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Santoshi Maa 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sinduri telling Santoshi that he is marrying Dhairya tomorrow. Dhairya asks Sinduri to stop it. Santoshi and Dhairya see each other. Sinduri says once we marry, you will be free. Santoshi asks Dhairya is she saying true. Dhairya says this happened because of me, its my duty to get you out of here, I will sacrifice our relation to do this, forgive me, I have no other way. She says let me get punished, don’t take this big step and ruin your life. He asks what would you do being in my place. Sinduri holds his hand. She says she will become Dhairya’s wife tomorrow and be Mishra family’s bahu. She asks Santoshi to sign the divorce papers. Santoshi signs on the papers. She cries and sees Dhairya. Sinduri takes Dhairya away. Santoshi wishes Dhairya does what I m thinking.

Yamdev gets the snake to Brahmadev. Swarnrekha thinks how did this snake get captured, he has blessing that he can’t get caught by anyone, why do I feel he looks different. Yamdev says he is the intruder, his name is Sarpak, he stays in Naaglok. Narad says I got to know he is related to Naaglok princess Devi Swarnrekha. Yamdev says now he will tell everything. Sarpak tells Swarnrekha that Yamraj knows everything, say truth, maybe punishment will get less. She thinks how did this happen. Brahmadev asks her to say truth and accept her crimes.

Swarnrekha tells them everything. Sarpak disappears. Yamdev and Narad smile. FB shows Narad asking Yamdev did you find that intruder. Yamdev says he disappears when I try to catch him, I think he has some blessings. Narad says but how did he come in Devlok. Yamdev says he was called here by Devi Swarnrekha, we have to think how to catch Sarpak, else she will not say truth. Narad says don’t worry, we have an idea. FB ends. Yamdev says we made the fake Sarpak so that Swarnrekha accepts all the crimes.

Dhairya is upset and says I will never be able to forgive myself. He cries. Santoshi comes and asks him not to cry, its her mistake. He says you came back and hugs her. He says I won’t let you go anywhere now. He makes her wear the ring and mangalsutra. He apologizes to her. Sinduri says I have forgiven you. He sees Sinduri infront of him. She says you will forget Santoshi soon. He asks what are you doing in my room. She says Santoshi signed on divorce papers and made me your half wife, tomorrow you will become mine, I can wait for one more day. She goes.

Brahmandev asks Swarnrekha to call Sarpak Raj fast, else she will be punished. She calls Sarpak. Brahmadev asks him to free everyone from the evil powers. She nods. Sarpak Raj wards off the evil powers from everyone. The Devs and Devis get their powers back. Brahmadev says Indra, Swarnrekha is your guest, you decide what to punish her. Indra says Devi Swarnrekha you have made fun of the love and respect I gave you, and cheated everyone, I will punish you and your brother to roam in the universe. He chants prayers and traps Sarpak first. Sarpak goes in the black cloud. Devis smile.

Madhu talks to Ujwal. He says all the arrangements are done. Ankur gets the items needed for marriage rituals and tells Madhu that Sinduri’s marriage will happen tonight in this house. Everyone get shocked. Madhu says Sinduri chose this day to ruin my party, Santoshi already ruined our family name. Kaka says wrong, she is pure like Ganga, so this truth will come out. Madhu says I won’t say, how will you stop the world, everyone will say, why does Dhairya like maids. Pratap says I can’t do anything in this. Dhairya says marriage will happen here. He asks Sinduri to go to parlor and get ready. Sinduri smiles and leaves. Pratap asks Madhu about shifting party to hotel. Madhu says no, party will happen here.

Everyone at Santoshi’s house talk to Sweety well. Sweety praises Guddu. Madhuri gives her special tea. Sharmili gets jealous and says this is my tea. Madhuri asks Sharmili to make tea for herself. Everyone pamper Sweety. Tinu looks on and adds fevicol in the tea. Daksha asks Sharmili to see whats happening infront of you. She thinks Sharmili see how your value falls down. Sharmili goes. Madhuri and Seshnath drink tea and their lips get stuck by fevicol. Guddu asks them what happened. Tinu smiles.

Dhairya looks for the chip in Sinduri’s rom. She comes dressed as bride and asks are you finding the chip, you are innocent, marry me and I will give you chip, don’t worry. He goes. Inspector tells Santoshi that her husband did not get the chip, if she puts blame on Dhairya, we can leave you. Dhairya comes and says this won’t happen. Sinduri calls him and asks where is he. He lies to her and says I will come soon. He tells inspector that he got the chip. Santoshi smiles.

Gaumata says Mata, we can see everything clearly after Sarpak’s evil powers went. Santoshi Maa says Dhairya is working hard for Santoshi, she has become bright like gold by walking on the true path. Madhu and Pratap talk to the guests. The people praise Madhu and Pratap’s pairing. Madhu and Pratap compliment each other. Pratap says I believe that one should love just one person, else do not love anyone. The people talk about Santoshi caught in prostitution.

Kaka tells Kaki that no one is believing our Santoshi. Dhairya and Santoshi come with police. Inspector asks them to stop the party and calls out Sinduri to come out. He asks Sinduri to give the chip. She says I don’t have anything. He asks her to see the video. Dhairya showed the video to inspector and says this girl has the chip, she is at my home. Inspector asks her to give chip, else he knows other ways.

Santoshi gives the chip to inspector. Inspector says I will check this at police station. Sinduri thinks my relation ruined, why don’t I ruin the relations here. She asks inspector to check the truth, everyone should know it. Santoshi says no, its not needed, inspector can see it later. Sinduri asks why are you scared if you did not do anything wrong. Kaka says no inspector, see this chip now, so that truth comes out. Dhairya says no, there is party going on, this is not right time. Kaka says whatever the time, the dirt on Santoshi’s face should be cleaned, I know she is innocent. Santoshi thinks Ankur’s truth will come out, what shall I do now.

Madhu angrily slaps Ankur in the party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Today’s episode is little much better than previous episodes. But now please remove sinduri and ankur’s track from the serial. And show some nice episodes of santoshi and dhariya.

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