Santoshi Maa 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi and Sanketh getting shocked seeing Kaka wounded. Sanketh asks someone for help. The lady asks her husband not to help, as kids are waiting at home, such people on road can’t be trusted. They leave. Sanketh says its important to take Kaka to hospital. Santoshi says what will we do now. Kandin asks Mata is humanity not imp. Santoshi Mata says humans made world insecure, that people don’t trust each other, some bad people cheat innocent people, and now anyone does not trust honest people by fear.

Santoshi shows the cart to Sanketh. Mata says when no one helps, humans think to help themselves. Santoshi and Sanketh takes Kaka on cart. Devi Paulmi fumes. Narad comes and greets her. He asks what happened, is everything fine. She asks what happened to me. He says

your anger shows something happened, Santoshi got saved this time too.

She says I will break the protection shield infront of Santoshi. He says why will I stop you but… She says Mata Santoshi can’t stop me. He says life taker is someone else, death is not possible till Lord decides. He goes. Devi Paulmi says yes, but I can take away peace, problematic life is more sorrowful than death.

Sanketh and Santoshi bring Kaka to hospital. Sanketh asks nurse to call doctor. She says its accident case, call police. He says we will call police later, its emergency. Santoshi cries. Doctor comes and checks Kaka. He asks them to take Kaka to another hospital, as specialist doctor is not present. Santoshi asks why can’t you do anything, you can save his life, is his life imp than senior doctor’s permission. She says doctor is Lord’s avatar, how can you refuse, humanity is important than job.

Doctor agrees to take Kaka in OT and treats him. Santoshi and Sanketh stay worried. Kaka gets treated. Madhvi is irritated by Daksha’s snoring. She pinches her hand and wakes her. Daksha scolds her. Madhvi says Santoshi did not come till now. Dadi asks Daksha where is Santoshi. Daksha says I will call and find out. She calls Pushpa and asks did Santoshi leave from there, she did not come home. Pushpa says she left 2-3 hours before. Daksha tells the same to Dadi. Dadi says we have to find her.

Janardhan comes home. Dadi asks where is Santoshi. Janardhan says Santoshi did not come, don’t know where did she go. Daksha thinks Dadi will not leave her, come Santoshi. Daksha says there were guests tonight and they may have made Santoshi stay here, don’t worry, we will go Lucknow to take her in morning. Dadi prays to Mata for Santoshi.

Santoshi cries. Sanketh consoles her. She says Kaka saved me and got hurt, its my mistake. He says Dhairya is the reason for all this, its not your mistake, pray Kaka gets fine.

Senior doctor tells Sanketh that they will shift Kaka to ICU, he has internal wound, did you force doctor Pathak to operate. Santoshi says yes, sorry, we were helpless. Senior doctor says you did right, else Kaka would have slipped in coma. Pathak asks them to deposit money. Sanketh says don’t worry, we will deposit money. Pathak says sorry, I can’t break rules now, I can’t shift him without deposit. Sanketh asks how much. Pathak says 50000rs. Santoshi asks how will we get so much money. Sanketh says I will contact Pratap. Devi Paulmi says you both can’t reach home.

Pathak tells Santoshi that Kaka has less survival chances. Santoshi does aarti of Mata. Sanketh and Santoshi pray. Devi Paulmi says you can’t save Kaka and the diya blows off.

Update Credit to: Amena

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