Santoshi Maa 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa smiling seeing Santoshi. She says Santoshi looks good in these clothes. Narad says very soon, Santoshi’s fate is going to change. Gaumata says Santoshi got good humans support now. Pandit asks who will do Santoshi’s kanyadaan. Daksha, Madhuri, Janardhan and Seshnath look on. Dadi says I will do kanyadaan. Pandit says it won’t be right, call girl’s uncles. Santoshi Maa looks on. Narad says how can they do this being members of one family. Santoshi Maa says none can be forced for any work, its true that good happens with true hearted people, when the matter is in mandap, Santoshi’s kanyadaan will happen. Janardhan says pandit ji, I will do kanyadaan. Daksha stares at him and says yes, he is free person. Janardhan says I have to answer Santoshi’s parents

too. Pandit does rituals.

Pratap and Nupur ask Madhu to take rest. Madhu says Kranti Maa got annoyed and left, my son’s marriage broke… Pratap asks her to forget and not worry, I will call doctor and come. Dhairya sits by her side. Madhu holds his hand and apologizes to him. She says I could not make you marry Riya, my dreams shattered. He says its not your mistake. Santoshi did this. Ujwal says I can’t believe Santoshi can do this, she took revenge from Dhairya, she is very clever. Nupur says she was seeing marriage dreams with Dhairya, we insulted her family, maybe that is also one of the reasons. Ujwal says yes, we can’t trust poor people mentality. Dhairya fumes. Ujwal says Santoshi ruined Dhairya’s life, why did that girl not come to us. Nupur says I think that girl is with Santoshi.

Pratap comes and says Madhu, doctor will come. He asks them to let Madhu rest and stop these discussions. They all leave. Madhu cries. Pratap asks her not to worry, whatever happened was not right. Madhu thinks everything happened right Pratap, I have made Riya out of Dhairya’s life, now I will take decision for Dhairya’s life, I will get Dhairya married to the girl I choose for him.

Dhairya sees that pic and recalls Riya, the incident and Santoshi. He crushes that pic and says Santoshi, you did not do this right. He leaves in his jeep. Daksha and Madhuri talk. Seshnath takes laddoos and stops as Madhuri signs him. He thinks I have half enemies at home, I have to go out and have food. Dhairya drives in high speed.

Santoshi comes to the mandap. Apna banna phool………….plays……….. Sanketh smiles seeing her. Santoshi sits with Sanketh in mandap and they pray. Seshnath comes infront of Dhairya’s jeep and says you here, I m Santoshi’s uncle Seshnath. Dhairya scolds him and says I will take revenge with Santoshi. Seshnath thinks something happened, I can use him, this guy is very angry. He says Santoshi did big mistake. Dhairya says take me to her. Seshnath says fine, what will you do being angry. Dhairya says I will not leave her, where is she. Seshnath says I think you should do same. Dhairya asks how. Seshnath asks him to help him then. He shows the video. Dhairya smiles.

Gaumata asks Mata what is Dhairya doing here. Narad asks Mata to do something. Santoshi Maa says I can’t do anything based on imagination. Devi Paulmi smiles and says Dhairya will surely do something. Pandit asks Daksha or Madhuri to come and do ghatbandhan. Dadi asks Bittoo to do ghatbandhan. Daksha signs no. Janardhan asks Bittoo to come. Bittoo nods and does ghatbandhan. Pandit asks them to take the first round. Dhairya comes there and everyone get shocked.

Dhairya stops the marriage and fills sindoor in Santoshi’s hairline. Santoshi and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Howz it possible

  2. I told everyone from the starting of the serial,the first day that dhariya will marry santoshi. Maybe he’ll make her life hell but at least they got married. Lets see now what happens.

  3. That wasn’t even filling sindoor, it was as if holi color upturned d whole plate :/ and just by sindoor they dnt becum husband-wife without d pheras. :/

  4. This show seems to be like the Zee serials now, torture of women with no even end in sight!!!! I guess it fits it good with zee caribbean now……so disappointed….So now they tortured her as a servant, now he is going to torture his wife!?!?! Is this really the life of Hindu devout women?

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