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Santoshi Maa 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying you won Santoshi, those who truly love wins. He hugs her. Santoshi feels she did big mistake. Narad tells Brahmadev that he could not find Devraj Indra anywhere. Brahmadev says tell me where was he seen the last time. Swarnrekha says he wanted to marry me and came to meet me, but after that I did not see him, I m also worried. Brahmadev asks her to help them in finding him and say in detail. She says he came to meet me, but he had some imp work, he left and then I did not meet him. He says calm down, who can kidnap him, who is such powerful. Devi Saraswati says when Devi Santoshi informed us, we tried to find him, but failed, so we came here. Brahmadev says even I tried, but I could not find him, Devi Santoshi you have power to see invisible, you give some solution.

Swarnrekha worries.

Santoshi cries and tells Kaka that she lost by winning, I wanted Dhairya to accept me as I m. Kaka says yes, we cheated Sinduri and made her say secret, you tell Dhairya the truth when you get chance. Someone looks at them and records everything. Sinduri shows the recording to them. Santoshi and Kaka get shocked. Sinduri says I will expose your lie, I have captured your truth in this, I will show this truth to Dhairya, then he will know who is real Santoshi, my love will not lose, I will get my hero. She goes. Santoshi cries. Kaka asks her not to worry, I will think something. Santoshi says we should talk to Sinduri. Sinduri runs out and asks guard did Dhairya come back. Guard says not yet. Sinduri says Santoshi can snatch this phone from me, and thinks to go to Dhairya and say truth. She leaves from the house.

Santoshi and Kaka come out. Santoshi asks for Sinduri. Guard says she went out. Santoshi tells Kaka that Sinduri went out, Dadi said right, one lie makes us like many times, I did not think right and wrong to get Dhairya, this one lie will snatch my relation with Dhairya. He says no, Shri Krishna took deceive support to save Dharm in Mahabharat. He says most imp is intention. She says yes, intention is right, but way is wrong.

Guddi tells Sharmili that he wants to get entire building for her. He says what Sweety said. She dances and laughs. He says we have to think how to make everyone sell their share. He makes the family tree. She smiles. Golmaal hai………….plays…………. He says now we have to think of Santoshi now, she is big problem for us, we have to do something.

Dhairya comes home shouting Santoshi. Santoshi says Kaka, I can’t face Dhairya like this. Dhairya looks at her. She thinks will Dhairya reject me. He asks can’t you hear me. Kaka asks whats the matter, why are you angry. Dhairya holds Santoshi’s hand and says I need to talk to you, come with me. Kaka asks again. He shows movie tickets, do you have to know everything, I made plan to go for movie, I can’t do anything without telling Papa, I came here to pick Santoshi, I already got late. I acted to get angry as I was feeling awkward to tell about movie. Kaka smiles and says let her get ready. Dhairya says yes, get ready soon.

Ankush has Sinduri with him and asks driver to take him to place soon, if she gets conscious, then it will be problem, chloroform effect will end soon. He recalls how he caught Sinduri when she was calling out Dhairya. He thinks I kidnapped Sinduri, I wish she tells me about my mother’s murderer, all my work stopped in this matter.

Devi Saraswati tells Santoshi Maa that they all will help her in Dhyaan. Swarnrekha says if my cheat is caught, I will get big punishment, what should I do. All the devis sit and pray, while giving powers to Santoshi Maa. Narad looks on and gets water in kalash. Swarnrekha says give this to me, I will keep it. he says no, sorry, I m Brahmadev’s son, this water will be effective if I put this by my hands. A parrot in a cage is seen. Swarnrekha gets worried. Gaumata calls out Santoshi Maa, and Santoshi Maa’s Dhyaan breaks. Gaumata says Santoshi’s belief won and she got her husband’s love. Santoshi Maa could not see Swarnrekha’s face.

She says you have created hurdle in my imp work Gaumata. Swarnrekha smiles and thinks I got saved today, but I should be careful. Devi Parvati says you should have not done this Gaumata, Devi Santoshi was finding Indra. Narad says forgive Gaumata, she did not know this. Gaumata apologizes. Santoshi Maa says I know you did not plan to do this, but why were you so worried. Gaumata says I came to tell you that Santoshi passed in her test. Santoshi Maa says I know, I m worried for Indradev right now.

Dhairya and Santoshi walk in rain, and have an eyelock. Dekho na…………….plays…………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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