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Santoshi Maa 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sindoor running on the road. Santoshi Maa and three Devis see her. Santoshi Maa says that’s why I called you, I was afraid for this, Santoshi’s fate has many problems, but she learn to live with patience and control, she will make that woman fine too. Narad says true words. Dhairya tells Maa that you managed everything. Kaki says yes, Madhu can do anything, we should be careful. Santoshi gives them tea. Kaki asks her to sit and spend time with us. She asks Dhairya about the work. Dhairya says I will get reply about my work proposal, I need money for that. Kaki says don’t worry, I will talk to Pratap. Pratap says don’t dream Maa, does Dhairya know Madhu could have died because of Santoshi, you think I will help Dhairya now. Kaki reminds how Pratap started business with

his dad’s help. Pratap says yes, but I was not useless like Dhairya. He goes.

Dhairya gets a call and gets sad. He tells them that he lost the tender. Kaki pacifies her. Santoshi Maa asks how will Dhairya live life now. Devi Laxmi says if Dhairya works hard, I will support him. Santoshi Maa thanks him.

Seshnath asks Madhuri why did she make cheap plan with Daksha, see Sharmili’s dad got a dog, dog will find out who has stolen the jewelry. Madhuri says I did mistake. Sharmili’s dad says dog will find the thief. The dog smells the cupboard. Janardhan says someone has stolen the jewelry. Dadi says I think Sharmili kept jewelry somewhere, she will get it. Madhuri and Daksha say yes. Seshsnath and Madhuri act. Tinu gets some idea and puts a stick in Seshnath’s pocket. Dog jumps on Seshnath. Seshnath screams and says I did not do anything. They all get scared.

Sindoor runs and reaches Dhairya’s house. She says my hero and sees Dhairya leaving with Santoshi on his bike. Sindoor runs after them to stop. She gets shocked seeing her face in the car window. She thinks what happened to my face, who am I. Two men come there and compliment for her dance. They ask when are you showing next program. A man teases her. She gets angry and says leave my hand. She slaps the guy and pushes them. She goes.

Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way. He says you know where we are going, I spoke to my friend, I asked for money to start my business, I m taking you as you are my lucky charm. She says don’t worry, Santoshi Maa will make everything fine. He says great, Santoshi Maa came back, you have forgotten her when your memory got lost. She says this can’t happen, I can’t live without her. She holds him and he laughs.

Sindoori steals milk packet and the man catches her. He calls out police. She says let me go, one packet won’t matter. She bites his hand and runs. Sharmili tells Guddu that I won’t have food till I get jewelry. Her dad says I will keep a spy here to find thief, don’t skip eating food, you will get jewelry.

Sindoori goes to drink the milk. She sees a snake coming and feeds milk to the snake. She prays to Naagdevta and says make me meet my hero. Santoshi Maa looks on. Gaumata asks whats this problem, Sindoori thinks she is Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says she lost her memory and does not know her past life, she just remembers the time in which her soul was in Santoshi’s body, Santoshi does not remember anything after her accident. Gaumata says will this girl do bad to Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says this thought is troubling me too.

Dhairya and Santoshi come back home. She asks him not to worry, what if your friend refused to give money, you tried, think if any other friend can give you money, I will make tea. She goes. He calls his other friends. She gets tea and finds him worried. He talks to his friend. His friend says give me one month time, I can’t help you now. Dhairya requests him to help now, its urgent. His friend says sorry and ends call. Santoshi worries that Dhairya is needing help to become independent, I m not able to anything being his wife. Dhairya says don’t worry, I have no worries till you are with me, your support is everything for me.

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