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Santoshi Maa 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya stopping Ankur from taking the papers. He shows his cards. Dhairya wins the game, and everyone get shocked. Dhairya thinks how Bubbly signed him and took a drink to spoil guest’s clothes. Guest reacted and Ankur looked other side. Dhairya cheated and won. Santoshi Maa says Gaumata, Dhairya has won by cheat, its going to be tough time in his life. Devi Paulmi says I m happy seeing Devi Santoshi, it will be happiness to see them getting ruined. Dhairya says you all can’t take the papers and aims gun at Ankur . Paras and Bubbly takes the papers. Madhu and Ankur get shocked. Dhairya shows his face by removing the disguise.

He asks Seshnath to be sure that Madhu and Ankur do not take anything from here. Seshnath agrees. Dhairya leaves. Madhu and Ankur get worried.

Santoshi feels restless as if something bad will happen. She asks Santoshi Maa to help. Santoshi Maa says I can’t help you in this.

Santoshi calls Dhairya and his number comes off. She falls asleep while waiting for her. Dhairya comes home and smiles seeing her. She wakes up and is annoyed. He calls her cute when she gets angry. She says you did not say where you went. He asks her to ask anything tomorrow, and not spoil the time today. He says I m lucky you came in my life, you are priceless gift. She hugs him.

Its morning, Dhairya takes Santoshi, Kaka and Kaki home and say its a surprise, come inside. Kaka says how will we get papers. Santoshi says Dhairya might have taken a wrong step yesterday. Dhairya calls Madhu. He smiles and taunts Madhu. He says I can get the goons on my side. Santoshi asks what is the matter. Madhu says Dhairya has stolen our property’s original papers, he came here as Nawab and played gambling. Santoshi gets shocked and recalls.

Dhairya sits and says I m owner of this house. He tells goons to follow him, he will give them 10 times money. He says this Fir will be no use, I got all papers on my name. Madhu checks the papers. He says your application got cancelled, now this property’s major share is on my name, I will keep this house for guarantee after settling some scores. Santoshi asks Dhairya what will he get doing this. Dhairya argues with Madhu. Ankur goes to beat him and the goons catch Ankur. Ankur says you did big cheat with us, you are a cheater.

Dhairya smiles and slaps Ankur. Madhu shouts Dhairya. Dhairya threatens her of police. Santoshi stops Dhairya and asks him to think of age. He asks her to stay out of this matter.

Kaka and Kaki also explain Dhairya. Madhu asks Ujwal to do something. Ujwal gets scared of Dhairya. Madhu says we will not leave this house, I will tear these papers. Dhairya scolds her. She says we will not go anywhere and sits. He calls police. She imagines herself in jail. She stops Dhairya and acts sweet to Dhairya.

Dhairya reminds everyone that Madhu insulted them and made them leave from here. He says it will be good for Madhu to leave silently, he will do the same thing. He says Madhu can’t take anything from here, I have right on everything, Madhu will come on roads. He asks Madhu to keep her jewelry.

Madhu removes her jewelry. He recalls Santoshi’s state. Madhu asks him not to do this, where will they stay. Dhairya says enough, leave, I have other work too, hurry up. Santoshi asks Dhairya not to do this, they did same with us, what will be difference between them and us, if you don’t allow them to take belongings, I will also leave from here.

Madhu and Ankur leave. Santoshi asks Dhairya to stop them. Dhairya stops them and allows hem to take their bags. He asks Ujwal to leave as well. Ujwal asks why shall I leave, I did not sell my share. Dhairya says so what is the price of your share. Ujwal says I will not sell my share. Dhairya thinks he will make Ujwal leave his way. He asks Daksha, Madhuri and Seshnath to leave. Seshnath tries to convince Dhairya. Daksha says we will do all work and make Santoshi a queen. Dhairya asks them to leave.

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