Santoshi Maa 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu scolding Santoshi. She asks her to clean the floor. She says I m seeing your nature changing, but remember you can’t become queen from maid. She gets angry and holds Santoshi’s hand to drag her. Dhairya comes and stops Madhu. Madhu gets shocked. He says Santoshi will not do any work, we have servants. He asks servant to do the work. He takes Santoshi with him. Madhu thinks its bad to go against us, you will also bear punishment. She scolds servant. Pushpa says lawyer came to meet you. Madhu says I think my work is done, now I will see how Dhairya stops me from making Santoshi a maid. She asks Pushpa to call Pratap soon.

Madhu says laywer got good news. Pratap says if its good news, police would have not come, whats the matter, did you get property papers. Lawyer

says I got this court summon. Pratap and Madhu get shocked. Kaka looks on. They turn and see Kaka. Kaka takes the summon. Pratap says please give me this letter Papa. Kaka reads it and says its court summon, so you both got Dhairya’s thumb impression, you did not get shame to rob your brother, I m this house owner, I named this house to Santishi, she is owner of this house legally, you both schemed to get this house, court rejected the plea, you got to get this house by using Dhairya, when law punished you, you will know the importance of relations, I hate to call Pratap my son. Pratap asks what will we think, what did Dhairya do for us and this house.

Dhairya gets shocked. Pratap says I handled business, Madhu took care of Dhairya’s every little need, what did we get after doing all this. Madhu says Papa, don’t forget we made this house, Pratap did not ask for any accounts, what did Maa do, she gave house keys to Santoshi. Kaki says Madhu, if you took care of house like a bahu, we would have not seen this day, you thought about yourself. Pratap asks Kaki to be quiet. Kaka scolds Pratap and says we are still your parents, talk with manners. Madhu says you will understand when Santoshi will show colors. Kaka says everyone is not like you. Dhairya cries and says Mabhi, I regarded you more than mum and you did this, and Pratap your love was a lie. Madhu says Dhairya, tell me anything you did as my son, anyways when everything is out, I will say, this house is just mine, I can go to any extent to get this. They get shocked. Kaka gets dizzy. Santoshi and Dhairya hold him. Madhu and Pratap leave.

Madhuri is glad seeing Sharmili is keeping her food plate. She blesses Sharmili. Sharmili says this is not for you. Seshnath says its for me. Sharmili says no, this plate is for Dadi, she is elder and she should get food first. Seshnath asks did you go mad. Sharmili says don’t try to stop me, else I will fly as storm, be careful. She goes. Madhuri holds her head.

Madhu talks to lawyer and says everyone know about it now, I want to fight openly. He says now nothing can happen, your father in law made this house by his earnings and named it to Santoshi, now Santoshi can decide whom to keep there. Madhu gets shocked. Pushpa tells Madhu about doctor sending the bill. Madhu throws the bill and says don’t show this to me, we did a lot for this house members, now I will not spend a rupee. She says Dhairya should pay the bill. She insults Dhairya and Santoshi. He cries and leaves.

Santoshi takes tea for Dhairya. Doctor calls Dhairya. She asks him to answer call. Dhairya answers the call. Doctor asks him to clear the bills soon. Dhairya says I will clear bills tomorrow, trust me. Doctor ends call. Dhairya recalls Madhu’s words and cries. He says its not easy for me to say anything to Mabhi. She says I know how it feels when any loved one hurts. He hugs Santoshi and cries. He says I understood money is greater than relations, she has equated my relation with money. She says everything will get fine.

He says I know what I have to do. He calls someone and says I want to sell my car, come tomorrow, thanks. Santoshi says its not good to sell or buy metal on Saturday. He asks her not to say this. She says you are affected by Shani dev. He says nothing is imp than my self respect, I don’t want this tension. Santoshi tells Kaka and Kaki about this. Kaka says we can’t explain Dhairya, else he will feel Santoshi complained to us, he will understand if Santoshi explains to him well. She thinks Kaka and Kaki trust me, I should stop Dhairya from selling his car.

Santoshi asks Dhairya not to sell car. Dhairya says its my car, I will sell it, else I will make your Shani Dev more annoyed. He sells the car and gets money. Shani Dev gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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