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Santoshi Maa 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi laughing and saying Dhairya will behave like this, and will go in direction which I want. Madhu and Ankur walk on the road. Ankur thinks to see Dhairya. Dhairya says this is my house and asks Ujwal to pay expenses too. Ujwal says I did not make you leave, I did not plan against you, you know my income is not high. Dhairya asks him to work hard and pay. Kaka looks on and shouts Dhairya. He says I gave my property for your business, not that you trouble everyone, you forgot how to talk to elders. Dhairya says mind your work, don’t tell me, if Ujwal earns more, it will be good for him.

Santoshi asks Dhairya how is he talking to Kaka. Kaka says his revenge motives changed his mind and thinking, its useless to talk. Ujwal thinks to show his talent and manage

this situation. He says Dhairya’s heart has anger, so he is doing this. He says the one who troubled us is not here, now its their turn to bear it. Dhairya smiles. Santoshi thinks how did Dhairya change to smile by fake praise, I can see things shattering.

Madhu and Ankur come to Kranti Maa ashram. Madhu says I don’t have anything left even if I pray to Kranti Maa always. The man who gave money takes the cash back. Madhu tells what happened with them. She asks Pandey ji to take them to Kranti Maa, we will stay here, as we gave money to build this ashram. The man runs. Pandey thinks if Madhu has nothing, Kranti Maa will not need them. He says big yagya is going on, there is no room vacant, I will call you later. She says where will we go. Ankur says I don’t think he wants to keep us here. Pandey says Kranti Maa will be happy knowing I made the beggars leave.

Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa and says how did he get so much pride in his mind, don’t know where are they. Madhu tells Ankur that its their mistake to get greedy. Santoshi says I don’t want to see anyone hurt, I know Madhu did wrong, but she is part of the family.

Narad says you are seeing your devotee, she is praying for her enemies. Gaumata says she is upset for them. Santoshi Maa says this shows her true heart, I will help her today. Madhu gets tired and sits on the road. Ankur says I will find a place and come. Dhairya asks Santoshi why is she doing puja at night. Santoshi says its bad to hurt anyone and snatch the house. He asks her to stop nonsense. She prays that Madhu and Ankur get a place. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Ankur and Madhu get in the dust storm. They see the temple.

Its morning, Dhairya tells Pushpa to leave, as she is loyal to Madhu. Pushpa begs him not to fire her. He asks her to get lost. Santoshi asks him what is he doing, why to punish her, she will work for you. Dhairya says fine, if she does mistake, I will fire her. Santoshi worries seeing his behavior and prays that he changes for the good. Narad says this is sign of destruction. Gaumata says do something. Santoshi Maa says I will show right path to Dhairya, but its on him how much he accepts the wrong path.

Devi Paulmi says you show the paths, but the man who walks on greed, hatred and jealousy becomes my devotee. Madhu wakes up by temple rings. She says I had to stay in Santoshi Maa temple because of Dhairya, I did not like to hear her name, I will not stay here. She looks for Ankur.

Ankur comes and gives temple bhandara food to Madhu. He says its cheap. The man says you can’t insult this. Ankur asks Madhu not to say much, else he will make us leave. The man says you don’t insult Maa’s food, I will give food to someone else. Madhu thinks she will get hungry and says I will have this. She says its our bad days and gets angry. She asks Ankur to call Pandey. Ankur says I called and he spoke rudely to me. She says what. She says if we did not make Pratap our enemy, he would have solved this. She tells pandit that she is Santoshi’s relative. He asks her to stay here. Madhu says I will kill Santoshi. Ankur asks her to relax.

Santoshi says don’t know what happened to Dhairya. Kaki says I don’t like Pushpa, but you did right, don’t worry for Madhu and Ankur, its their bad deeds. Santoshi says if everything thinks of revenge, bad revenge feeling will not end. Kaka says yes, nothing is got by revenge. Santoshi feels dizzy and says I will get fine, I m worried for Dhairya. She goes. Kaka says Dhairya is changing and may ask us to leave too. Kaki says no, let him do anything. Pushpa calls them and says Santoshi fainted. Kaka checks and says her pulse is low. They get worried.

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