Santoshi Maa 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vajra mushti lying to Devi Santoshi about stomach ache and making excuses. Vajra Mushti thinks now Devi Santoshi won’t know where she is going. Santoshi Maa walks towards the cage. She gets inside the cage and asks Gaumata to come. Vajramushti gets tensed. Agnidev asks Devi Santoshi where is she going at this time. Santoshi Maa says Gaumata has stomach ache, we are going to mountain to get flowers. Vajramushti thinks if Devi Santoshi knows this, it will be bad for me. He asks Mata to come soon. Agnidev stops Santoshi Maa. Vajramushti says I have much trouble. Devi Santoshi tells Agnidev that its important for her to go now, I will come back and talk. He says that mountain does not have flower which Devi is saying, and follows her.

Santoshi signs the aarti. Dhairya

waits for miracle. Gaumata says we will reach now, Rishivar told me this route. He thinks this work will please my mother, Devi Santoshi does not know what will happen with her. Dhairya asks Santoshi to ask Santoshi Maa to light the diya, else he will do what he promised. Santoshi apologizes to Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi laughs and says Devi Santoshi, from now your devotee’s bhakti will get rest, Santoshi’s belief will go away and she will become helpless, all your devotees will not preach you, I m there to make them against you.

Dhairya asks servant to get lemon and pickle. He tells Santoshi that he will do his work. Santoshi Maa and Vajra mushti go ahead in the cage. Santoshi Maa sees the mountain and says I don’t see any flower here. Vajra asks her to look around. He thinks he has to create illusion else she can collide with the magical cage, its important to fool her., Agnidev comes there. Vajra says so he is after us, I will show my powers now. He thinks the way to Paatal lok is here, I have to make Devi Santoshi busy here till evening and do Anushtaan to open Paatal lok doors. He shows flowers to Devi Santoshi and takes her ahead. They get invisible. Agnidev thinks where did Gaumata take Devi Santoshi. Gaumata asks for flowers and asks Santoshi to give her flowers. He thinks its time to inform Devi Paulmi.

Devi Paulmi waits for Vajramushti’s news and worries. He sends message that he will take Santoshi Maa to Paatal lok. She says great son, you can now come in your Asur look and capture Devi Santoshi. Agnidev says it can’t be Gaumata, some Asur power want to capture Devi Santoshi, I have to enter this shield anyhow to save Devi Santoshi. He gets hurt and Vajra thinks Agnidev can’t enter this shield by using entire powers. He smiles.

Agnidev makes a fireball. Vajra also prepares and fails Agnidev. Devi Santoshi give the flowers to Gaumata. Gaumata says now I don’t need this and turns into Vajramushti. Devi Santoshi asks where is Gaumata. Vajra says she will be plucking flowers in your garden, I m Vajramushti, you came here by my illusion, Devlok can’t find you, you will come with me to Paatal lok, rest here with satisfaction, then there will be no satisfaction there. She smiles. Vajra says your powers will get over, you will spend your life as my bonded labor. He asks what happened, did you lose your sense by this shock, that’s why you are smiling, are you not scared. She says where there is satisfaction, there is no fear, if heart has satisfaction, then power, status and rule does not matter. She says I regret that you brought me here by cheat, why did you do sin. He says I learnt cheat by Devtas and tells how Devtas took Amrit by cheat from Asurs. She says work done for humanity is never cheat, Asurs has selfish motives, if Asurs got Amrit, then they would have misused. He says even Asurs would have done good, tell me if you have any wish, Asurs also have ethics to complete.

Dhairya asks Santoshi to eat the lemon pickle, and prove that her devotion was a drama, Santoshi Maa is powerless. Kaka asks Dhairya to be scared of saying such for Devi and Devtas. Dhairya says I m scared, I don’t believe Lord, why does Santoshi Maa not light this diya. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi, no one will help you now, Devi Santoshi is not able to see this her state will be same infront of my son. She sees Vajra and Santoshi Maa talking.

Vajra asks Santoshi Maa for her last wish. She says I want to play veena. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi wants to play veena. Devi Santoshi says I said my wish and now Vajra has to fulfill it. Vajra thinks why does she want to play veena, but he has to fulfill her wish. He says I will fulfill your wish and gets veena for her. Devi Paulmi shouts asking Vajra not to give veena to Devi Santoshi. He gives veena to Devi Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says Vajra is foolish and not able to understand, I have to reach his place. Vajra asks Devi Santoshi to play veena, I m very happy today and will dance on your music. Devi Santoshi plays the veena. He dances. Devi Paulmi says I have to reach Vajra soon, he does not know veena sound is heard in entire devlok, Vajra is lost in dance. Narad greets her and asks where is she doing, Agnidev is worried, where is Devi Santoshi, tell me whats happening. Devi Paulmi goes. He says what happened to her. Dhairya gets pickles and Santoshi moves back. He asks her to eat pickles.

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