Santoshi Maa 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi thanking Santoshi Maa for sending help at right time. Kaka comes and asks Santoshi whats this. Santoshi tells how she got down the bus, and fell down on the road, as a biker hit her. The people on the road offer help to Santoshi. Santoshi says I m fine. She tells Kaka that Dhairya punished this muffler thing, but I m feeling good that ice is cooling my wound, Dhairya asked none to touch this. Kaka checks her wound and asks her to rest. Mata smiles. Kaka says he will make breakfast for Vidya. Santoshi says no, I will make upma, I don’t need medicines, you blessed me, wound is not much, pain will go away.

Santoshi takes care of Vidya and gives her medicines. She sees Vidya’s hands. Vidya says you are saying as if you will make my hands fine. Santoshi asks

her to touch her locket once, try. Vidya tries and Santoshi says Santoshi Maa has saved me many times, you also pray by heart. Vidya says you want to make me devotee of Santoshi Maa, I don’t want to touch it. Santoshi says atleast try once, then you will believe her. Vidya refuses and says if you believe her, why is she not solving your problems, why does she not make you rich, I believe Kranti, my children are rich, we have all comforts, don’t tell about Santoshi Maa, go now, let me rest. Santoshi thinks Kaki one day you will believe Santoshi Maa and become her devotee. She leaves.

A man comes to deliver something and calls out Pushpa. Santoshi sees him. Pushpa comes and the man delivers parcel from Riya. He asks her to keep it in Dhairya’s room, fix some fancy cloth on it, so that Dhairya understands its something special gift. Pushpa gives the parcel to Santoshi and asks her to fix fancy cloth. She asks her to be careful.

Santoshi goes to Dhairya’s room and smiles seeing the photo frame of Dhairya and Riya. She says Dhairya is very lucky to get such a friend. She keeps a cloth over the photo frame and goes from there. Devi Paulmi looks on and smiles. She breaks the photoframe. Dhairya and Riya come home talking and laughing. She asks whats special today. He asks her the same, and says I don’t remember.

Riya shows the necklace. He says no, what is it. She says nothing. He says let me think, we met this dy two years ago, happy anniversary. She wishes him too and hugs him. She says I planned something cute, go and find out. He says you won’t help me, tell me from where to start. She says from your room, no I did not mean so, start from hall. He runs to his room and sees the gift. She asks him to see it. He moves the cloth and they get shocked seeing the photoframe broken. She asks how did this broke, I gave this to Pushpa, it was fine, we have special memory in all these photos, I thought you will fix this at your wall. She cries. He says relax, I will find out. He calls out Pushpa. Riya scolds Pushpa. Dhairya asks how did this broke.

Pushpa says I gave this gift to Santoshi to keep it in your room. Riya says why did you give her when I asked you. Dhairya shouts Santoshi. Santoshi comes and says I kept it, it was fine when I kept it, I don’t know how it broke. Riya says they both don’t know it, my surprise got spoiled, I don’t want to stay here, I m hurt, I m crying, I m going. Dhairya tries to stop her and holds her. The necklace breaks down and pearls shatter. Riya says both our souvenirs broke, all because of Santoshi, she made this a bad day, I don’t like this, I m doing. Dhairya asks her to listen. Santoshi picks the pearls. Riya leaves.

Santoshi says it was fine when I kept it, how did it break. Dhairya holds Santoshi angrily and says you made Riya cry, I do a lot for her smile, I will not leave you. She swears she did not break the photo frame. He asks her to prove it, by giving test of truth. He drags Santoshi and throws her on the ground. He says today it will be proved how much you say truth. Everyone come out and look on. Madhu asks Dhairya what happened. Kaka asks is this any way, what happened. Dhairya asks Kaka not to say anything. Santoshi signs Kaka to let it be. Dhairya asks Pushpa to get broken necklace. Ujwal asks what happened. Dhairya says nothing is fine, Santoshi did big mistake and not accepting it, she broke Riya’s gifted photoframe and Riya’s necklace broke too, she left crying.

Pushpa gets the pearls. Dhairya drops the pearls there. Pratap comes and asks what is happening. Madhu asks Pratap to come with her. She says Dhairya is punishing Santoshi, don’t interfere. Pratap says I m not interested, I m going. Dhairya keeps a plate-bowl on Santoshi’s head. He asks her to pick the pearls and put in this bowl, be careful, this plate and bowl should not fall, if this falls, it will be proved you are a liar. Madhu, Nupur and Ujwal smile. Dhairya says I dislike lies, your punishment will be 50 beatings for one mistake. Mata looks on. Dhairya asks Pushpa to get his hunter. He asks Santoshi to start her task now and scares her. He says now you will know the result of lying. Santoshi prays to Maa to help her.

Santoshi picks the pearls while balancing the bowl. It slides down. Devi Paulmi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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