Santoshi Maa 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with fire getting caught up in Kaka’s room. A water bottle falls and gets in between the fire. The fire stops. Gaumata says Mata you said right, Kaka’s death time did not come till now. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi, you think fire has calmed down, no, the fire of revenge for high. Guddu asks Sharmili to agree to him, Santoshi is Maa’s devotee and still have problems. She says real happiness is in heart, you went to rich Sweety, did you get happiness. He says no, I could not see any happiness, I will keep fasts from tomorrow. She gets glad.

Kamini talks to the servant and says you have to give your life to take Kaka’s life. Trishna asks what are you saying. Kamini says you will burn yourself and go to Kaka’s room. Servant agrees. Devi Paulmi says person who has

my effect can do anything. Trishna recalls the effective prasad that made the servant ready to give his life.

Daksha asks Madhuri to sacrifice Seshnath so that they get money and luxuries. She asks Madhuri to think what they will get. Madhuri agrees. Kamini gets angry seeing the food and says I gave you my list Santoshi, why did you cook brinjal. Santoshi replies back rudely. She asks Kamini to cook for herself, as she has two hands. Dhairya asks her to say sorry. Santoshi says its not my mistake. He says I will throw food out, make food again. Santoshi says fine, throw it, I will not make food again, have food made by Kamini. She goes. Kamini says let it be, its matter of one night. Kaka says I m feeling sleepy. I will go and sleep. Dhairya orders food.

Kamini signs servant. Gaumata worries. Santoshi Maa says if problem is there, solution will be found soon. Santoshi sees the video. She says Maa will not be here for long, everything will get fine. She hugs Maa’s pic. Devi Paulmi says till Santoshi reaches Kaka’s room, my devotee will do his work. Santoshi comes downstairs. Servant pours petrol on himself. He ignites fire.

Kaka rests to sleep. He moves pillow and thread touches his hand. He gets a little shock and gets out of Kamini’s evil. The servant sees the fire matchstick. Santoshi comes there holding Santoshi Maa pic and shows it to servant, asking what happened to him, what was he going to do. He runs away from there. She goes after him and asks why are you running, tell me.

Kaka recalls slapping Santoshi and scolding her. Santoshi comes there. He says I got senses now, don’t know what happened to me. She says I m glad you got fine, you did not do anything, Kamini has done this. She takes thread and ties it to his hand. Santoshi Maa smiles. Gaumata says your Divya thread has done the work. Devi Paulmi says Kaka got saved today, this won’t happen again. Santoshi says Kamini is not an ordinary woman. She tells him everything. He gets shocked. She says I have proof, you can see it. He says I did not think they have such plans, we should tell this to Dhairya. Santoshi says I will show video to Dhairya. Kaka says wait, I think we should do drama and show him this video, else he can make us leave this house. She agrees.

Kaka shouts to Dhairya and gets Santoshi. Dhairya asks what happened. Kaka says Santoshi is saying nonsense, that she has some shocking video. Kamini worries. Kaka says I don’t trust her, she said she wants to show you. Trishna says we know Santoshi is wasting time. Kamini says yes, believing her means calling ourselves stupid. Dhairya says no, I want to see what proof she has.

Kamini thinks if she opens secret, I will be gone. Santoshi goes to Kamini and says you tell the truth. Dhairya scolds Santoshi. Santoshi says you will get mad after seeing this video. Trishna says we should go and sleep. Kaka says what’s harm to see. Santoshi plays the video. Kamini gets shocked. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata smile. Dhairya gets shocked and sees Kamini.

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