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Santoshi Maa 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi getting Dhairya’s slipper in mud. Devi Paulmi makes the pole shaken up. Santoshi thinks to wash the slipper. Devi Paulmi says its matter of few moments now. Dhairya sees the pole shaking and Santoshi standing under it. He sends the kids and shouts to call out Santoshi. She does not hear him and sits to clean his slipper. He asks anyone to help. Devi Paulmi says this will be last day for Santoshi, her handicapped husband can’t save her, I will see how Santoshi gets saved. Santoshi sees Dhairya shouting and signs what, as she is very far from him. He shouts asking her to move. The procession passes between. Dhairya tries to get up. The wind blows. Dhairya shouts to Santoshi. Santoshi thinks weather got bad, I should take Dhairya and go home. He signs her to move. She

sees the pole finally and gets shocked. Dhairya rushes to Santoshi and saves her in time. They both roll on the ground and get away. Devi Paulmi gets shocked.

Santoshi and Dhairya have an eyelock. They get up. Tose naina jabse mile………….plays………. He asks are you fine. She says yes. She looks at him and realizes he got fine, and back on his feet. He asks what happened, why are you shocked. She says you see you got fine, you are on your feet. He realizes this and smiles. He says I m standing on my feet Santoshi, and hugs her.

She says we should give this good news to family. He says yes. They leave. Devi Paulmi fumes and says Santoshi, your death won’t happen like this, I will get permanent solution for you. Madhu tells Pratap that they have to find new cook soon. Kaki asks why, did you understand cooking is very tough. Dhairya and Santoshi come home. Dhairya tells them that he got fine. They all get shocked seeing him fine. Kaka, Kaki and Pratap smile, while Madhu gets unhappy.

Kaka says its miracle. Dhairya takes Kaka and Kaki’s blessings. Madhu starts acting. Pratap says Santoshi served Dhairya, but medicines also helped. Madhu says yes, but if care is taken well, patient gets fine, Santoshi took much care of Dhairya. Dhairya smiles seeing Santoshi.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that Santoshi made we way to her husband’s heart. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi has made Shani Dev’s Aradhna with true heart, this is the fruit. Kaka gives some papers to Santoshi. She gets worried checking this. Kaka says I named this house to you, you have to manage everything, don’t know who took Dhairya’s thumb impression, get these papers deposited in court soon, sign on it. She asks him to think well. He says rethinking is not done for good work.

Madhu tells Kranti Maa that Dhairya got fine, I think Santoshi Maa is miraculous, but just you can bless me. Kranti Maa says I have to see Santoshi first. Santoshi does her work. Dhairya hides seeing her. He asks the dog to get Santoshi’s clothes. He smiles.

Its morning, Dhairya wakes up and goes to lawn. He asks Kaka about the good essence. Kaka says its essence of the flowers Santoshi planted. Dhairya sees the flower plants and thinks Santoshi’s work was just to cook, but she did a lot for this work, which I did not know. Dhairya gets a parcel and smiles. Santoshi looks for her clothes. Dhairya goes to Santoshi and says you won’t get your clothes, I have thrown them. She asks why. He asks why will ask me now. She says no, I mean…. He says you will wear these clothes now, I ordered this for you. She asks whats the need. He says I did not get fine, so you have to take care of me for more days. She says I will. He says I m bored seeing your boring clothes, wear these clothes and come to me, else don’t come. He goes. She smiles.

Kaka tells Kaki that he is thinking to leave for some trip. She laughs and says its not our age, now we should send Dhairya and Santoshi. She tells him what she has seen, Dhairya gifting clothes to Santoshi. Kaka says great, we will send them on honeymoon. She stops him and asks him not to hurry, we will send them after some time. He agrees.

Dhairya is bored and thinks to go out. Santoshi comes there wearing the black saree he chose. He smiles. She says now you won’t have trouble. He says you are looking good. She asks what, and smiles. She says it means you won’t get angry seeing me now. He laughs and says you are big cartoon, I know you can’t see me in trouble and asked you to wear these clothes, this is exactly what I wanted. She runs away. He asks her to listen. Devi Paulmi has some bug and says you will take away Santoshi’s life.

Kaka and Dhairya confront Madhu for snatching the house. Madhu says I can go to any extent to get this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice story..but devi paulmi..uff

  2. Thanks for the updates.

  3. Good so soon dhairya got fine n his mind changed.

  4. Hi summer thanks for yr reply on previous page. Good to know about u. I am from india n u r free to ask anything which u dont understand in this serial☺? r u working or studying dear.

  5. Hi Renu, Thank-You. I really enjoy this serial, last night episode was very good. It is really nice to see Dhairya heart soften towards Santoshi. I am wondering what is going to happen now they have found out it is Madhvi who took Dhairya thumb print. I don’t understand, how can one person exert so much dominance over a family where the FIL & MIL still exists? In preview, Madhav states, she will go through any lengths to make sure house is hers…does Pratap not say anything? After all, his parents are still present.

    1. You guys do know that it is fictional, right?

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