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Santoshi Maa 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor coming there. He says Madhu got mad, she needs electric shocks. They give shocks to Madhu. Pratap and Ujwal feel bad. Santoshi dances. Sharmili and her dad talk to Guddi. Her dad asks Guddu to write application for his promotion. Sharmili tries to convince Guddu. Guddu asks her to get papers, and thinks to see her dad. Dhairya hugs Santoshi that tomorrow you can stay with me like before, I will tell everyone the truth and you are not mad, we don’t have to hide and meet. She says I will do what my hero says. She says what else will we do and signs to kiss. He says even I can pout, I will love my Santoshi a lot. They smile.

Madhu wakes up at night and sees Pratap sleeping. She thinks Santoshi can’t be a ghost. She sees the rope outside window and says so this is

a plan to make me mad, I should go and check. She says this way goes to storeroom. She finds the door open and goes inside. She gets shocked seeing Santoshi sleeping there and thinks Santoshi was planning to make me mad, see what I do now.

She calls doctor and scolds him. Doctor says I did all this on Dhairya’s saying, sorry. She says fine, do as I said, no one should know Santoshi has run away from there. He agrees. She ends call and says Santoshi has run away from mental hospital and came here, I will see her.

Santoshi Maa says Dimakh Raj is changing his place, we have to carefully see. She spots the moving tree and calls everyone there. She asks them to surround this tree. She says this is Dimakh Raj. Brahmadev asks Dimakh Raj not to try to hide, come in real form. Dimakh Raj thinks Santoshi Maa has found me, but I will not come in eal form. Brahmadev says I can’t help Santoshi if you don’t appear in true form. Santoshi Maa says I know what to do now. She gets an axe and says why don’t we cut this tree. Dimakh Raj gets worried. Devi Parvati says if anything happens to Dimakh Raj, we can’t help Santoshi. Madhu says mad man can do anything and kill anyone or himself.

Santoshi Maa goes to cut the tree. It thunders. Dimakh Raj stops Santoshi Maa and gets to his true form if a bee. Brahmadev asks him why did he not appear when I commanded, its useless to try to escape, answer me, why did you cheat. Dimakh Raj says sorry, I did that to save my life, I can give that part of the book by giving up my life.

Madhu goes to Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi was losing her life, and you are worried for your life, if you told us before, it would be possible to find solution. Brahmadev says we have one way, if Dimakh Raj agrees to give his life, your devotee can get his soul, but Devi Santoshi, we can’t force Dimakh raj for this. Santoshi Maa says I don’t know what to say Dimakh Raj, but if she takes this tough decision, he will be remembered for good work. Dimakh Raj says my heart is not big to decide this, I did bad deeds, I want to repent and I will take this decision. Madhu goes to stab Santoshi. Dimakh Raj burns and Brahmadev gets the torn page part. He prays. Santoshi Maa says we should not delay now, its some moments for sunrise.

Brahmadev joins the page completely. Santoshi Maa thinks its not possible to stop Surya Dev, and I hope this work happens soon. Santoshi wakes up and fights with Madhu. She screams and calls for help. Kaki and Dhairya hear Santoshi and go to see her. Brahmadev gets Santoshi’s soul. Narad says sunrise is happening, do something Mata. Brahmadev says don’t worry, I will send Santoshi’s soul in her body soon. Madhu says I will kill you, you are mad, if you die, no one will ask me. Santoshi says I will not leave you.

Madhu hits the switch and power goes. Santoshi’s soul goes on earth. Madhu says I won’t leave you. The knife falls. Santoshi takes the knife. Santoshi freezes when Santoshi’s soul gets in her and other soul leaves from her body. Everyone come there. Pratap says its all dark here, Dhairya switch on lights. Madhu asks Santoshi to leave her, and not beat her. They all get shocked seeing Santoshi with the knife. She asks Pratap to save her. She asks all of them to see Santoshi, she was killing me. Santoshi gets shocked seeing knife in her hand. Kaki slaps Santoshi. Madhu smiles.

Dhairya asks Santoshi what did she do, I told you not to do anything. Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that everything went wrong. Santoshi Maa says things did not happen on right time and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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