Santoshi Maa 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka and Santoshi getting caught. Santoshi says till Santoshi Maa is with me, you can’t do any harm. Kamini says she has some powers. Old lady says no good power can come here. Kamini says no one can save Santoshi now, we shall sacrifice her. Gaumata says evil powers are at their height. Devi Paulmi says today Devi Santoshi be ready to see Santoshi’s bad state. Kamini makes Santoshi wear garland and does rituals. Kamini says you both troubled me a lot, now its my turn. Old lady says its time to get Devi Paulmi’s blessing. Kamini takes sword to kill Santoshi. Devi Paulmi asks Santoshi Maa to see. Gaumata says just Mahadev can save Santoshi now.

Kamini asks Santoshi does she have any last wish. She says we all are Trishna’s mum, you are the biggest hurdle for

her, so we will not let you live. Kaka begs them to kill him, but leave Santoshi. Santoshi says no, leave Kaka. The old lady asks all others to go back, just let Kamini be here.

Santoshi Maa prays. Old lady says we will do mantra jaap. Santoshi does Santoshi Maa jaap. Santoshi’s ropes get free. The old lady asks Kamini to sacrifice Santoshi and then give her Ahuti. Santoshi throws sand in Kamini’s eyes. Kamini gets back. Santoshi and Kaka run away. Old lady asks Kamini is she is fine. Kamini gets angry.

Kaka gets tired and asks Santoshi to go. She refuses to leave him. She asks him to take Santoshi Maa’s name and have courage. Kaka does jaap and goes ahead. They see evil women following them. They hide behind the trees. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi, this time danger will come from here, you can’t face my attack, its impossible. Narad comes there. Devi Paulmi says it seems Narad is coming here, he should not see me using this weapon. He greets her. She acts like she does not have any power, and got sad.

Gaumata says Santoshi failed those evil does by her courage. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi should always have courage. Santoshi and Kaka get tired. Santoshi says I think we have to spend night in jungle, we can go home in morning. He says I did not think Kamini is such dangerous woman, we will kick out Trishna. Santoshi asks why did divya thread not affect. He says maybe it does not affect in such bad place.

Devi Paulmi prays. Asur Raj comes there. She says I got power given by you, but I m not able to do my work. He says Devgan try to create hurdle, get someone from devlok to do your work, so that none doubts on you. He goes. She smiles.

Its morning, Santoshi and Kaka come home. Dhairya and Trishna make doctor check Kamini. Kaka and Santoshi get shocked. Trishna makes story. She says mom was having tea with us, she got unwell, thank God we were with her. Kaka thinks Kamini played this trick before we could tell Dhairya, she is clever. Kamini sees them. Doctor says she needs rest, she will be fine. Doctor goes. Trishna takes Kamini to room. Santoshi Maa says Kamini saved herself, but none can win before time and courage, Santoshi will make her lose.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid, how many times does Santoshi maa needs to be helpless and let evil win? Frustrating!

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