Santoshi Maa 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Santoshi Maa sends a spy in Asurlok

Santoshi Maa 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya chanting Santoshi Maa’s name and says Santoshi Maa has to return Santoshi or take my life. Inspector asks Kaka to explain Dhairya some way. Kaka says my son loves Santoshi a lot, he is in big shock, try to understand. Dhairya fills sindoor in Santoshi’s maang, and says you have to come back. Santoshi Maa looks on and asks Narad to find a secret messenger, who can go to Asur lok and find about Santoshi’s soul, we have to save Santoshi’s body as well. Narad asks her to manage the second problem.

Dhairya rings the bell. Kaka asks inspector to leave them alone for some time. Inspector says fine, we will stay outside. Dhairya tells Kaka that he will get Santoshi or give his life with Santoshi. They all get shocked. Dhairya continues to pray. Devlok members come. Santoshi Maa asks them to save Santoshi’s body for some time. They agree. She says I will find some way. They bless to secure Santoshi’s body.

Narad says BhavarRaj, he can do our work. Santoshi Maa asks BhavarRaj to go to Asur lok and find Santoshi’s soul. Paulomika thinks Santoshi will get fine, I have to support Dhairya, he is so worried. Devi Paulmi does the Anushtaan. She puts soul in Santoshi’s picture. Prabal looks on. Santoshi gets to life and comes out of the picture.

Devi Paulmi laughs. Prabal says Santoshi….. and gets shocked. He says I got my Santoshi, I was waiting for this moment since long, this is beautiful moment of my life. BhavarRaj looks on. Prabal welcomes Santoshi in Asur lok. He says you will fall in love with this place, as you will become Prabal’s queen. He asks her why is she so calm, think what you are here, you are a queen. He asks Devi Paulmi why is she not saying anything. He holds her and shouts. She doesn’t react. He asks Devi Paulmi what’s all this. Devi Paulmi thinks did I do any mistake, no… He shouts on her and asks her to answer. Devi Paulmi says let me see. She checks and says I don’t know. Prabal says you have to find out, Santoshi stays happy and takes care of me, I love her, this is not my Santoshi, what will I do of this statue, tell me. Devi Paulmi checks her and says she is not saying anything, as she has no memory.

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