Santoshi Maa 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi checking Dhairya’s phone. She calls the man and says Dhairya changed his decision to sell his car. The man says Dhairya did not call me. She says maybe, he was in hurry and asked me to tell you. Dhairya takes phone and asks the man to buy his car. He asks Santoshi why is he doing this, I have no option. She asks him to take one day time from doctor. He says no, doctor spoke such way, I don’t think he will listen to me, I won’t get myself insulted, I love my car but…. I have to sell it tomorrow. He goes.

Pushpa gives tea to Madhu and Pratap. Ujwal asks where is my tea. Madhu and Pratap smile. Madhu says Pushpa will not make tea for all of you. Kaki says it does not mean no one will have tea. She calls other servants. Madhu says I fired all servants. They

get shocked. Madhu says we can’t bear expenses of more servants. Kaki says Pushpa is for everyone, make tea Pushpa. Madhu says she will just serve us. Ujwal says fine, I will have tea outside. Madhu asks him to divide the house if they all want their share of happiness. Kaka scolds Madhu, and says till Vidya and I are alive, this house won’t get divided, anyone can leave. Pratap says Madhu, no use to argue, come. They leave.

Ujwal says I m seeing everyone’s true colors on time. He calls Nupur and tells her that house is going to break soon. Kaki cries and says don’t know, whose bad sight caught our house. Madhu tells Pratap that we should have cleared things. Pratap says don’t forget its Papa’s house, he can kick us out, act smart next time. Dhairya looks for car keys. Santoshi says your work can be done without keys too. He says no, how will I sell car now, and get money. She gives her bangles. She says Dadi gave this to me in my marriage, I don’t wear this, its better to use this. He says I can’t hurt my self respect. She asks is your respect not mine, I m your wife, its my duty to support you, selling bangle is better than selling car, Shani’s effect is there. He says I don’t want to take anyone’s help, I will sell car, did you hide car keys. She says no. He asks her to give keys, and swear on Santoshi Maa. She says yes, I have hidden it, I will give it. He gets a call and says I m coming. He asks her to get keys fast, else I will annoy your Shani Dev more. He goes.

Santoshi gives keys to him. Dhairya sells his car and takes money from the man. He asks Dhairya to make papers ready. Dhairya holds his car. The man drives the car and leaves. Shani Dev opens eyes and says bad human, my effect did not end, you did not think, you annoyed me and have put your life in problems, now your prosperity can never happen.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa about Dhairya. Santoshi Maa says during Shani Dev’s effect, human should stop himself from doing restricted work, I think Santoshi’s struggle did not end, when a woman becomes someone’s wife, her life gets connected with her husband’s, so she has to share husband’s sorrow and happiness. Dhairya says I will clear doctor’s bill and then keep my birthday party with this money, I m tired and should rest. Santoshi gives him juice. She says I know you want to live your life with this money, but you should use money wisely, as you have to take care of your expenses. Kaka says Santoshi is right. She says we will pay doctor’s bill with this money, and we don’t know when will we need this money, we should keep this for emergency. Kaka says Dhairya can start his work and money can flow in home. Dhairya likes the idea.

Kaka says I m seeing a passion in you, keep it, you will go ahead. Dhairya says this money is for family, Mabhi will not manage our expenses. Madhu comes and says its good you used your mind, we will not bear your expenses, I was thinking what all I did till now, it all got waste. Kaka asks what are you saying. Madhu says I m saying right, Dhairya, these are your credit card bills, which I paid, clear this first and then think other things.

Dhairya checks the bills. Kaka asks Dhairya not to worry, pay the loan, then we will think what to do. Gaumata says Santoshi was bringing her husband to right way. Santoshi Maa says I think Shani Dev is angry on Dhaurya, and its his effect, Santoshi can’t do anything.

Seshnath and Janardhan have a talk over tea. Sharmili comes and asks Seshnath for 100rs to buy lipstick. He asks her to take lipstick from Madhuri’s cupboard. She says I won’t use old things. Seshnath says I don’t have money, ask your dad. Janardhan says I m going for work, I will get late. Seshnath asks him to get shaving blade for him. Janardhan asks for money. Seshnath says get it, I will give later. Janardhan says Seshnath has no money. Sharmili thinks if I get jewelry, it will be good. She asks Seshnath about which jewelry was he saying. Seshnath tells about jewelry kept at jeweler’s shop. She smiles.

Madhu tells Kranti Maa that Kaki and Dhairya got fine, everyone got after me. Kranti Maa says I have solution, come and meet me, get 1 lakh along, I want you to meet someone. Madhu thinks just Kranti Maa can make her rid of Santoshi now.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh just love to hate madhu.

  2. Hi summer where r u. ??

    1. HI Renu,
      Brilliant episode yesterday. I find it shocking how Madhu can have the audacity to sack of servants but hers and demand to be waited it. Yet she disrespects her M&FIL in their presence. Personally, with that kind of behaviour, you’re out of the house. As for Pratap, shame on him for treating his parents so mean and disrepectful.
      so nice to see Dhariya and Santoshi love grow, very tender moments, very heartwarming. Santoshi deserves kindness and happiness in her life.
      Seshnath DIL is so funny, she is giving their own treatment back of being cunning.
      Thoroughly enjoyed the episdoe, looking forward to tonights viewing. 🙂

  3. Finally santoshi and dhairya’s love story starts

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