Santoshi Maa 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi saying I will capture Devi Santoshi’s powers and see whose support does her devotees take. Dhairya asks Pushpa to get juice. Ankur gives him juice. Dhairya asks whose car is it outside. Ankur does not answer. Madhu says I heard Papa saying Santoshi got fever, doctor has come to see her, I m worried, Santoshi should take care of health atleast for baby, else anything bad can happen. Dhairya goes to Santoshi. Madhu and Ankur smile.

Doctor says Santoshi should not do this, she is pregnant, her bp is low, staying hungry can be dangerous for her, her baby can die. Dhairya comes and hears this. He scolds Santoshi. Kaka gets angry on Dhairya. Doctor says its my duty to take care of Santoshi. Dhairya argues. Dadi comes and asks Dhairya what is he saying. Dhairya

asks Santoshi to keep lying. Doctor says this will badly affect baby, go out, I will talk to you by giving her medicines. She asks Kaka to take care of Santoshi and goes. Dadi hugs Santoshi and asks whats happening, how is Dhairya changing such. Santoshi cries. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi is affecting Dhairya a lot. Santoshi Maa says yes, I will meet Devi Laxmi and ask her to meet Vishnu to get some solution.

Dadi says I came to take you Santoshi, as first baby is born in Maayka, I will not let you stay here, come with me. Santoshi says no, Kaka and Kaki are there, they take care of me. Dadi says so you are crying. Santoshi says that’s my fate, I will not go with you, else Dhairya’s anger will get high, I have to be here, maybe the relation can change. Dadi blesses her. Santoshi hugs Dadi.

Madhu and Ankur talk while working in kitchen. Ankur asks what to do next. She says even walls have ears. Devi Paulmi says she is my prime devotee, she has great plan, when she is working hard, I have to help her. She laughs. Gaumata asks what’s this planning, i have to tell everything to Mata. Narad greets Devi Paulmi. He says I got a news for you. She asks what is it. He says Santoshi Maa has sent request to Vishnu to cut down your powers. She says I think she does not like peace, I command you to give my message to Santoshi Maa to come here right away. He says as you say and goes.

Madhu goes to Santoshi and says I got your fav food. Santoshi says you are very nice, come sit, you will be Badimaa of the baby. Madhu smiles. She asks her to keep the red cloth in her saree, its given by big pandit, it will protect you and baby. Santoshi gives it to her saree. Madhu asks her to go out and walk. Santoshi says yes, but I feel lazy, I will go if you are saying. Madhu thinks Santoshi your life will be stuck. Devi Paulmi says Madhu is fulfilling my orders, I will make Santoshi Maa away from Santoshi, then it will be impossible for her to get saved. Gaumata worries as Mata is busy. She thinks to do something. Santoshi talks to her baby.

Gaumata goes to Devi Laxmi. Devi Laxmi says Santoshi Maa went to meet Devi Paulmi. Santoshi Maa asks Devi Paulmi why did she call her. Devi Paulmi thinks now she will not see Santoshi’s problem. Ankur tells Madhu that she left mad dog in park. Madhu says when Santoshi reaches park, she is gone. Ankur asks her to explain the idea. Madhu tells Ankur that I gave red cloth to Santoshi and it has chicken rubbed on it, dog will attack Santoshi now, I know she is scared of dogs, it will be tough for her baby if she runs. He calls her great. She says surely, her miscarriage will happen today. Gaumata comes to meet Santoshi Maa and is stopped by guard.

Santoshi says I will go for a walk now. Devi Paulmi says I called you to give work, go to Yaksh lok as devlok representative. Gaumata asks guard to tell her message to Mata. Santoshi leaves for walk. Guard says Gaumata, if you were Devi, I would have done this work, but you are a vahan, so I can’t do this work. Ankur and Madhu see Santoshi in the park. Ankur leaves the dog. Dog sees the red cloth and comes running towards Santoshi. Santoshi gets shocked and runs. Devi Paulmi makes the tree fall infront of Santoshi. Santoshi screams and falls down. Devi Paulmi laughs.

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  1. indera sanichara

    What cruelty are you writers showing the viewers, come on you set a dog on a pregant woman you guys are sick.

  2. If this is based on facts of the gods. Then sorry what’s the difference between humans and gods. And why is the gods life so complicated sorry but this is taking the p.

    1. leisa s morris

      I see no difference. Evil reigns even amongst them. Good gods cant stop bad gods fton usuin their powers wrong and bad gids are allowed to play games with humans life. Just like humans do no difference at all. Dumb show

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