Santoshi Maa 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi waiting for her Chacha. Madhvi waits for her husband. Daksha asks her to control her husband. Seshnath comes home and tells them the good news that he has left Santoshi away from home, near the jungle. They get glad. He says Santoshi is out now. Santoshi waits for her Chacha. Paulmi sends the bull to trouble Santoshi. Santoshi cries and asks bull not to harm her, she will go when her Chacha comes. Bull runs towards her. Santoshi shouts Dadi and runs crying. Dadi wakes up and says Santoshi… she says she has got a bad dream. Madhvi and Daksha laugh joking on Janardhan. Seshnath laughs and tells its not about you. Janardhan asks where is Santoshi. Seshnath says she went to play. Dadi comes and asks how did he leave her alone, who plays at night.

Madhvi asks

Dadi to ask Santoshi, why is she scolding him. Dadi says yes, I will find her. Dadi goes out to find Santoshi. Dadi prays for her. She comes back home and asks Seshnath where is Santoshi. Daksha says she will come soon. Dadi says I know Santoshi, she will not go without telling me. Madhvi says you feel we have hidden her as you have hidden the money. Janardhan says she will come, don’t worry. Dadi worries and prays.

Santoshi hides behind a tree and shouts for help. Paulmi smiles seeing this. Santoshi Maa looks on and helps Santoshi. She creates a cow, and they both fight. Santoshi asks cow to move, else bull will beat her. The bull falls and leaves. Paulmi gets angry. Santoshi Maa smiles. Santoshi wipes her tears and sees the white cow. She thanks the cow for saving her life.

Paulmi calls out Mata Parvati. Parvati, Laxmi and Saraswati appear with Narad. Parvati asks Paulmi not to do this bad things. Paulmi says I don’t believe the justice here, Mata Santoshi has sent cow to stop my work, you do justice now. Parvati calls Santoshi. Santoshi Maa comes there and greets them. The Devis bless her. Parvati asks Santoshi did she create hurdle in Paulmi’s work. Santoshi asks how can her work be troubling small kids. Paulmi says my work is to create fear, Santoshi was in jungle alone, if humans don’t have fear, greed or jealousy, then who will preach to Lord.

Santoshi says humans should have contentment, happiness and hope, this is my work, will I not go to help them if they are in problem. Paulmi says but without any call, if you help them without call, you are insulting Devlok justice. The devis decide to call Brahmadev whose decision will be final. Brahmandev appears and they all greet him. Devi tells him about solving this problem. Paulmi is saying Santoshi Maa has created hurdle in her work. He says Paulmi is right, every Devta has to do their work being in a limit. Santoshi will help devotee only when she gets a call, she will not help without any call. Paulmi smiles and thanks Brahmadev. She says I hope Mata Santoshi will follow what you said.

Santoshi sits alone and is afraid. She misses Dadi. Dadi sits awake waiting for her at home. Santoshi sleeps. Its morning, Santoshi wakes up and cries. She runs. Dadi cries for Santoshi and thinks where to find Santoshi. She asks Madhvi and Daksha do they worry for Santoshi or not. Seshnath says I think she left home. Dadi scolds him and says you took her on scooter, you will get her now, you took everything of Vinayak, you feel Santoshi is burden. Janardhan asks Dadi to leave Seshnath. He says why will Seshnath leave girl. Madhvi asks do you want us to kick you out Amma. Daksha asks Dadi to find out Santoshi. Dadi says yes, I will find her and leaves. Daksha says we have to do something of Dadi also.

Dadi asks people about Santoshi and goes to police station. Santoshi walks on road and cries. Santoshi asks inspector to find Santoshi and gives her photo. He says we will try our best, you also look for her. A man sees Santoshi crying and asks where is she going. She says my home. He stops his cycle and asks where is her house. She tells the address of her village. He asks how did she come so far, he will drop her home. She gets glad. He makes her sit on the cycle and they leave. Mata looks on.

Santoshi sees the place and says this is not my home. The man turns out to be bad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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