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Santoshi Maa 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Santoshi to get cupcakes. His GF asks Dhairya to have sweets before the auspicious work. He says right and thinks its start to ruin Santoshi. He asks Santoshi to eat it. Sanketh and Kaka look on. Dhairya holds her and asks her to take cupcake to his friend, go there and give it to him. Sanketh tells Kaka that I don’t feel Dhairya’s behavior is right. Kaka says look after Santoshi, I m going to kitchen.

Santoshi goes to that guy and thinks she heard this voice before. The guy has mask on his face. She says Dhairya sent this for you. He says my both hands are busy, you feed me. She says you take it. he says I m guest and guest is Lord’s avatar. She asks him to remove the mask. He removes the mask and she gets shocked seeing him.

She drops the

tray. Sanketh looks on and goes there. Dhairya says your memory is good, he is my friend, I was also there in morning. She turns to go. Dhairya holds her and says stop. He tells everyone that she is Jhansi ki rani, she slapped my friend in morning and now she will show us a repeat telecast, come on, slap him.

Devi Paulmi smiles seeing this. Dhairya says you are very daring to slap anyone. Devi Paulmi makes a cage and looks on. She says I pity on Santoshi, but her devotion is biggest hurdle of her life. Dhairya provokes Santoshi to slap him. The girls comment. Santoshi asks him to leave her hand. Dhairya refuses. She says leave my hand. He says fine and leaves her hand. His friend block her way. Sanketh asks Dhairya to let Santoshi go. His friends hold Sanketh and stop him.

Dhairya holds Mata’s locket which Santoshi is wearing. Mata opens her eyes. Dhairya asks whats this, magic? Santoshi says leave me, don’t take my Maa. He asks Maa, who is this Maa. Santoshi says Santoshi Maa. He says I heard it somewhere. Sanketh says let her go. Dhairya says you mean you found a Maa of your name, but Santoshi Maa has four hands, you have two hands, show me your more two hands. She says ego is not good, don’t tell anything to my Santoshi Maa.

He says fine, call your Maa, shout. Sanketh asks him to let Santoshi go. Dhairya says call out your Maa to save you from me, come on slap me, where did your courage go. Santoshi says Santoshi Maa….. Dhairya says Maa will come to give us Darshan. Santoshi prays to get strength. His GF laughs. Dhairya asks what happened. Mata blesses Santoshi. Santoshi slaps him hard. Everyone get shocked. Mata and all the Devis smiles. Dhairya fumes… Devi Paulmi gets shocked.

His GF scolds Santoshi and asks her to leave. Dhairya says I will kill you. Sanketh stops Dhairya and says enough now. Dhairya says you are a servant, don’t interfere. Dhairya stops Santoshi. Sanketh says let her go. He holds Dhairya and asks Santoshi to go. Dhairya says you are a employee in my brother’s office, go. Sanketh says you can’t even touch Santoshi till I m here. They both fight. His GF asks someone to help. Madhu comes and stops them.

Pratap and everyone come. His GF says Santoshi slapped Dhairya. Madhu says how dare she. Dhairya says I will not leave her. Sanketh says its Dhairya’s mistake, he misbehaved with her. Pratap reminds Dhairya that he is owner of this house, why did he mess up with servants. Madhur asks Pushpa to wind up the party. His GF says how could Santoshi slap him.

Kaka asks Sanketh why did Santoshi do this. Sanketh says after you went, all this happened… and tells him everything. Kaka says we have to find Santoshi. Sanketh says yes, and they leave. Santoshi walks on the road. Sanketh sees her and runs to stop her. He says I know wrong happened with you. Devi Paulmi looks on and sees a car coming, she controls the car and speeds it to hit Sanketh and Santoshi. Kaka looks on. The man says I m unable to apply brakes. Devi Paulmi says who will save you now Santoshi. Kaka pushes Santoshi and gets hit by the car. Sanketh asks the man is he blind. Santoshi sees Kaka wounded and shouts Kaka.

Sanketh takes Kaka to hospital. Doctor asks Santoshi and Sanketh to do formalities and call police, its accident case.

Update Credit to: Amena

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