, give the compensation to us and we will raise the girl. Daksha says Santoshi is not orphan. Janardhan says Santoshi is our responsibility. The man scolds them and says if Santoshi is troubled, we will not leave you. Dadi thanks Kaka. They all leave.

Dadi hugs Santoshi and says I tried finding you all night. Santoshi asks her not to cry. Daksha says Dadi made us greedy infront of neighbors. Santoshi says you all love me. Daksha says yes, I make you work to teach you. Santoshi says I will do what you say. Daksha gives her long list and asks her to get this from ration shop. Santoshi looks at the long list. Daksha smiles wickedly.

Santoshi is grown up. She buys much ration. Daksha waits for Santoshi. Janardhan says you have sent her out to get ration. Santoshi walks with the monthly ration and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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