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Santoshi Maa 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya talking to inspector. Inspector scolds him and says there are two witness against Santoshi, I m going out, get that chip to show proof. He leaves. Constable asks Dhairya will he want to know the fake witness. Dhairya says yes and gives him money. He gets the witness details and goes. Dhairya catches them and asks them why did they give wrong statement on Sinduri’s statement. He scares them to kill them and says I have murder record, you can check in police station. Sinduri calls Dhairya and says I know where are you, don’t get angry. Dhairya scolds her to defame a woman. She says listen to me, no need to beat those men, I have proof of Santoshi’s innocence, I will come there. Dhairya says I m waiting, come fast. He asks the men to run.

Santoshi cries

and says what’s happening with me, help me Maa. Santoshi Maa sees her and says I can’t see clearly, I can feel Santoshi is calling me. I can bless Santoshi by my inner heart, not by powers, have patience, truth will win. Santosh says I know you will show me some way.

Dadi and Janardhan talk to Kaki. Dadi asks Kaki to save Santoshi, Kaki says Dhairya and I are not happy with her since few days, she got friendly with Ankur and went with him. Dadi and Janardhan defend Santoshi. Kaki says I don’t know truth, but I will support Santoshi, I m sure Dhairya will also do something to free her, I can’t tell Kaka as he is unwell, he went somewhere in morning.

Sinduri confronts Dhairya for cheating her, and says do as I say, else your Santoshi will be in jail forever. Santoshi does not get water to drink. She picks pot to pour little water and it falls. Warden scolds her. Santoshi asks for water. Warden says I hate women like you, who defame every woman. She asks Santoshi to clean the place. She sees mangalsutra and asks her to give it to pay for this loss. Santoshi refuses.

Sinduri asks Dhairya to marry her, then she will free Santoshi, I have right on you. He says I married Santoshi, I love her, you think I will accept you by forgetting Santoshi. She asks him to decide. Santoshi says this is wrong, you can’t do this in jail. Sinduri tells Dhairya that she won’t give him this offer again and again, it won’t be tough to forget Santoshi, I will love you a lot, you will forget Santoshi, this is the only way to save her. Santoshi shouts to inspector. Sinduri says I have right on you, she cheated you, you love me. Dhairya gets thinking. Sinduri says if you marry me, I promise I will give you proof of Santoshi’s innocence. Warden breaks mangalsutra and takes it. She pushes Santoshi and goes. Santoshi cries.

Dhairya agrees to marry Sinduri. She smiles and says we will marry and tell family, as we have to live there. She hugs him. Kaka comes to meet Santoshi in jail. She thinks Kaka is very upset and worried, and not showing me, don’t know what is Kaka thinking of me. Kaka says I don’t care what world says, I don’t know why did you go to Ankur’s house. She thinks how to say why she went there, maybe Kaka can’t bear it.

She asks do you trust me Kaka. He says yes, completely. She says then don’t ask anything, just bless me that I walk on truth path and succeed. He says my blessings will always be with you, but you made me stand at this point, where I can’t help you. She says Dhairya is trying to free me. Kaka coughs. She gives him water and sees bandage at his hand. She asks him to take care of himself and Kaki. He says you also take care. She touches his feet.

Madhu asks Ujwal to get all food items as per her and Pratap’s wish. Ujwal says its your and Pratap’s day tomorrow. Kaki asks will you do party, see whats happening. Madhu says my marriage anniversary does not come every day, what shall I tell people that Santoshi is caught in prostitution so we are cancelling party. Kaki asks what are you saying. Pratap and Ujwal agree with Madhu and say we don’t need to compromise for Santoshi, if we don’t have party, people will doubt more. Dhairya comes and tells them that he is marrying Sinduri. They get shocked.

Kaki asks are you mad. Pratap asks did you get drunk in morning. Dhairya says I decided this. Madhu says so finally Santoshi’s truth came infront of you, why do you want to do mistake. Kaki says Sinduri is not a nice girl. Sinduri gets angry on them. Madhu scolds Sinduri. Dhairya says my decision will not change, you do arrangements, I m marrying Sinduri day after tomorrow. He goes. Pratap says I don’t understand this guy. Sinduri smiles.

Gaumata says I know Dhairya is doing this to save her, but I m worried this may turn bad. Devi Parvati and Devi Laxmi come there and bless them. Devi Parvati says we found out something shocking, we came from Swarnrekha’s place, all flowers are fine there. Devi Laxmi says we should tell this to Brahmadev. Santoshi Maa agrees.

Ankur comes home. Dhairya asks how dare you come here. Ankur says Sinduri called me. Dhairya says get out, don’t think you will make place for yourself in this house. Ankur says time will show it. Dhairya says you said nonsense to Santoshi that Pratap is your father. Ankur says yes, I will take revenge from Pratap for my mum’s tears, revenge started with Santoshi, now its your turn. Dhairya pushes him and asks him to leave. Ankur asks him to show anger, as he can’t do anything. Dhairya is about to punch him. Sinduri stops Dhairya and says I called Ankur here. Ankur says you raised hand on me that day too, don’t worry, I will remember this gift and return you. Dhairya says I will also remember, I will end this game.

Warden takes all jewelry from Santoshi. She asks her to give Santoshi Maa’s idol pendent also. Santoshi says I can’t, it has Mata idol. Warden forces her. Santoshi gives it. Warden asks her to change clothes and come.

Sinduri thinks what color to wear. Pratap comes and asks whats this new drama. She asks are you afraid. He says no. She says don’t worry, I did not tell anyone, like you know Ankur is your son, Ankur got to know you are his father. He gets shocked. She says but Ankur does not know his father killed his mum, your secret will be secret, if you make me marry Dhairya. He says fine, don’t tell this to anyone. She asks for money to go for marriage shopping. He gives his personal credit card and asks her to keep mouth shut. She smiles and says I will be quiet now, as this secret is useful for me.

The woman in cell taunts Santoshi. Sinduri comes and tells Santoshi that she has come to give you something, check this wedding card. Santoshi gets shocked seeing Dhairya and Sinduri’s wedding card.

No Precap in And tv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Samaira singhania

    This serial is getting worst day by day. Change the storyline otherwise stop showing this serial. End this stupid track of sinduri and make dhariya and santoshi meet . Aur agar samaj nahi aa raha toh humse pooch lo , hum isse toh achi hi storyline bata denge.

  2. Renuverma

    Correct samaira.

  3. I have to agree, the track of Sinduri is pathetically annoying and not believable at all. Devi Swarnkeha is just as bad. Please unite Santoshi and Dharyia together and let their romance blossom.

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