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The Episode starts with Santoshi praying and telling Santoshi Maa that she does not want to lose this relation. She cries. Santoshi Maa looks on. Gaumata says its tough situation for Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says rose develops between thorns, this is Santoshi’s fate, but I m worried Devi Paulmi can create more problems for Santoshi, we should request Brahmadev to get Santoshi back to devlok soon.

Devi Paulmi sees the car and thinks I can drive this car, how will I get this, its very beautiful. The man says you can get this car if you have 10 lakhs. She gives him 10 lakhs and says I want this car. He says fine, this car is yours, do you know driving. She says no. He asks how will you take this. She gives him money and asks him to think. He says fine, I will help you. She smiles.

Vidya sees

Santoshi crying and wishes good for her. Santoshi asks Kaki you here. Kaki says I came to talk to Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi drives rashly. The man says let me go, I have small children, why are you driving like this. Vidya tells Santoshi that Dhairya is your husband, Riya got after him. Santoshi says I will get whats written in my fate. Vidya says I will make Riya leave from his life. Devi Paulmi hits a car. The people get angry and scold her. Nupur comes there and looks on. Devi Paulmi says you can’t talk to me like this.

Madhuri and Daksha fight. Seshnath and Janardhan try to stop their wives. Tinu asks Daksha to sit calm, Santoshi says we should not fight and help each other. Seshnath asks them to apologize and end this matter. Daksha says its not my mistake. Madhuri says even I won’t apologize. Seshnath is upset that Devi Paulmi left and scold them. He thinks his heart broke too.

Pratap and Madhu ask Kaka why did he get Riya here. Santoshi gets water. Madhu scolds her and asks her to do her work. Nupur gets Devi Paulmi home. Everyone get shocked seeing her. Gaumata says Mata, we were afraid of this, Devi Paulmi reached Santoshi’s inlaws. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi is not doing right, I have to go to Brahmadev, I have to wait for him, he is busy.

Santoshi takes juice for Dhairya and Riya. She gets shocked seeing them close. He asks her to keep tray and leave. He makes her leave and shuts the door. She gets sad. Madhu asks Nupur who is she. Nupur says she is my best friend. Madhu says you did not tell us about her before. Devi Paulmi thinks I reached right place, I can create troubles for Santoshi. Nupur introduces her friend Paulmi to her family. Ujwal asks who is this friend. Nupur says she is not my friend, listen to me. Nupur tells how she saved Devi Paulmi from people’s anger. Ujwal asks why did you get her here. Nupur says she is so rich, she can take policy from me. Nupur says I was thinking to make my friend stay here. Madhu says but… Pratap says yes, why not, I mean she can stay here. Madhu looks at Pratap. Santoshi gives juice to everyone. Nupur asks Pushpa to make guest room ready for her friend. Devi Paulmi asks who is she. Nupur says Santoshi, our maid. Kaka says no, she is our bahu. Devi Paulmi says she is bahu and doing maid work. Dhairya comes with Riya. Riya asks Santoshi to get room cleaned.

Riya says you here…. Nupur thinks Riya can tell about my lie and asks did you meet before. Riya says yes, Dhairya and I… Nupur stops her. Dhairya says we are going on long drive. Nupur asks them to enjoy. Dhairya says thanks for understanding, others don’t…. and looks at Madhu. They leave. Devi Paulmi thinks now it will be fun.

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