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Santoshi Maa 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with guests scolding Dhairya. Seshnath says he is boss, Santoshi works at his house. Dhairya asks them to say anything, now I will say. Sanketh asks what are you doing here, it was your marriage today. Dhairya holds Santoshi’s hand. They all get shocked. Santoshi Maa, Devi Paulmi, Narad and Gaumata look on. Dhairya says I have come for marriage. Sanketh asks Dhairya to leave Santoshi’s hand, else I will forget you are Pratap Sir’s brother. Dhairya says Santoshi is my love. They all get shocked. Madhuri asks Guddu to record this. Sanketh and Santoshi ask Dhairya what is he saying.

Dhairya says Santoshi has affair with me. He says its wrong, she loves me and is marrying Sanketh. Seshnath thinks Dhairya is acting great. Santoshi asks Dhairya not to say anything about her

character. Sanketh moves Dhairya away. Narad says this is not right. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi is pure like Ganga, even Sanketh accepted this, Sanketh is sure of her, trust does not break easily. Sanketh says none believes Dhairya, leave from here.

Dhairya says I knew it, you will try to become hero, so I got the proof. He recalls Seshnath showing that photo. He shows Santoshi and his pic. Everyone get shocked. He says Santoshi may find this photo wrong. Santoshi says even you know this photo is not true. She tells the same to Sanketh. Dhairya says you mean, this is not true, but I have proof, you believe in photo. She recalls that girl showing pics and thinks was that true which I saw in temple.

Dhairya says Santoshi loves me, this is injustice. Seshnath says I had doubt on Santoshi earlier, she has affair with Dhairya, she has no shame. Devi Paulmi smiles. The guests say bad about Santoshi. Sanketh says I trust Santoshi, if anyone says anything, I don’t care, I trust Santoshi more than myself. What does Dhairya think, he can break my relation with Santoshi by saying this, he is mistaken.

He brings sindoor and shows Dhairya, saying you can’t understand its power, when its in someone’s maang, its symbolizes relation, love and trust, which you can never understand, Santoshi is my to be wife and I trust her, this trust won’t break. Santoshi Maa smiles. Sanketh says I will still marry Santoshi whatever you say, I gave her promise, there will be my name sindoor in her maang, you can’t do anything.

Dhairya smiles and asks really. He takes sindoor and fills Santoshi’s maang. Santoshi, Sanketh and everyone get shocked. Guests start talking. Dhairya says see I have touched sindoor and filled Santoshi’s maang, what will you do now Sanketh…. Santoshi sees the sindoor and cries.

Madhu tries calling Dhairya. Pratap says you are missing Dhairya, don’t worry, he will be fine, whatever happened here, maybe he wants to be alone, stop thinking about all this. She says I know you are annoyed with him. He says anyone will get angry by all this. She says Santoshi did all this, Dhairya is ours, if we stay annoyed, he will feel bad, talk to him once. He agrees and asks her to take rest. She says I can’t rest till Dhairya comes. He laughs and says come soon. He goes. She tries calling Dhairya and worries.

Dhairya puts water in the havan kund and blows off the fire. Sanketh fumes and holds his collar. Dhairya says beat me if you want. Sanketh says how dare you do this. Dhairya says how did Santoshi dare to break my marriage. Sanketh says I will not leave you, and they fight. Dhairya asks him to shout, see your marriage got ruined. Her maang has my name sindoor. Sanketh says stop this nonsense. Dhairya says this is truth, see her. They fight. Everyone stop them.

Dhairya says I m not scared of anyone. Janardhan asks them to stop it. Sanketh says I won’t leave you. Santoshi stands shocked. Dhairya smiles and leaves. Guddu signs Madhuri that he took video. Sanketh tells Santoshi that I m with you, filling maang like this is not marriage. His mum says yes, marriage happens by puja and rituals, Sanketh and Santoshi’s marriage will happen now, come.

Sanketh asks Santoshi to come. Santoshi says my maang is filled. They all get shocked. Daksha says she is saying right, maybe that devil is in her fate. Santoshi cries. Daksha says see that guy filled her maang infront of the society, we can’t deny this, am I right pandit ji. Pandit ji agrees. Sanketh says this is not marriage, that too with Dhairya, who does not know meaning of marriage, it was his madness. His mum says Sanketh is right.

Daksha says we have to believe old things. Sanketh’s mum says Dhairya did not take Santoshi’s consent before filling her maang, why are you taking his side, don’t put this in Santoshi’s mind. Daksha says we will agree to what Santoshi says. Sanketh says filling maang is not marriage, I will clean this color. Santoshi stops Sanketh. She says this is not color, this is sign of marriage. Sanketh and his mum get shocked.

Sanketh gets upset after talking to Santoshi. Daksha says Madhu slapped me, now I will send Santoshi there. Madhu asks Dhairya where did he go at night, and sees sindoor hand marks on the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dhairya with santoshi……!!!!!!


  3. So acc to this all the actress and theatre artist who fill sindoor r married….why r they mking a joke of marriage…Just filling sindoor is never marriage! And why did Santoshi agree….what nonsense!

  4. i think sanket is rich and is pratap son. the writer’s are getting people vex.

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