Santoshi Maa 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Saraswati’s diya lighting the temple diya. People get their senses. Asur Raj thinks to leave. Three devis smile. Santoshi tries to break the door and gets hurt. Kaka asks her not to get hurt. She says I m worried for Sadhvi Maa. He says we will try taking santoshi maa’s name. Narad comes and opens the door. They thank him for opening door. Narad asks them to come and hear pravachan, its so good to hear them.

People forget everything. Kranti Maa gets shocked. Her men try to influence people. Santoshi scolds them. They all sit and hear the pravachan. Kranti Maa goes. Santoshi Maa thanks Devi Saraswati. Dvi Paulmi gets angry and says how did Devi Saraswati help Devi Santoshi, she will be punished for helping a culprit. Kaka, Santoshi and Santoshi Maa come home. Kaka

praises Maa for her good words. Mangla complains to Santoshi about Rudrakshi. Santoshi goes and sees Rudrakshi crying.

Santoshi says Papa is angry with you to show you did wrong, I was much hurt by your doing. Rudrakshi apologizes. Santoshi asks her to come and have food. Tinu plays in the lockup and holds his locket. Constable gets shocked seeing Tinu gone. Tinu becomes invisible and says I m here, where are you seeing. He goes out. Everyone try to find Tinu. Tinu thinks why am I not seen to anyone. Inspector worries. Tinu jumps in front of them. Inspector says go and find him, we should not miss him. Tinu leaves.

Devi Laxmi says Devi Paulmi’s devotee is controlling peoples mind. Devi Parvati says don’t know when will Devi Santoshi get justice. Narad pacifies Gaumata. Devi Paulmi asks Devi Saraswati why did she help Devi Santoshi. Devi Saraswati says its my duty to give sense to people, even you can get sense from me. Devi Paulmi goes.

Rudrakshi recalls Dhairya’s words and thinks I should get more hurt than Santoshi. She hurts herself by the itching plant. She screams in pain. Santoshi comes and gets shocked. Rudrakshi asks her not to touch her. Santoshi calls Dhairya. Dhairya comes there with Kaka. Santoshi asks him to see Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi tells everything how she has punished herself. They get shocked. Dhairya asks what’s this madness, why did you do this. Santoshi maa comes and thinks Rudrakshi is Mahadev’s ansh, she will not do anything wrong, she would have done this for some purpose. Santoshi cares for Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi says I have hurt you, so I m punishing myself. She cries. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi’s devotees are foolish and hurt themselves, Paulomika did not play any trick. Dhairya asks for water. Santoshi Maa asks them to take water from her kamandal. She thinks Rudrakshi will get relief by Mahadev’s kamandal water. Santoshi applies the lep to Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi sleeps. Kaka says its good she slept.

Devi Parvati says I m proud of Rudrakshi, she is young and kept high example. Devi Laxmi says Rudrakshi has put family in trouble. Devi Saraswati says but there is a solution. Devi Santoshi is there. Rudrakshi gets conscious. Dhairya says you are mad, why did you do this, I could not understand you, sorry.. Rudrakshi says it was my mistake, now I agreed, how much you love me. Paulomika gets angry. Santoshi says you did not need to do this. Rudrakshi says I m fine now. Dhairya says thank Lord. Paulomika thinks I will get stuck if Rudrakshi tells it was my idea, where is Mangla. Santoshi Maa asks her what is she doing here.

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