Santoshi Maa 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa asking Rudrakshi not to take such steps again, truth is powerful and comes out on own. Paulomika worries that Rudrakshi can tell her name. Santoshi Maa asks her why is she tearing the plant. Paulomika runs. Santoshi Maa says maybe she realized her mistake. Tinu beats the minister. Minister apologizes and says I will never steal money. Tinu warns him not to do anything wrong and leaves. Santoshi comes to Santoshi Maa and asks will she like to come to temple. Santoshi Maa agrees. They leave. Some people ask them to give boys to them, they are thieves. Santoshi Maa says they are helpless to steal food.

Kranti Maa says if we don’t punish them, they will become big thieves, give boys to police. People agree. Santoshi thinks why is she silent. Santoshi Maa asks

them to punish the boys. She stops the man saying his name. Kranti Maa thinks how does he know his name. Santoshi Maa says you give donation to Kranti Maa, can’t you feed a poor boy, you should have donated money to orphanage. Santoshi thanks Santoshi Maa for sending Sadhvi Maa to them. Santoshi says if boy steals food, its society’s mistake. Kranti Maa says we should punish them.

Santoshi Maa says we can explain them, they tried to end their hunger, we earn good deeds by feeding poor. The people agree and chant her name. Devi Paulmi says she will get everyone on her side this way. Narad says earth will become heaven by her words. People praise Sadhvi Maa. Kranti Maa thinks I will teach lesson to Santoshi on right time. Santoshi Maa asks the people to come to temple. Three Devis smile. Devi Parvati says if everyone understand meaning of contentment, all bad things will end. Narad says true,

Devi Paulmi gets angry and says my devotees are getting less. She hurts her hand and says this glass piece will hurt Santoshi Maa. Asur raj agrees. Dhairya comes home. Rudrakshi gives juice and says sorry. Dhairya says I realized I don’t feel good when I don’t talk to you, I love you lot. He hugs her. Paulomika gets angry. She tells everything to Mangla. Mangla asks her to calm down. Paulomika says they all are staying happy, Sadhvi maa came here, I will kill everyone. Mangla pours water on her. She asks her not to get angry.

Kranti Maa talks to her devotees and fool them. She asks the man to throw money in the well. The man says you are fooling us, nothing can happen this way, you cheat us for money, I won’t be here, Sadhvi maa is better. All the people leave. Asur Raj comes there. Kranti Maa asks him to see what’s happening. He says that day it was bad day in your life, good days will come now, I will show it. He puts light on a dog. The dog bites a man, who falls down unconscious. Kranti Maa asks what did you do. Asur Raj says I have put poison in this dog’s teeth, go and take the dog after that Sadhvi.

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