Santoshi Maa 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi slapping the guy. Dhairya looks on. He says you did not do this right. The men see the guy teasing the girl and come to beat him. Dhairya and his friends leave. Santoshi does not see Dhairya’s face as he is wearing a helmet. Devi Paulmi looks on as Dhairya warns Santoshi before leaving. The girl thanks Santoshi for saving her. Santoshi recalls Dhairya’s warning. She feels she heard this voice before.

The men ask who were they, did you see them before. Santoshi says no. The man says you showed courage. Santoshi asks them to call rickshaw to send this girl home. The girl thanks her. Santoshi asks her to take care. The girl leaves.

Dhairya talks to his friends. He says sometimes we have to decide seeing time and situation, I decided punishment for that

girl, I will take revenge in my way. Paulmi smiles and hits a rock. It breaks into pieces. She says I will be happy seeing Santoshi facing problems.

Santoshi comes to work and Pushpa scolds her for coming late. She asks Santoshi to come on time, Dhairya gave small party, 25-30 people will come, cook for them according to this list. Santoshi says it will be night, how will I go home. Pushpa says stay here. Santoshi says I did not tell anyone, I will cook and leave. Pushpa says no. Madhu comes and asks Pushpa whats happening. Pushpa says I was explaining Santoshi. Madhu says call her home and tell them.

Pushpa calls Daksha and says Santoshi will stay here, she has to cook. Daksha says its overtime, money will be extra. Santoshi runs seeing the dog barking. Pushpa scolds Daksha and calls her beggar. She says you won’t get extra money, we will get any cook, and sends the dog. Daksha says fine, make me talk to Santoshi. She asks Santoshi to stay there after work, its matter of one day. Santoshi says fine.

Pushpa gives the list. Santoshi goes to kitchen. Dhairya comes home and is angry on Santoshi for slapping his friend. He says she has to pay for it. He calls Pushpa and asks did Santoshi come. Paulmi says tonight will be problem for Santoshi, this guy is angry on Santoshi. Dhairya asks the menu. Pushpa tells the menu. Dhairya says change the Indian menu, keep Chinese or Italian food. Pushpa notes down.

Kaka helps Santoshi in work. Dhairya smiles and says so Santoshi would not seen Italian food, then how will she cook, my patience will break, I don’t know what I do in anger. He smiles and says welcome to hell Santoshi. Pushpa asks Santoshi to make continental food, and names dishes. Santoshi says I don’t know making all this, I heard these names for the first time. Pushpa asks her to learn it, dinner should be ready on time. She goes.

Kaka tells Santoshi that its easy, I will help you. Santoshi thanks him. Kaka shows her the ingredients. Pratap’s employee Sanketh comes to take water, and the bottle falls. He says sorry, I needed water, Kaka I will take myself. He helps Santoshi by showing internet recipes. She makes the cook and asks him to taste it. They taste the food and get stunned by the good taste. Santoshi arranges food soon.

Pushpa asks servant to work fast, guests are coming. Sanketh likes the decorations. Sanketh asks about DJ and goes to check food. He likes the food and tells Santoshi that she could go in any cookery show. She gave desi taste to continental food, great. Kaka says she worked hard. Pushpa asks Santoshi is food ready. Santoshi says yes. Pushpa gets glad and asks servants to take the food.

Santoshi starts leaving. Pushpa says stop, this is Dhairya’s order that you don’t go home till guests leave. DJ plays music. Everyone wear masks and dance. Dhairya comes there with his girlfriend and meets his friends. He thanks everyone for coming in the party. He dances with his GF. He recalls Santoshi and says I will spoil your face today, as you spoiled my plans.

He drinks and dances. His GF thinks whats wrong with him, and goes. Dhairya asks Sanketh to call Santoshi, ask her to get cupcakes. Sanketh says I will get it. Dhairya asks why, is this your job and laughs. He says send her….

Santoshi thinks till when will this party go on, its 9pm, my last bus will also go. She sees the cupcakes and thinks to tell Sanketh or Kaka. She thinks to leave. Sanketh comes and says Dhairya is calling you with desserts. She says I was thinking to leave. He says fine, give him and leave. Santoshi comes there. Dhairya sees her and thinks now it will be real fun in party.

She goes there and gets shocked seeing the same guy there, who was teasing the girl on the road. Dhairya looks on and asks how is the surprise. He says Santoshi slapped my friend in morning, and provokes her to slap him. She slaps him and he gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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