Santoshi Maa 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi thinking what happened to Dhairya, if he goes on wrong path in worry. Santoshi Maa looks on. Bubbly asks did Dhairya come, shall we go for movie. Santoshi says he came, we will go sometime else. Dhairya tells Santoshi that he has to leave early, so he is going to sleep. He goes. Santoshi says he was much tired. Bubbly says fine, we will go sometime later. Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that Dhairya got revenge motives, person forgets difference between right and wrong, this can take them to problems, Santoshi is trying to stop him, but revenge motives is powerful, if person gets revengeful, he does not understand right things.

Paras tells Dhairya that raw material will 3 crores. Dhairya says we can manage 500 units by our own. Paras says even then we need 1.5 crores.

Dhairya says I know this investment is big, but profit is four times. Paras says you are right, I will try to take loan, you stop other orders, will you get all solar panels assembled. Dhairya says I will supervise workers day and night, I will manage. Paras says good luck.

Dhairya asks workers to work fast and gives them water. Paras goes to bank and keeps all his property mortgaged to take loan. The bank manager says you are taking big loan, rules are strict, if you don’t pay money on time, you will not get any grace period. Paras says don’t worry, my cheque. Manager gives him cheque. Dhairya thinks to cancel lunch break to increase work speed. Santoshi says Dhairya did not come for lunch, why is he running after money, insulting food like this every day is not good. Dhairya serves food to all workers. He says we have less time, you have food and work.

Santoshi tells Santoshi Maa that Dhairya came on right path by mistake, don’t let him get off right path. Pratap and Ujwal see the current in clothes string. Ujwal says Madhu is not punctual, she is so lazy, our time is getting waste. Pratap says she is always like that, but I m sure she will come. Madhu comes. They hide. Daksha comes in between and says Madhu ji, I will put your towel on the string. Daksha gets electrocuted and shouts for help. Madhu gets shocked and shouts for help. Pratap holds head and asks Ujwal to come. Pratap says someone help her, she will die, Ujwal do something. Pushpa comes and gets shocked. Ujwal gets stick and says beat her. Pratap beats Daksha and she falls. Madhu laughs seeing Daksha’s hair. She says how did she get shock by clothes string. Pratap says I will check and shows the wire. Pratap asks Pushpa to take Daksha to room.

Santoshi makes a garland and talks to Bubbly. Bubbly says I feel you are worried. Santoshi says human is sinking in money and success, everyone wants to run. Bubbly says leave it, you do what you want and let others do what they want. Santoshi smiles and says yes right. Bubbly shows the stones and asks shall we play, Santoshi plays with her.

Doctor checks Daksha and says glucose got less, give her orange juice. Daksha gets glad and thinks I will never get fine. Madhu asks Pushpa to give juice and fruits to Daksha. Pushpa thinks Daksha is lucky and I m just working here. Doctor goes. Pratap signs Ujwal. Ujwal says Madhu is lucky to get saved. Pratap says now Madhu will not be saved, she will face storm. Madhu goes to Ankur and asks what are you doing. Ankur smiles and says its done. Dhairya smiles reading Ankur’s order increasing. He gets glad. Ankur says now it will be real fun, I m increasing orders and Dhairya’s problems are getting high. Dhairya calls Paras and says work is going well, we may need more money, the company increased order to 2500 units.

Ankur says Paras and Dhairya would be dancing now, see how I make them fall. He asks Madhu to dance and sing, you will understand everything. Dhairya comes home and lifts Santoshi. He dances with her and says I m very happy. She asks the reason and laughs. He says reason is the order got high, I quoted more cost, even then company gave order to me. Santoshi says its good, I understand that running after money is not good. He says you are not supporting me and demotivating me, we left house for money and faces troubled. She says I know money is needed to run life. He asks her to change her mindset. Bubbly comes and gets kheer. Dhairya goes. Bubbly asks what happened to Dhairya. Santoshi says he is tired, he just came from office. Bubbly says give him kheer and goes.

Sharmili cries and tells Dadi that she did big mistake, she is missing Guddu. She understood that real happiness is in relations, not money. Dadi asks her not to cry and sleep, we will call Guddu in morning. Sharmili asks Dadi to sleep with her tonight. Dadi agrees.

Santoshi goes to Dhairya and sees he is sleeping. She says I want him to go ahead, but success without hardwork has something wrong. She prays Santoshi Maa shows right path to Dhairya. She sleeps. Gaumata says Santoshi is worried, will you not accept her prayer. Santoshi Maa says if person ties cloth on eyes once, he can’t see route shown by anyone, but time can explain him, he won’t understand now.

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