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Santoshi Maa 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka asking Ujwal to play the chip. Everyone see Ankur and Santoshi in the video. Ankur shows Pratap’s pic and says he is my father. Everyone get shocked. Madhu looks at Pratap. Pratap gets tensed. Sinduri signs Santoshi. Madhu says this can’t happen, this is lie, Pratap can’t do this with me. She gets angry seeing Ankur and slaps him hard. Madhu asks why are you lying, take money if you want, why are you blaming my husband, its about our lives. Ujwal asks the guests to leave and apologizes to them. The guests leave. Madhu asks Ankur to say. Kaki asks Kaka to explain them Pratap can’t do this. Kaka asks Madhu to listen. She asks him not to say anything.

Ujwal asks Ankur did he go mad to say he is Pratap’s son. Ankur says Pratap was mad for my mum, do my

DNA test and see, you will know he is my real father. Madhu gets shocked. Kaki cries. Santoshi asks Kaki to calm down. Kaki asks Ankur what is he saying. Ankur says Kaka, I m not lying, Pratap came to Jaipur 24 years ago and fell in love with my mum, but he cheated her. Dhairya asks inspector to make report and leave Santoshi. Inspector says yes, I will take Sinduri along, I was doing my duty.

Madhu asks Pratap to say something, Ankur is blaming him. Ankur says Pratap has nothing to say. Madhu asks Pratap to say truth. Pratap says Ankur is lying, he is doing this for money. Sinduri thinks I did not get hero, I will apologize to Dhairya, atleast I can stay here. Sinduri asks Dhairya to see the fights at home, that’s why I was not giving the chip, I wanted to stay happily in this house with you. Santoshi asks her to get lost from here, its all because of you. Sinduri asks will you make me out of here, I told you not to come between me and Dhairya. Dhairya says you came in between us. Inspector arrests Sinduri, and thanks Santoshi and Dhairya for bringing out truth. Sinduri says so what if I did not get hero, see there Santoshi, I have shattered your house. Police takes Sinduri.

Pratap says Madhu trust me, Ankur is lying, I will get DNA test done. He asks Ankur not to defame him, there is nothing to say, your truth has come out, I have to know a secret, I m going but I will come back to meet you. He leaves. Pratap says Madhu, I did not do anything. Madhu goes. Santoshi sees everyone worried.

Santoshi Maa and Devis smile. Gaumata says Santoshi is proved innocent. Santoshi Maa says truth never fails, Santoshi has been strong and many lies have come out, and more lies will be out too. Ankur stops Sinduri. He says inspector, I need to talk to Sinduri for 2mins. Inspector says fine. Ankur takes Sinduri away. She asks what happened.

Ankur says I know all that did not happen right, you please tell me who is my mum’s murderer. She says whatever happened with me today is not right, my mood is bad, I don’t want to tell anything. He says you promised me that you will tell me murderer’s name if I help you, now you are refusing. She says you have got many shocks, you can’t bear this. He says I have seen many troubles in life, please tell me. She thinks what to do. He requests her. She tells him that Pratap has killed your mum. Ankur is shocked. She asks him to bear the truth if he can. She leaves.

Ankur says Pratap Mishra…. you have killed my mum, see how I ruin you. Madhu throws her and Pratap’s pic. She throws all clothes and cries. Pratap comes there and thanks her for trusting him. He says Ankur has gone mad to say nonsense, I know he is doing this for money, you don’t take tension. She holds his collar and says you think I m fool, I know no one calls stranger his father, tell me truth. He asks what shall I say, there is nothing.

She says I want to hear truth. He gets silent. She says your silence have said all truth, now I understood why Dhairya and Santoshi did not wish to show that video infront of everyone, I realized I have spent my life’s best time with a cheater, who did not value my love. He says its nothing like that. She shouts on him and says I don’t want to stay with you, I want divorce from you. He gets shocked and says no, listen to me. She asks him to leave from this room. Everyone come there. Pratap asks Madhu not to create issue infront of everyone, forgive me once, I will make everything fine. Madhu asks him to leave. Ujwal asks Pratap to come to his room, Madhu is very angry. Pratap goes. Kaki consoles Madhu.

Dhairya sees Kaka feeling unwell and takes him. She says why did Pratap cheat me and cries. Santoshi takes Kaki and goes. Dhairya waits for Santoshi. Santoshi comes to their room. They see each other. He hugs her. He says I was scared, Sinduri wanted to come in my life forcibly, and I wanted to save my life. She says I won’t go anywhere, but Sinduri shattered everything. He says we did not do anything. Kaki comes to them, and says Madhu was going somewhere, Dhairya do something, I m scared she will harm herself. Dhairya says don’t worry, I will call her. He calls Madhu and gets number switched off. He says I will go and see. Santoshi says I will come along and asks Kaki not to worry.

Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way. Santoshi prays for Madhu’s safety. its morning, Madhu meets Ankur and says I had to talk to you. Ankur asks whats there to ask, you know all truth. She says you should have not said that infront of everyone. He asks did you feel bad, if you don’t agree then there will be more dirt on you, DNA test will verify it. She says no need of test, I trust you. He says trust does not suit you, I want to say another truth, the man I was finding till now is your husband, Pratap is my mum’s murderer. She thinks I can’t believe this. He says he will get punished, I will not go to court, I want my father’s name, house, family, I want to stay with him and make him realize his mistake, tell me can you give all this to me.

Pratap drinks and cries seeing Madhu’s pic. He hugs Madhu’s pic. Santoshi gets tea but no one takes it. Santoshi says we have to support Madhu. Kaki agrees. Madhu says but I don’t need anyone, I have got my support. She gets Ankur with her. Dhaurya gets shocked. Kaki says Dhairya and Santoshi tried finding you all night, why did you get him. Madhu asks Ankur not to care for their words.

She asks Pushpa to clean guest room, Ankur will stay here from today. Kaki says I don’t understand, I will tell Kaka to explain Madhu. Santoshi thinks what new game is Ankur playing with Madhu.

Ankur taunts Santoshi about Dhairya. Santoshi defends Dhairya. Ankur insults Santoshi. Dhairya slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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