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The Episode starts with Pratap thinking of Madhu. Madhu comes to him. He asks where did you go, I did not sleep all night, see my state, forgive me, we will make a new start. She says you brought Ankur in this world, your dark shadow of past got in my present, how will you be saved by the dark shadow. Pratap cries. Ankur comes there. Kaka asks whats all this. Madhu says I m trying to rectify Pratap’s mistake, we have to pay for his sins. Pratap drinks more and goes.

Santoshi says don’t know how did Madhu accept Ankur. Dhairya asks her not to worry, we don’t have to get into other’s matters, I did not see my business since many days, let them do what they want. Madhu asks Kaka to go, Ankur is tired and wants to rest, I will talk later.

Seshnath, Madhuri and Daksha arrange

snacks for Sweety. Tinu asks Dadi is there any festival today. Dadi thinks what to tell you, every profitable day is festival for these greedy people. She says leave it, sit with me. Daksha asks Janardhan to come fast. They laugh on Janardhan. Daksha asks him to wear good clothes. Sharmili asks Guddu to leave Sweety’s job. Madhuri scolds her and asks her not to do anything infront of Sweety. Seshnath asks Sharmili to leave. Sharmili gets upset and goes.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that she is happy seeing the glowing flowers. Santoshi Maa says even my heart is happy. Narad comes and greets them. He tells about some evil powers behind the drama in Santoshi’s house. Gaumata asks do you mean evil power’s affect the world. Narad says I guess so, why don’t we discuss on this. Santoshi Maa agrees.

Madhu prays to Kranti Maa and thanks for showing right way. FB shows Kranti Maa tells Madhu that Ankur can take the property, forget past and see profit, win Ankur by motherly love and rule. FB ends.

Kaki sees tv. Ankur takes the remote and plays songs to disturb Pratap talking on phone. Ankur taunts Pratap and increase volume. Kaki asks Pratap to go to room and talk. Pratap goes. She asks Ankur not to do this. Ankur says Dadi, don’t get angry seeing me, now its proved I m your grandson, get habitual to see me everyday. Kaki says if Madhu accepted you, it does not mean you dance on our heads, lower the volume and see tv. He says this tv is of my mum, I can see tv. Dhairya comes and takes remote from Ankur. He switches off the tv. Ankur calls him Chacha ji. Dhairya asks did you not understand what I said. Ankur calls Santoshi as Chachi ji and greets her saying she is great to bear such husband who can put wife’s respect at stake.

Dhairya raises hand and Santoshi stops him. Ankur provokes Dhairya. Santoshi says supporting husband does not lower respect, i m here because of Dhairya. Ankur says I know, he freed you of police station, but truth is you got defamed. Dhairya asks him to stop nonsense. Ankur says truth can’t be change, stain on woman’s character can’t be erased soon, after all Santoshi is a pr*stitute for the world. Dhairya slaps him and asks him to shut up. Ankur raises hand and asks did you get scared, go I have left you, you like to slap, I will give you answer for every slap.

Dhairya says do anything, don’t take Santoshi’s name. Madhu says don’t forget Ankur is my son. Kaki asks Madhu to explain Ankur, Madhu says I got him here to save our family respect. Pratap looks on. Madhu says Pratap would have gone to jail, Pratap has killed Ankur’s mum to get saved from truth. Everyone get shocked. Kaki says no, my son can do mistake, but not kill anyone. Madhu says Ankur has proof, but he did not go to police to get family’s love. Dhairya says he is liar, he has come to get money. Ujwal says don’t beat him, I agree with Madhu, Pratap has killed his mum. Dhairya says I don’t agree. Ujwal says Pratap will get hanged if Ankur goes to police, our family name will be ruined.

Sweety gives a necklace to Sharmili. Everyone get gifts. Guddu smiles. Sweety says I told you Guddu, everyone is greedy here, they are ready to do anything for money, look at your wife, she forgot you, I just can’t believe this, I like you by heart and will never forget it. Guddu smiles.

Dhairya says I will not leave Ankur and throws vase angrily. Santoshi looks on and picks the pieces. He asks when did you come, what are you doing. She says I m picking shattered things, else it spreads more. She asks does anger solve anything. She takes him along.

Guddu comes home. Sharmili asks where were you. He asks why are you acting as spy, I went for work, go and get food. She says I know you did not go for work. He says I went to mall with Sweety. She gets angry. He shows the gift for her. She sees the beautiful saree and says I will look heroine wearing this. She thanks Guddu for the saree. Guddu recalls Sweety’s words and thinks Sweety madam was right.

Pratap talk to manager about imp work. Madhu says I need to talk to you. Pratap says we will talk later. She breaks a water glass angrily. Ankur smiles. Manager says Sir, we will do paper work tomorrow. Pratap says fine, you can go.

Santoshi shows the flowers and butterflies to Dhairya. He says I m worried as Ankur has come. She says leave it, these butterflies are special, when we have any problem, I come in this lawn and my heart gets peaceful here. Dhairya smiles. She asks him to spend time here and get peace in heart, don’t stop living life thinking of Ankur. He thanks her and says my perception towards life changed, I love you. They hug. She says life is to change small moments into happiness. He says no, this is called Santoshi.

Pratap asks Madhu what is all this, you insulted me infront of manager. She asks since when did you care for respect. She gives him property papers and says this is not divorce paper, sign on it. He thinks if I sign on this, all this business will be Madhu’s, then maybe she will threaten us. He refuses to sign. She says you have to sign. He shouts no way and throws file.

She says I will tell Ankur and send you to jail, I will give statement against you in court, sign on it. He signs on papers. She says now this room has no place for you, pack your bag. Santoshi Maa says Pratap has got helpless in his own house. Santoshi asks Madhu to think well of her relation. Kaki says I don’t know what is Madhu doing, they both can talk. Madhu says I can’t stay with Pratap in same room. Santoshi asks Kaki not to say anything, its tough to explain Madhu. Kaki asks her to keep Pratap’s bags in guest room. Ankur smiles and thinks Pratap has become helpless, I wanted to see this. Pratap thinks I felt Madhu will put me in servant quarters, thank God. Santoshi thinks to do something to unite Madhu and Pratap.

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