Santoshi Maa 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi trying to find Santoshi. She cries and worries for Santoshi. The man brings Santoshi there and goes ahead. Dadi does not see Santoshi. He asks Santoshi to eat something, then he will take her to her uncle. Santoshi eats chaat. Dadi walks by her. The man brings Santoshi to some place. She sees people beating kids and making them beggars. She says this is not my home. The man so what, says these are your friends, this will look your home. She says no, I have to go home. They scold her and prepare her for begging. She says no, I want to go to my Dadi.

The goon goes to make her blind. Maa Santoshi looks on. Paulmi smiles. The man asks Santoshi to sing. Santoshi sings bhajan asking for her help. Mata helps Santoshi and troubles the goons. Santoshi runs from there.

Santoshi goes out and smiles.

Seshnath says he was feeling glad so he got paneer and gulab jamun. Daksha gets puzzled. Seshnath asks Madhvi to cook paneer for everyone and shows gulab jamun. He asks is he fine. Daksha looks on. He says I have become rich. Daksha asks him what is the matter. He says nothing, I was feeling happy. Madhvi asks him how did he get money. He says stop it, come with me to room. Daksha thinks he has got all this, there is something.

Santoshi runs away and sees the goons coming after her. She runs and gets in a procession to hide. Madhvi asks Seshnath why is he wasting money. He says be quiet, I will show money. He gets a box and shows her money. He gets glad and asks how did he get money. He says from Amma. She says that Santoshi’s money. He says yes, be quiet, else this will be known. Daksha comes there and catches them with money.

Daksha says I understood this. Janardhan says its Amma’s money, this is not right. Daksha asks him to keep quiet and scolds Seshnath. She asks for her share. Seshnath says you feel I will take your share, I kept your 1 lakh. She says I want half share, else I will call that officer. Seshnath says I m giving, don’t threaten me. She counts the money. He takes 500rs for petrol and sweets charges.

Dadi cries and says where to find Santoshi. A man hears her and asks for money to find Santoshi. She scolds him. Santoshi sees a rich man giving food to beggars. He makes her sit and gives her food and blanket. She sees the food and recalls Riddhima. The man asks Santoshi to eat well, its Maa’s Prasad, pray for us. Santoshi sees the goon there and gets shocked.

Santoshi sees an old lady feeling cold and gives her the blanket. It was Devi Paulmi in old woman’s disguise. Mata sees Santoshi shivering in cold.

Update Credit to: Amena

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