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Santoshi Maa 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi and Dhairya exchanging varmala. Sinduri cries seeing them. Dhairya and Santoshi take the wedding rounds. Pandit says you are husband and wife now, take elders’ blessings now. Dhairya and Santoshi take elder’s blessings. Pratap moves away. Dhairya tells Santoshi that no one will come in between them now, their relation is of seven births now, no one can break it, you completed my wife. Santoshi says I also want the same. Kaki says today, I will take Santoshi with respect. Kaka says today Santoshi’s grahpravesh will happen. Dhairya takes her. They all leave. Sinduri cries.

Kaki does Santoshi and Dhairya’s grah pravesh. Sinduri imagines her and Dhairya. Santoshi recalls Dhairya’s hatred in past. She sees Dhairya and smiles. Madhu says Santoshi win, I can’t

believe this. Pratap says I told you there is nothing like soul. Ujwal says you are smart Bhabhi, but Sinduri is also smart, maybe she fooled you, Sinduri did not wish Santoshi came for test. Kaka says yes, I also feel the same, Sinduri loves Dhairya, so she did this drama to get him.

Sinduri gets angry seeing Santoshi and says Dhairya loved me. She asks Santoshi how can she lie and calls her shameless. Dhairya pushes Sinduri and calls her mad. Sinduri says I m not lying, Santoshi found out by tricks. Kaka tells Kaki that we have to stop this, else Santoshi can say truth. Sinduri says Santoshi cheated us. Kaka says you cheated us. Kaki asks Sinduri to leave. Sinduri says I won’t go anywhere, shut up, I know you supported Santoshi. Kaka scolds her and asks Dhairya to make Sinduri out, else she will ruin everything. Dhairya asks Sinduri to leave.

Santoshi thinks I did this by cheat, I had to do this to get my husband. Sinduri asks Madhu to say something and stop them. Madhu thinks Sinduri cheated me and asking me to help. Pratap thinks what happened to Madhu, why is she not supporting Sinduri. Sinduri asks them to help, I m saying true. She tells Dhairya that she is Santoshi, she got cheated, trust her. Dhairya asks shall I kick you out. Pratap stops Dhairya. He says what will we get by making maid leave, who will cook food. Kaki says Santoshi will make food, she managed everything before Sinduri came. Pratap says Sinduri won’t go from here, I give her salary, I have right to make her leave. Dhairya says but we have to bear her.

Pratap says I won’t change her decision, I will explain Sinduri, she will not interfere. Dhairya asks who will take guarantee. Madhu asks Pratap to let Sinduri leave. Pratap says you will fall in problem then, Sinduri won’t go. He asks Sinduri to go to her room, and goes.

Kaki says Pratap can’t bear Dhairya and Santoshi’s happiness. Madhu thinks why is Pratap supporting Sinduri, when he never spoke in house matter, I have to find out. Sharmili sees Tinu standing outside the door and telling his friend that Dadi is talking to someone. Sharmili thinks to find out whom is Dadi talking to. She says I have stomach ache and asks Tinu to go and get medicine. He says I won’t go. She acts and sends him.

Dadi talks to lawyer and tells about the house, her husband made this. He says yes, but according to will, they all can sell their share, if you don’t want to sell your share, no one can do anything. Sharmili smiles hearing this. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa and says I got what I wanted, but by deceive, I know Dhairya did not love me. Sinduri breaks things and says Dhairya loved me, this can’t happen with me.

She says Kaki and Santoshi cheated me, I lost my Dhairya. She shouts and cries. She says I know what I have to do now. Santoshi says I feel burdened by this lie, this lie is suffocating me, I can’t live with this lie burden. Santoshi Maa looks on.

Dhairya writes I m sorry with flowers on the bed. Santoshi comes there. He smiles seeing her. He says I was going to call you. He asks are you sad, what happened, I understood, I m really sorry, its my mistake to doubt on you, I will love you so much that you will forget my mistake. She cries. He asks why are you crying. She asks will you leave me. He asks what are you saying, I will never leave you. He hugs her. She thinks I got Dhairya by lie and prays to Santoshi Maa

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