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The Episode starts with Gaumata going and saving Santoshi. Madhu says Santoshi got saved again. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata you did not do right. The man gets the dog. Gaumata makes both the dogs fight and run away. Madhu says Ankur does not do anything well. Ankur and Madhu get upset. Madhu goes to Santoshi and asks are you fine. Gaumata asks are you okay. Santoshi says you saved me, how did you save me. Gaumata says I saw you running and came here. Madhu acts sweet to Santoshi and thanks Gaumata for saving Santoshi. Gaumata asks Santoshi to rest at home as she is pregnant. Santoshi agrees and says anything would have happened today. Madhu takes Santoshi.

Devi Paulmi says Gaumata has to bear punishment and sends some light balls to inform all Devgans to come in Devsabha. She says I will punish

Gaumata today. Madhu gets Santoshi home. Kaki asks what do you look tired. Madhu tells them the dog incident. They get shocked.

Bubbly comes and hugs Santoshi. She asks her to have healthy things. Santoshi says I will take care. Dhairya comes and taunts Santoshi. He asks Bubbly to work and not time pass. Santoshi asks him whats his problem, can they talk. Bubbly says I was just advising Santoshi as she is unwell. He asks her to come and work. Madhu and Ankur smile.

Yamdev asks why is this devsabha called in Brahmadev’ absence, will Devi Paulmi do justice. Devi Paulmi comes there and asks them to be silent. She tells Gaumata’s mistake and punishment. Devi Parvati asks Gaumata why did you do this. Gaumata says Santoshi Maa was not present and I had to go in her place. Narad greets Santoshi Maa and tells about Gaumata. He asks her to help Gaumata.

Devi Paulmi says Gaumata broke devlok rule. Gaumata apologizes and says I thought Santoshi’s life is imp. Devi Paulmi says then end all the problems in world, else there will be no meaning of struggle, you will be punished. Santoshi Maa says I won’t let this injustice happen. Gaumata agrees to the decision. Devi Paulmi thinks Gaumata will always remember this. She asks all of them to say whats right. Devi Parvati asks her to let Santoshi Maa come, then we will decide. Devi Paulmi says I will do my duty. She sends her mirror reflection. Santoshi Maa comes and stops them.

She asks whats this injustice, protecting devotee is not a crime. Devi Paulmi says yes, but the way was not right, so Gaumata is getting punished, you are blaming me to do injustice. She smiles. Devi Laxmi says Devi Santoshi is emotional, don’t get wrong morning. Devi Paulmi says I m punishing Gaumata for breaking the rules, you have to accept this decision, Gaumata did this for you, so she has to be away from her Swamini and serve ssomeone else. They all get shocked.

Gaumata says don’t make me away from my Maa. Devi Paulmi asks who wants to take Gaumata in service. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to do something. Santoshi Maa says Gaumata did this for love, forgive her. Devi Paulmi says I will keep Gaumata in my service, I will be her Swamini, she has to obey my orders. They get shocked.

Its morning, Santoshi wakes up and sees nurses. She asks when did they come. Dhairya says I kept them, they will take care of you. She asks why, I m not ill, I m pregnant. He says I can’t take risk about my child, I don’t trust you. She says I don’t need them, you will not agree, I will call Kaka and Kaki, they will explain. He says I know I m doing right. Kaka and Kaki come. Santoshi tells them. Dhairya says please don’t take her side, I m doing this for my child. Nurses check Santoshi. He asks her to stop drama and get checkup done. Nurse says her bp is not normal, she has high fever. Santoshi says no, I m fine. He asks her to listen to nurses and rest. Kaka says Santoshi is your wife, its not good to keep her in cage. Dhairya says I can’t take risk. Kaki says I will explain him, take rest. She thinks what happened to Dhairya, I want to go temple to do darshan. Nurse makes her rest. Santoshi thinks what to do.

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