Santoshi Maa 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Trishna did you wish to snatch my husband and sindoor, see what do now. Trishna saves herself. Santoshi attacks her. Trishna’s wound gets healed on own. Santoshi gets shocked. She asks Dhairya and Rudrakshi to leave fast. Kamini and other women come. Santoshi and Dhairya make them stand away and run. They sit in the car. Dhairya says I did not know Trishna is so clever. Santoshi says she is dangerous. They leave.

Asurgan and Devgan fight. Devi Paulmi sends the weapon. Santoshi Maa defends. The battle continues. Brahmadev and other Devs come. Brahmadev says no one will go ahead without Devi Santoshi’s command, she is leading the war. Devi Paulmi and Santoshi Maa throw their Astra and fight. Asur Raj comes and looks on smiling. He praises Devi Paulmi

and thinks she looks powerful than Devi Santoshi, I don’t need to go in battle ground, I will stay here and enjoy seeing them lose.

Madhuri asks what happened. Seshnath says my doubt was right, Daksha is staying in Santoshi’s Sasural. Madhuri asks him to go to Santoshi and find out the matter.

Dhairya, Santoshi and Rudrakshi come home. Kaka sees them and asks what happened. Dhairya tells everything. Kaka says I did not know she can be so dangerous. Santoshi thinks of Dhairya. Rudrakshi says Santoshi knows to fight for Trishna, she is strong.

Trishna asks Kamini how did her wound get fine. Kamini says I got you here so that you realize your powers. Trishna says I don’t know from where you came, its strange. Kamini says no, its time to tell you your powers, you are Devi Paulmi’s ansh. Trishna gets shocked. Kamini says Devi Paulmi has sent me to help you, you got your powers, you can do anything.

Trishna recalls Kamini’s words. She checks her powers by lifting a box. She gets surprised and smiles. Kamini says see, I told you. Trishna says yes, I can do anything, can I disappear. Kamini says yes. Trishna disappears. Kamini throws sand on her and gets her back. Trishna says now I will take my revenge with this power.

Kaka asks servants to decorate house well. Seshnath comes and thinks some function arrangements are going on. He greets Kaka and says Daksha called me here for help. Kaka asks him to see work. He goes. Trishna says I believe my powers, I m going to teach lesson to Dhairya and Santoshi. Kamini says wait, if you can get Dhairya, why to hurt him, just attack on Santoshi. Trishna agrees.

Seshnath commands the servants. Santoshi comes and greets him. He says I came to know your welfare. Rudrakshi asks who is he. Santoshi says he is my uncle. Dhairya says she is our would be daughter, we are adopting her, she is Rudrakshi. Seshnath says she is lovely girl, where is Daksha. Santoshi says she went to market. Seshnath thinks to see what game is Daksha playing. He says I will go market and help Daksha.

Daksha bargains and buys tomatoes. She saves money and thinks I got some money. Santoshi should send me to get vegetables every day. She sees Kamini and says I was finding you at home. Kamini says I have to give something, come with me.

Devgan and Asurgan battle continues. Devi Paulmi and Santoshi Maa throw the gada. Devi Paulmi overpowers. Santoshi Maa throws a trishul and Chakra. Devi Paulmi laughs. Santoshi Maa makes a protective shield around her. She thinks till I revive the Astra, this agnichakra will save me from her attacks.

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