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The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa requesting Brahmadev to call Devi Paulmi back from earth, else it will be bad. Brahmadev sees what all Devi Paulmi did this. He says I can’t change my decision, I can call Devi Paulmi from earth when she completes her punishment. Devi Paulmi sees Sridev’s song. Pushpa gets juice for her. Devi Paulmi asks what does Sridevi has in her hand. Pushpa says yellow feather. Devi Paulmi says I want it, go and get it. Pushpa goes. Devi Paulmi says this woman does drama, I will go and see what is everyone doing.

Pratap does stretching. Madhu comes to room and says its time you have to talk to Dhairya, tell him he is doing wrong. He says I have to explain myself, I don’t know whats right and wrong, its much stress, you know what will happen if I go to Dhairya with

this mood. Devi Paulmi comes there and says you said right, anger harms a person, whatever your brother did was wrong, you should support him when he wants to rectify mistake, its good if he wants to spend life with the girl he loves, Pratap should support his brother and understand his feelings. Madhu asks who are you to tell this.

Madhu says we don’t like Riya, you are asking us to make her our bahu. Devi Paulmi apologizes for interfering in their house matter, but I always say truth, you have to decide. Pratap smiles and says she is right, I should support Dhairya. Devi Paulmi hears this and smiles thinking I did my work, I should go. Madhu argues with Pratap.

Nupur tells Ujwal that I m so happy. He asks what happened, are you fine. She says yes, if my friend took insurance policy from me, I will be very happy. He says let her see family drama first. She says I m enjoying that Riya came here. He asks what, are you happy that Riya came here. Devi Paulmi comes and says but Madhu is not happy. She tells everything.

Devi Paulmi says I want Nupur’s good and came to say truth, you both are simple, and others take advantage of this fact, let Riya stay here, this way you can teach lesson to Madhu. Nupur and Ujwal nod. Devi Paulmi goes and smiles.

Santoshi cuts vegs and thinks of Dhairya. Her finger gets cut. Kaka comes and asks where is your focus. He washes her hand. She says my heart is wounded too, I can’t bear that pain. He does then aid to her hand. He asks her not to cry, else her health will be spoiled. She cries and says I felt everything will get fine, but now nothing can get fine. Kaka apologizes to her as Dhairya did injustice with her. She says no, this is test of sindoor, I will pass this test, I will never cry now, this is my promise.

Devi Paulmi comes there and asks Santoshi why is she crying, I know you came in this house by thinking, but Riya is clever, she will take your husband, she is reason of your sorrow. She asks Kaka to do something of Riya. He says I don’t understand what to do. Devi Paulmi asks him to do what he wants, this is his family, decision should be taken by him. He asks what do you mean, tell me clearly. Devi Paulmi asks them to add something in Riya’s food. Kaka says you mean, adding poison in her food. Santoshi says we can’t kill our enemy. Kaka says this is big sin, how can you say this. Devi Paulmi gets angry and says I did not say about killing her. She says you make her mental state bad and do your work, I m just advicing, you take decision.

Kaka says what type of woman is she, does anyone advice such. Santoshi says leave it, she can say anything. Santoshi Maa looks on and says Devi Paulmi wants to fool them, I know she won’t succeed in this. Santoshi Maa says we should start about udhyapan, we should take care of Kaki, don’t worry, everything will get fine, Santoshi Maa will make everything fine. Santoshi Maa smiles.

Devi Paulmi sees Dhairya and Riya coming and thinks to give them advice as well. Riya thanks Devi Paulmi. Dhairya also thanks her for meeting Riya in park and explaining her. Devi Paulmi says I m glad seeing lovers together, but Santoshi can come between you, you can’t trust poor class people, I think you should make her out of your way. Riya says exactly, I can’t face Santoshi, I can’t stay without Dhairya. He says even I can’t stay away from Riya. Devi Paulmi asks them to use money, trap Santoshi’s family in money greed, then they will make Santoshi away from you. Dhairya says she is right. Devi Paulmi thinks Devi Santoshi should see my effect, this punishment to stay on earth looks a gift for me.

Riya gets ready and asks Dhairya what did he think about Paulmi’s words, I thinks he said right. He says yes, I think you should marry me now. She thinks you keep dreaming about marriage, I have to just settle scores with you and Madhu. She says I was thinking of our marriage, this should have not happened. He says I can’t change past, but can plan future. She says things should settle first. He says I m here, everything will settle. He gets a friend’s call and she asks him to go. He leaves.

Madhu thinks Dhairya is going alone and she can talk to him. she asks him to drop her to doctor. He says I have to pick Riya’s luggage from her friend’s house, I m getting late. He goes. She gets angry and thinks to talk to Riya. She goes to Riya and scolds her. Riya says its my turn to settle scores, you will know how someone feels on getting hurt, see how I make Dhairya dance. Madhu holds her neck and scolds her. Riya takes phone and takes pic. Madhu leaves her. Riya says I will become your bahu, be ready to fall now, I will kick you out. Madhu says I will kick you out of this house. Riya wishes her all the best. Madhu leaves.

Santoshi plants tulsi and tells Devi Paulmi that she is planting tulsi, and wish her relation to get strong. Devi Paulmi smiles and says I don’t think your relation with your husband will join. Santoshi says you are talking bitter, you look unsatisfied, did anyone hurt you. Devi Paulmi thinks I m punished because of you, I will take revenge. Santoshi says if person has belief that things will get fine, everything will get fine. Devi Paulmi says selfish person wins, see Riya, she came to explain Dhairya and changed way, she is selfish, people living with satisfaction does not get progress in life.

Santoshi says little light is necessary to end darkness, I m sure I will get fruit of satisfaction. Devi Paulmi asks her to stop being foolish and cheat to win, make Riya out of your way, you can go jail for some time, when you return, you will have your husband. Santoshi asks what are you saying, you are elder and teaching this, I m not selfish to do this sin. Devi Paulmi says fine, you will lose your husband forever. Gaumata tells Santoshi did right, but Devi Paulmi can cheat her, how will Santoshi face her. Santoshi Maa says one who has devotion and belief, no one can fail her, I will meet Brahmadev.

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